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2 weeks from today, I am so excited! Every...

2 weeks from today, I am so excited! Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror and smile, because I am finally going thru with it. Started taking arnica Montana (they said it has to build in your system) and vitamin c, drinking plenty of water, which is hard for me. I have been to 3other doctors before I chose Dr Capella. I instantly liked him. He didn't push me in any direction. Let me come to my own conclusion of what I wanted. He even said it was great that I was so informed and had done a lot of research. I went to lifestyle lift, a park avenue dr seen on tv with the doctors and dr oz, but felt so comfortable with Dr Capella. You have the procedure done in a hospital, and then after recovery you are taken by ambulance to a care facility overnight. I felt for me, that this is the right way. we shall see. I am very great full for this sight and all the information. Maybe I'll get my nerve up to post pics.

One Week From Today!! (152 hours, 9157 minutes..........)

Starting to get a little nervous, almost feel like I am "nesting" getting everything ready, trying think of everything. Reading everyone's experience and recommendations is certainly a big help. Last night I bought a recliner on craigs list, because I am def a stomach sleeper, I tried to put body pillows and see if it would stop, but it didn't (I'm sure the stabbing paid will) figured I would do what I could to make it easier. I remember when I was pregnant I would make a well from all the pillows in the house to be able to sleep on my stomach lol.

My daughter is coming to stay with me, but I am afraid she is going to make me a prisoner in my own house, talking about not wanting me to get up for any reason, and making me all my meals, we will see how long this lasts.

Oh, and did I mention that her bridal shower is 19 days after the surgery, what was I thinking.

4 days 109 hours

and I am so sick, I have a terrible cold or allergies, not sure what to take. I took two benadryl per my doctor, we will see if that helps, I have the opposite reaction to benadryl, it makes wired. Dr. says I will be okay for surgery, unless I start getting a temp. If I still feel this way on Sunday, I will go to DR. and try to get antibiotics (in case I am developing a sinus infection)
My neck is so sore, my body is getting me into practice for next week. I am one of those Sandy people who had 3.5 feet of water in my shore house, so every weekend in down there fixing up, painting, getting appliance delivers, so no matter how bad I feel, got go down there and keep going. I was hoping to recuperate down there, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.

10 hours

Scared, anxious, thank you all, you have been a great help. Will let ou know how I make out.

Over and out

Day 2 post surgery

Surgery went well, I had a breathing tube which makes my throat sore but off all meds no pain just annoyances. Happy so far. Swelling has come way down, a little bruising. Soreness tightness..

Day 5

Still have a bad sore throat from breathing tube or? I did have a cold before surgery. Last night was a bad night, I overdid it during the day and thought I would sleep soundly but was up all night. My chemical peel feels very sore, like I have a burn and rash at the same time. Pressure on my stitches in the back of my head, not pain. Ended up with a bad tooth ache, I think I was clenching my teeth during surgery, or at least in recovery.

I love my results, bruising was minimal and us mostly yellow. I am mirror obsessed, every 12 hours shows a change. Still numb on my cheeks in front of my ears and a band under my nech, but each day it lessons. My stitches come out Wednesday.

Day 13

Most of my bruising is gone, a little one below my right eye (one side was much more bruised than the other). I get the rest of my stitches out tomorrow, still fell a lot of pressure on the back of my head where my stitches are, sometime if feel like I need help holding up my head lol.

I have a small bump in the outer corners of my eyes, Dr. said this is a stitch that stays in and loosens as time goes on. Did not feel that the chemical peel had the results I was it would get rid of all the little wrinkles around my mouth, but they are there. along the scar where my stitches were under my neck, I feel like some wrinkles are there, did anyone else have that? almost made me cry, I am hoping they go away with the recovery. I feel like I am being picky. I remember looking at all the other reviews and pictures on this sight and thinking that a lot of women looked so wonderful, what were they being so picky about. I am so happy with the results, don't regret it at all! Guess I will feel better about the little picky stuff after I see the Dr. tomorrow.

Day 21

3 weeks today, I still have a stitch in my right eye that looks like a blemish or bug bite, the doctor says to give it time. You only see it if you look closely. One red spot under eye, I think it is the last remnant if the worst bruise but still after 3 weeks easily covered by makeup, other than that I love my eyes.

My stitches in my hair line are gone but still have a lot of scabbing. My doctor does not have me putting anything on my incisions. Still have redness where the chemical peel is, it here and then it's gone, maybe because it is so sensitive to sun?

My ears are still sore, glad I have the pillow with the cut outs for the ears, that has been a real life saver.

The real test, my daughters shower was Sunday, my other daughter my makeup and no one noticed. I think my lower cheeks are still swollen, and I am still numb there and under my neck. I don't see the dr. Again for another 3 weeks. Now if I could just lose 10 lbs for the wedding!



4 weeks after surgery

Still have numb ears, but finally able to have my hair colored. My daughter is a stylist so she washed my hair and did everything so I didn't have to explain anything to anyone at the salon. She even had an extension for where you put your neck in the sink so it wasn't such a strain on my neck.

My. Eye incisions in the outer corners are still red, but not puckered anymore. I was really worried about those looking like bug bites forever! I can still feel the ends of the stitches poking out if one if them. Six more weeks till my other daughters wedding,

My ears still itch, as do the stitches on the back if my neck in the hairline. What do you wear as far as sun screen on your face? Every time I try one my eyes water and all my makeup comes off, I am not really a hat person, but have been wearing one when I am outside for a long period because I haven.t found an SPF other than a 15 I can tolerate.

10 Weeks

Still have some ear discomfort, itch and redness on the scars, still need to cover with some makeup, I wonder when I can go makeup free again, or if ever. I went to have Restylane injections on my lips, I still have wrinkle above my lip even after very aggressive chemical peel. Not sure if this is working either, I still see wrinkles, and I thought this would be instant, (painful). All in all I am very happy with results, never expected perfection. But the doctor says I still have swelling and still have a ways to go. He won't even take the after pics for a few more weeks.

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