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I love my size 14 but, not this tummy. I want to...

I love my size 14 but, not this tummy. I want to wear clothes that fit and I don't want to be asked when is my baby due or hear my grandson say Ma-Ma are you having a baby? I want to feel good when I look in the mirror, I avoid going out and I look forward to dressing up the way I used to and liking what I see.

Post Op

I have my Po tomorrow it's getting close! I may post a couple of before pictures, it's hard for me but, I know I'm amongst friends I'll see how I'm feeling. Happy healing everyone!


I meant Pre-Op appointment, it was cancelled due to inclement weather, that will give me a little more time to think about posting my before pictures.

Pre-Op done 1 week to go!

Well I did my pre-op today, I really love the staff at Davis & Pyle. I will pick up my meds on Friday and a couple more items and I am ready. Yesterday was a very bad day for me emotionally. I was with my husband yesterday he was kinda ahead of me because my feet were hurting, this guy walked up to me and handed me a coupon and when I read it, it was for weight-loss pills my feelings was very hurt and I know why he gave it to me, it was because of my stomach. I also was walking by a store and saw the reflection of my stomach and I just wanted to cry. My husband says I'm too hard on myself but, when you have tried everything and still that belly refuses to budge it is frustrating. I have so many 2 ex tops just to hide my stomach, and I still end up looking pregnant. I cant wait to wear a nice fitted top and some of my cute spring and summer dresses. But soon it will be gone and I'll be on the flat side. I'm still having a hard time with posting a picture, but I am going to take some before pictures and after the surgery show you all my progress.

Almost one more day

Well Thursday is my day, my nerves are getting the best of me. I'm excited but also so nervous of the unknown, the ladies on RS really give me strength seeing and reading of your progress gives me strength and motivation.

Crossed over

Well ladies I crossed over to the flat side. My surgery went well ! Wll post pictures as soon as I feel better.

Rollercoaster ride

Well ladies here's an update on my progress. After my surgery things were going well then on my 4th day Post Op, I began to have trouble breathing. I called my PS and he advised me to go to the ER to get checked out. Upon my arrival to the ER I was seen immediately. They did a chest x-ray and found that I had pneumonia. The also did blood-work and found that my hemoglobin was very low. I was admitted to the hospital. The next day they sent me for a Cat-scan and told me I was bleeding inside my tissues and wanted me to have surgery and a blood transfusion. I refused and asked them to contact my PS. after finally contacting my PS they realized that I was not bleeding , but I did lose a great deal of blood and for some reason my hemoglobin continued to drop so I ended up with a transfusion. I had aspiration pneumonia caused from the way I was breathing after my surgery, I hadn't taken enough of my vitamins to rebuild the blood loss from the lipo. I spent 4 days in the hospital which set my recovery back, I was only walking to go to the bathroom I was hooked up to so many monitors because my breathing caused my heart rate to rise which concerned them a great deal. Oh and lets not forget about no BM while I was in the hospital they kept giving me stool softeners and meralax. Well on the day I went home I couldn't wait to have a shower after my shower about 30 minutes later while I was in my bedroom my stomach felt funny and I had to leave my BM no straining everything was smooth sailing and has been. My pain is minimal, but the swelling is so bad!!!! My PS gave me some lasic and that has really helped the swelling in my legs and feet. My ab is still swollen and numb so are my back, and buttocks and I think I have a seroma. I feel good but, any over doing anything walking, or a short ride starts me swelling so I dont over do it no matter how good I feel. Oh almost forgot my PS is about 1 hour and a half from where I live and after my first PO appointment the drive back was so bad I was so swollen. We actually had to pull over and unhook my garment and take it off. My PO supplies all my garments so I got a new one it is a lot more comfortable and I dont need my husband to help me with it. As swollen as I am you still can see how much better I look once this swelling goes down FLAT BABY FLAT!!!!!! Im looking forward to working out and walking cant wait! Well that's my update ladies, Happy Healing!!!

Before and after

These aren't the best sorry but if you can see I looked about 8 months pregnant before the surgery.

Starting to really see results

4 weeks Post Op everyday things get better, no pain only a lot of swelling especially when I over do things.

Worth it!

Well I can finally say that this decision was worth it! I am so happy with my results. I am a month post op I continue to lose weight and my stomach gets flatter everyday! I am still swollen but healing well. My incision looks good and so does my bellybutton. I see my Dr on the 13th. My old tops are so big and baggy, hubby took me on a mini shopping spree! I bought some cute sundresses! I'm so happy and blessed!

10 weeks!

It is hard to believe it has been 10 weeks since my surgery. I feel so much better! I remember the days when I thought it wasn't going to get any better. I'm still swollen, and swell a lot after working out, or any type of activities. This has been worth everything I've been through. It feels good to smile again!

Feeling more and more like the old me!!!!

5 months

I've lost almost 20 pounds, my a1c was 7.1 it is down to 6.7. I can wear a size 12, and a medium to large top. I am a 38 c cup and I can finally where cute bra and panties sets. I feel really good about myself. Now the swelling is the pits I feel it a great deal after I work out 3-5 miles 5 days.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

I really liked Dr Davis he was very professional but, kind and very easy to talk to. I did not have to pull out my notes he answered every question above and beyond. I look forward to my procedure and I feel that I will have great results! His staff was very kind and welcoming, I was so happy when he said it was possible that he could help me and felt I could have good results. He showed me women with similar body styles that had very good results.

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