Coming Up on 30, 3 Kids, Tubes Tied...TT Time! Raleigh, NC

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My name is Kim and I'm 5'6, 150lbs, almost 30 and...

My name is Kim and I'm 5'6, 150lbs, almost 30 and so ready for this TT! I've had 3 kids over the last 9 years and each time gained around 50lbs. I've worked hard to lose it (Ty weight watchers) but with fast gain and big loss comes SAGGY SKIN :/ I'm 27 days away so follow with me as I do this and hopefully I can bring you encouragement as well!

7 days to go!!! -Must do's? Must dont's?-

So Im exactly a week away from my tummy tuck (OMG!!!). I am getting so excited but at the same time so very nervous! Anyone who knows me know that Im a planner. I don't usually do things on a whim and in most situations I've already got things mapped out! Im wondering what are some things you guys found vital to getting through the first 2 weeks. I have 3 children (8, 5, & 2) and a husband who works 40+ hrs a week. He will be home with me the first 4 days and i will have family in and out after that. Hit me with any tips for what you found to be most difficult, most helpful, and necessary and not :) I've already found so much encouragement from you guys and i trust your experience and welcome your advice!

SO ready for this...I think..

So the preparation begins. Im heading over to walmart today to grab a few items im going to need. Im so thankful for all of the advice! Gonna pick up a neck pillow, granola bars, activia, and bottled water. Based on you guys' advice we will be putting our reciner in the bedroom...should keep kids from jumping on me or hanging off the side of the chair "mmmoooommmmmmyyyyy" . Makes me nauseous just thinking that one of them could toss a book or toy on me while sleeping O_O . Yeah..gonna keep the recovery in the bedroom! Im gettting so excited yet so nervous! Im so ready to be on the other side of this. Well Im adding a few extra pics..just cause :) My husband and I just returned from celebrating our 10 yr anniversary in Jamaica and I have put on a few lbs :/ Actually the day of my surgery is our actual anniversary! (thanks for the rad gift, honey) =) 4 more daysssssss!!!!!!!! I will update soon!

It's time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are on the road and heading to the Dr! I'm so so nervous...and hungry! I think I'm only hungry because I know I can't eat lol! I'm not usually up right now so I shouldn't be this starved feeling :) I can't wait to be on the flat side of this! Prayers and good vibes appreciated!!! Thanks you all for being with my this far! I will post after! Here are a few pics on the way and my last ride with this blobby unwanted passenger!!!!!

I home!!!

So I'm home and up from my first nap. (Bad cell service or I would have posted this sooner) The car ride home was awful! I wanted to cry so bad but it was tooooo painful! So far my pain is tolerable but I'm trying to stay ahead of it. I'm fading out again so I will closer for now. Thank you so much for your thoughts and good vibes today. I could feel them and I appreciate you! ...uugghh gotta summon the hubs..time for another dreaded potty break :/ ????

this is rough....

I never expected to be in this much pain. I have barely been able to sleep ad it seems that every time i doze off I have to pee :/ Thankfully my best friend reccommend that I pee in a large cup standing up (gross but so helpful!) That has kept me from making the seemingly MILE long decend to the potty. Im taking 2 pain pills every 6 hours along with phenergan and still not getting relief. I had back surgery in 2012 and was on this same medication off and on throughout that year. Im wondering if that could be why my body isnt responnding well to it. Or maybe Im just that big of a baby. I was ind f surprised the doctor/urse didnt call to check on me last night. Its probably good they didnt becasue I ended up have a rediculous, exhaustion induced, meltdown. Those of you on this side of it know that muscl repair and crying dont mix well or pretty!! I sound like a suffocation cow!! I know things will start to look up but today im just having a hard time. I cant that jonesboysmom enough for her help last night. Havig you ladies to support me here has been a lifesaver. Hopefully tomorrow will be better but just wanted to keep it real here and let you know where i am at 1 day post.

Oh btw..Still no BM and Ive taken two laxatives and eaten activia once. Any other tips on how to get things moving along (pun intended)? Shoudl I take 2 at a time or could that make it come on too fast? Im taking the little orange ones that I cant proounce :)

Thanks so much, you guys!

Post-Op Day 4

Welp, today is my 4th day home. I finally got to see what was under the bandage today and grab a rather exhausting, yet nice, shower! I think its probably a shocker to most when they see it for the first time....right?! I wont say it looks great right now but I can look at it and see that its going to look great when its fully healed :) How 'bout that lipo bruising?! wowzers!! At least it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks! I did post a question about the big ripples/dimples in my stomach and found out that its actually from a suturing technique thats used when drains are not. So basically there are little stitches under the skin to hold it to the abdominal wall as to not leave spacing for fluid and also prevents tension on the incision site. The Doc said it would smooth itself out over the next few weeks! One doctor responded and was a bit SIR, this site is for people to ask questions, share experiences, and encourage each other NOT for you to use your level of superiority to make others feel dumb! (rant over) To all of you who have taken the time to answer my silly questions, and even send me messages and emails, THANK YOU! I appreciate it so much!

