Lower Body Lift, Breast Augmentation and Scar Revision on Arm Lift - Ramsey, NJ

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After losing 55lbs almost 10 years ago, I fiscally...

After losing 55lbs almost 10 years ago, I fiscally thought I was happy with my body, writing in at 160 at 5'9. My arms were my biggest concern back then, as they were flappy after the weight loss. I decided to have them done. Without a lot of research about the procedure, complications, placement of the scar and the look of the scar, I found the doctor that I was happy with and went for it. At first I was happy, but as weeks went by I realized that my arms were still droopy and the scar was atrocious. It was red, wide and very much seen from the back. Had a revision a year later. Did nothing. So for the next 7 years I've worn nothing but long sleeves. 3 years ago I had 2 kids back to back and ended up losing more weight. Coming down to 140. At this point my whole body looked saggy. My breasts were deflated, stomach and thighs droopy. I started to hate my body, resented the weight loss and in some weird way thought that I would rather be fat. I looked great in clothing but awful naked. Haven't worn a bathing suit in years. So I started to look into going under the knife again, but this time it is something that I'm not looking forward to, as I already have negative experiences with plastic surgery. I've met with some doctors who recommended targeting the thighs first and then going through the rest of the body. When I met Dr. Capella. he explained to me that in order to have the thighs look good, he has to do the buttocks and the stomach all at the same time, hence the lower body lift. I liked that idea because it would fix several problems at once. The thing that did surprise me is that he said that my breast augmentation and arm lift can all be done at the same time. I was not prepared for that, financially or otherwise. He said that he does these types of surgeries every day and that I'm in good hands. I hope he isn't wrong. As for my arms, the doctor doesn't know why my scars look the way they do, but he said that he would cut it out completely and change the placement of it, so that when my arms are to my sides, you will not be able to see them from front or back. My breasts are not as droopy so he will do an augmentation without a lift. We chose 450 cc silicone moderate plus implant. My only reservation is the front of my thighs. Even thought Dr. Capella said that as the thighs get lifted, the inner portion of the thighs lift as well. But looking at his work and other surgeons work, I have not seen much of that. To me, it seems that the inner and front of the thighs look the same. My front and inner portion are far worse than sides and back. I really hope that I will not need a thigh lift after this is done and other with. I will be taking 2 weeks off work, hope that's enough. My surgery is 4 days away, and I will be posting my before and after pictures as soon as I'm able to take them post op. does anyone have any advice for recovery?

Had to take pictures of my drains to email the doctor so that he can evaluate if I need blood clot injections

So now that I'm almost 2 weeks out,

There are more concerns popping up that are scaring me a bit. Since one week out of surgery, I've been having headaches every afternoon at 3pm on the dot. Don't know why that is. Asked the doctor he said that it could be a reaction to narcotics. Also I have had some oozing in my armpit since the surgery but today when I took a closer look, I noticed an opening. Sent a picture to the doctor but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm also concerned about the sutures in the back, they were dry and healing ok before but last night when I got off the couch, I had some bleeding. I still put gauze on it as it continues to bleed. I'm still hunched over and can't stand straight. Getting up is the most painful part out of this whole thing. Still can't sleep well. Last night tried to sleep in my bed with the help of 10 pillows but ended up waking up a lot in discomfort, back to my recliner I go tonight. I will be posting some of my before pictures and a couple of afters that I was able to take by myself. I'll ask my husband to take some pictures or me.

Before pictures

Front view




Some afters


Now that its been four weeks since my surgery I can give a little update on how things have been since.

The first two weeks were literally two weeks from hell. There was not a day that went by that I didn't think that I made a mistake going into this. The pain was excruciating. I can not imagine what I would do without my lift recliner. This is a major surgery that requires a lot of support from family and friends. I was home alone for the most part and not having someone there for me was far worse than not being able to reach things. It was an emotional roller coaster. Two weeks out I went to work although I would not advise that to anyone. In a way I got to leave the house and time did pass much quicker but physically I was unprepared. Third week was easier. Started doing my cooking and picking up the kids from daycare on my own. Wasn't easy but doable. Now that its been four weeks and I'm not in pain anymore just discomfort I can actually look at my results and enjoy them. Am I 100% happy? No. Am I glad I did this? Yes. There are a few concerns that I have but I'm not panicking just yet because I know it takes more than four weeks for things to settle in after surgery. To anyone going though with this type of procedure in the near future, don't freak out if you regret having the surgery in the first two weeks. I hated myself for having those thoughts. When I mentioned that at my post op appointment, Scott smiled and said that there wasn't a single person in that chair that didn't regret that surgery within the first two weeks. So that put me at ease a bit. Things do get better!!!

Four weeks update


Scar pictures 4 weeks post op

4 month update

It's been 4 months since my surgery and I'm healing very slowly. Some things I love, some not so much. I am scheduled for a revision to address some of the things that didn't go so well. Lowering one breast pocket, tightening the sides of the lower body lift and revising the scar on the arm. I'm still happy that I went through with this surgery but looking forward to tweaking some of the things.

Some updated pictures

It's been almost a year since the initial surgery and almost 5 months since the revision. I will need another revision in sept to address some scars but this will be done in the office
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