33 Year Old, 2 Kids, Looking for my Old Body! Raleigh, NC

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Married with 2 kids, finally done having babies...

Married with 2 kids, finally done having babies and completely ready to get my body back! I have surgery scheduled in 2 weeks! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time! I picked up my prescriptions today just to have them ahead of time. I will upload pictures as soon as I get brave enough to show you all what I'm running from! Lol

Counting down, minor set back

I OFFICIALLY have 10 days left before my procedure and I'm excited. The bad part is that I went to get a massage and now have a pinched nerve that I'm dealing with. Spent all night in the emergency room. My Dr said that it's ok to take the meds that they have me, so hopefully I'll be back to normal by the time my surgery comes. I've been trying to watch what I eat to get ready for this journey. I'm really excited and nervous. I have read that people use artica oil or something to help with healing. Anybody know what that is? Any good results from it? 10 days and counting....!!!! Wow!! I'm having my hips, arms and bra fat taken away..... I am so freaking tired to this extra fat that exercise won't help at all. This is the beginning of a new journey!

Today is the day!

I am so nervous and have barely slept all night!! My Dr called me last night to check in on me to see if I had any questions. I so cannot believe that I'm doing this. I'm emotional which I never get. I'm excited to be comfortable in a tank top again and not feel like an umpa lupa. Lol

I finally Did it...

Thanks for all of the encouragement ladies. I am thankful that I decided to do this... but also please know that it's no walk in the park. Fortunately, I have who I think is that best doctor ever. She really wanted me to have great results and was honest with me thru out the procedure. It felt uncomfortable in certain area's while she working on me but sometimes you just have to understand that it takes a little pain to be beautiful. Lol. I forgot to take the pictures yesterday before I started swelling but I loved loved LOVED what I saw. Today, I'm sore, swollen and uncomfortable, but that's to be expected. I have been faithfully taking my pain meds and that helps. I have only eaten soup and fruit since yesterday. Yesterday was the first day if the rest of my life... I will do what it takes to stay healthy and fit from this point on.


I have attempted to upload these a couple of times and it's not allowing me to...


So I tried to remain positive about everything but it's wearing down on me. I know that the Dr said That it takes some time to see results but I see so many reviews on her and really see people's results in days. My upper body is what bothered me the most but I see absolutely no changes in my back fat or arms. My hips....a little. I'm so bruised up and going thru pain and I pray that it wasn't for nothing. My husband says that if after a month that it's no difference then not to even mention going back for my second procedure. I think I try to go to Atlanta where I have seen some wonders done. I know that I'm not a skinny girl but with the amount of fat that I seen taken out, I really should see something. I honestly could tell that my Dr was putting in hard work trying to get as much as she legally could. I know I had fat but I wasn't shapely at all. I'm still a little swollen, which that increases and decreases everyday but I am just starting to feel like I wasted my money. My upper body makes me so mad. Big arms and back fat.... I guess it's made me depressed...

a comparison pic

finally seeing some results!

This has truly been an experience. My body is almost without any soreness and I'm seeing good results in my waist area and still waiting on results of my upper body. I've started to eat healthier and exercise 4 times a week. I feel good.I'm going back in for a check up tomorrow with my Dr because my right arm seems to be bigger than my left arm, initially they thought it was just swelling but I'm actually noticing a difference between the two. I'm kinda starting to feel this smaller waist!

Not satisfied at all....

So I went in for my month check and expressed my concerns about my upper back and she seemed to not care, didn't offer any touch ups or anything. I was referring about 4 people to her and told them to find someone else because I was mislead. Clearly on my paper it says how much I was paying for each section but she told me that she doesn't charge for the back fat but beside my prices it's 1200 for that area alone. I've decided to go to another doctor to get a touch up, which he's discounted and also to get my stomach done as well. I gained a lot of my weight due to taking prednisone and that was that. My waist is smaller and my arms a little smaller but I'm exercising as well. I learned my lesson and will not refer anyone to them. After you pay the treatment you get seems different. Lesson learned....
Melanie Lutz

I instantly loved her when I met her, but apparently the kindness from the entire staff is simply to pull you in. Not satisfied at all....

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