I do have a few questions for those of you who have done this:

1. Now that I have taken my large bandage off, should I replace it with some sort of gauze to keep it dry and from rubbing? Or leave it exposed under the garment?

2. Should I be treating the incision site with anything or just keep dry?

3. Other than Arnica (I'm using the cream and the dissolvable) is there any natural ways I can reduce the swelling in my thighs?

Im sure the Doc covered many of these questions but I was drugged up and my husband has a terrible memory!! I knew you ladies would know :) Thanks guys!!

12 days post op

So here I am, 12 dpo and so sick of the swelling already. I love how it looks first thing in the morning :) I've been a little MIA the last week just due to terrible waves of depression. I have good days and I have bad days. School starts back Monday and I'm just not able to "spring clean" and get everything organized for my kiddos. It's making my batty!! My 1 week post-op went great. They thought it looked good (I have no choice but believe them) and they thought it was healing great. I did get out at about 6 days post and really over do it though. I felt so good that day I couldn't help myself. We word to the wise YOU WILL PAY! The swelling after you've over done it is no joke :/ I posted a couple pics here to show you how I'm coming along. I should get my scar away sl strips in the mail this week and be able to use them very soon. I did take the arnicare dissolvable tablets and arnicare cream and I do feel it has helped with my pain and swelling. Especially with the lipo! OMG the lipo was the most painful part by far!! Well I hope those of you who are right here with me are healing well and not over doing it. Kill remind you, you deserve this! Don't let negative thoughts grip you while you're recovering (I say this also to myself!) You are worth every minute of this and the more you rest the better your long term results! Take it easy and happy healing!!

16 days post and feeling :)

I have to admit I have waves of emotions, from happy to sad and everything between. What a roller coaster. I have noticed though that my better days are when the swelling is down :) so I'm going to post a pic of today because I'm feeling pretty today. My heart is just so happy to have this major hurdle behind me. I've not been sleeping the greatest but I think I'm just tired of sleeping on my back inside this cave of pillows I use to support me :) I've tried to resume laying on my side but it's still too painful. I've been able to drive and do some light housework but i do compensate with plenty of down time in the bed after. Swelling is an up and down thing as we all know and I will be so glad to have it behind me. That's all I can think if right now but just wanted to update!

3 weeks!

I can't believe it's been three weeks! I feel like night and day compared to last week. I feel almost completely back to normal! Even the swelling is nothing like before. I do feel like I've been sneezing more lol. Like my body is playing some sort of cruel trick on me lol! Maybe just maybe the day will ever come that I can enjoy a nice sneeze again! TTers totally get this!! I'm still sleeping like a bear in a cave of pillows :/ tried sleeping on my side and it's just too painful :( my incision is all healed up but my sides still have that bruised feeling. Oh well! All in all I am a happy camper! I've had some ppl bring some discouragement but you have to ignore the negative ones and surround yourself with support! The emotion roller coaster seems to be coming to an end and I'm feeling like I'm back to my old self :) well I will check back in at 6 weeks! Take you guys and happy healing to those of you who are heading this way or are already there!!

My 12 week post pics!!!

Oh my goodness!! I can hardly believe it has been three months! Actually December 7th will make 4 months! I'm late getting these pics up but I found out today that my plastic surgeons office decided to use my before and afters for their website! I'm so glad to be able to encourage anyone looking to have this done. I remember looking through Dr. Davis' B&As 2 years ago dreaming of what it would be like to have this tummy tuck done and be able to move on with my life. Never did I dream that I would be able to be on the website and an encouragement for patients to come. I can't say enough about Dr Glenn Davis and his amazing staff! My nurse Jenna literally felt like family and I was sad to be done with appointments ;) They were all so professional but at the same time so personal. Dr Davis told me (with a big smile) when he saw me at my last appointment, "go live your life!" I could tell in that moment that he genuinely loves what he does. The passion and experience is what makes him the best. I couldn't be more pleased with my results. I have very little swelling and zero pain! Most people stated their concerns that he does drainless but honestly I think it made my recovery faster. I only had to wear the binder for about 4-6 weeks and I was pretty much back to my old self! The most pain I had was from the lipo and that bruised feeling did longer a while but boy was it all worth it!! This will most likely be my last post until I hit the one year mark so best of luck to all of you who are yet to be on the "flat side"! God bless!
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr Davis and his staff have treated me like family from day one. I had so many questions and concerns and they answered my questions and put me at ease. I have even sent a few emails and gotten a personal response within 24 hrs. I'm so thankful for Dr Davis' attention to detail and his overall experience. He gave me back my confidence and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again!

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