33 Year Old Mom of 2 Considering TT and BBL

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Hello ladies so I have been lurking for a few...

Hello ladies so I have been lurking for a few weeks now on this site and I finally decided to post. I am a 33 year old mother of 2 children ages 13 and 3. Before children I was very slim and not much of a girly figure with a wide waistline. After my children I gained weight and no matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of it and its depressing. My husband is no longer attracted to me so It makes it even worse. I have always been a chipper happy person but after my during pregnancy of my daughter I gained over 60 pounds landing me in the range of 200ish pounds because I fluctuate up and never down (bummer). I just want to do something that makes me feel good about myself and happy so I started looking into the BBL. I had a consultation with a doctor out in Miami but as I continued to research him and another doctor that is on his staff, They both have lawsuits pending for serious malpractice suits. I am so disappointed in this given that I had my hopes up and ready to get this procedure done at a reasonable price. I won't give up though and I will continue to study and research different doctors. I didn't think it would be this hard so Im just asking for a little encouragement from you all. Here are my body pics that I hate looking at.

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Didn't Realize How Hard This Would Be! Anyone else Just Starting Feel the Same?

Hello ladies. Boy I tell you that I did not realize how hard it would be to find the right doctor and facility at a reasonable cost. I am so discouraged now and frustrated. Reading the different negative reviews are getting to me. Should i focus on the negative reviews much? I just don't want this to turn into a bad decision for me when I want it so bad. Anyone else feel the same?

New Life for me!!!

Hello everyone! So after doing research and going back and forth, I finally decided to go with New Life Cosmetics. I am currently scheduled for the 14th of December with Dr. Hanabergh but I am thinking about pushing it out until the first week of January. I want to push it out because I am trying to loose about 20 pounds before my big day and I want to make sure that my blood work and everything is good before I go. However I am still on the fence about the TT before the BBL. I have read mixed reviews about both. I really don't want the excess hanging skin so I asked for the TT first but I really want the BBL first. Has anyone else come across this crossroad before? I am stuck ladies! uhh! That is another reason why I want to loose the weight before just to see if I can loose some of this belly and maybe, just maybe I won't have to get the tummy tuck first or maybe not get it at all!! (wishful thinking) lol.

Pushed back my sx date. I need to loose about 15lbs by january 5th Please help!!!!!

Hey guys so I decided to push back my date to try and get more pounds off. My new date is January 5th. Only problem is that I can't seem to loose weight! I need to loose about 15 lbs and the scale just won't move!!! Any suggestions??
Dr. Enrique Hanabergh Jr., M.D.

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