Rhinoplasty with Altar Base Reduction and Septoplasty

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Since I was a little kid, I was told by everyone...

Since I was a little kid, I was told by everyone that I have a big nose which made me very self cautious and low self esteem. I wanted to have the rhinoplasty so bad but I had other problem as well which was my thick skin. I consulted many doctor and some of them refuse to perform procedure on me because of my thick skin. Some doctor right away told me that I am not going to get desired result so I decided to live with big fat nose. When I move to Raleigh I decided to get consultation with Dr. Stein and he said the same thing that I have thick skin and I would not be able to achieve what I want but he also said that it would worth giving try so I decide to have rhinoplasty with him. It has been three week and I am still recovering but so far I am very happy with the result. I will keep updated this review after my 5 week appointment.

Operation Day

My surgery was scheduled at 9:30 am on Oct 20. I reached dr office around 9:00 and they gave me Valium and put IV. I do not remember anything after 5 minute. I got around 11:30 and reach home 1:00. I really do not remember anything since I went to the operation room on how I reach my home. The only thing I remember was that my mouth was super dry. There were very slight pain but I keep taking pain medication as advice so I did not feel any pain. I was actually happy on the operation day and was thinking is that it ?, I kept drinking a large amount of water throughout the day. I got up in the evening and feel super congested but there were no pain. I had dinner and I started watching TV on my recliner. I watched TV until 2:30 AM and then I passed out but woke up in about 30 minutes with my throat being super dry. I drink some water and then try to sleep but I could not sleep with my mouth open. I watched the TV again for 30 minute and then passed out around 4:30 and woke up again 6:00 am with dry mouth and lips.

1 day post ops

I woke up 6:00 am today and got about 1:30 hour of sleep last night. I did not feel any pain but the congestion and discomfort were killing me. My lips were super dry and my throat was killing me. I tried to distract myself by watching TV but that was not helping. My eyes started to swell now and I had tear coming from them. Again congestion and dry throat and lips were the most problematic part of the procedure. I purchased some biotin and lip balm but believe me even they were not helping. I was regretting having surgery today. I was literally scared of the night as I knew I am going to be in pain due to dryness and I know that I would not be able to sleep. So I watched TV as much as I can during the day and drink plenty of water (I should have drink more Gatorade so something else). I still have the mustache dressing and leaking little bit of blood. Watched TV until 2:00 am, tried to sleep but woke up every hour for 10 minute or so. Totally I got 3 hours of sleep today and finally got up at 5:30 AM.

2 day post ops

I woke up 5:30 AM and make my breakfast (bread and milk) and start watching TV. I was regretting the decision of having rhinoplasty because my swelling was on top. My eyes was constantly watery and I am super congested, If you are not a mouth breather it is going to be difficult. I removed the mustache dressing and looked like the bleeding has stopped but I kept it on because my nose was still leaking and there is no benefit of taking it off. I used frozen pee whole day on my face which bring some pleasure. Had normal lunch and dinner and again scared with the thought of night. So I invented a device so that I can breath with my mouth close which was nothing but straw, Yes I breath through the straw as my mouth was tired with constant opening. for me to breath. Watched TV until I was unable to kept my eyes open. Woke up many time during the night and got up 5:00 AM next day.

3 days post ops

so today mustache dressing is no longer required as bleeding has been completely stopped, I cleaned my nose with hydrogen peroxide and I can see my stitches. Still super congested and regretting my decision of having surgery. watched TV whole day and sleep in breaks in the night. probably 2-3 hours. Anyone who says pain is worse than congestion are wrong. I can handle pain but there is no medicine for congestion. My straw devices are helping but my lips are started to crack and my throat hats me so much. keep drinking water.

4 days post ops

got up super early in the morning because I could not sleep. cleaned my nose with the peroxide multiple time and super congested. Called my doctor about the congestion and to my surprise he advice me to use the AFRIN during the night. Well that gave me motivation so I used the AFRIN in the night but it did not help, I still had to sleep with my straw and be up multiple time during the night.

5 days post ops

nothing changed today. completely regretting my decision of having surgery because I was super congested. I asked my doctor if I can use something else for congestion and he said No, so I kept myself hopeful with the fact that I would be able to breath in 2 days once the splint comes off. Again watched TV whole day, cleaned my nose multiple time with peroxide and slept with my straw as my doctor told me he only allow his customer to use AFRIN 4 days post ops. I hate this pressure and congestion

6 days post ops

nothing change, I am still super congested and I hate it. I am ready to give up, the only thing which keep me going is that tomorrow my splint are gonna come off and I will be breath better because my doctor also performed the septoplasty on me. I am not able to sleep and watch TV whole day.

7 days post ops

went to doctor in hope that I am going to be breath after splint comes off, WRONG, nothing change after cast came off. My doctor advice me to perform the neti and I did that, lots of stuff comes out but I was still congested, so all in all nothing change and I am regretting my decision. I got more swelling then I had when I had my cast. Still breathing from my mouth and sleeping with my straw, nothing work on dry mouth, I had tried everything from lip balm to biotin to drinking plenty of water and other liquid items so looks like I would have to just wait until I can breath again.

14 days post ops

I was super congested for last 7 days and today I was going to give up. I sent email to my doctor about using AFRIN for night but he said not to use to and wait for few more days. Well I was performing Neti everyday twice and today evening all of the sudden one of my nostril become decongestant which saves me from using AFRIN. I did sleep for 4-5 hours today and breathing form the nose was pretty great. My throat and lips are still very dry and I hate that feeling. I still have quite a lot swelling but I am not worry about it as I can breath from my nose. I can still see my stitches which made me worry about leaving the mark so I sent email to my doctor and he offer to take them out.

3 week post ops

So I visited my doctor as I still have some stitches which he said were going to dissolve. He looked and said everything is looking fine and swelling has gone down a bit but I still feel stiffed tip and my left nostril is not 100% opened though I can breath ok. I am quite happy with the surgery and can't wait both nostril to work with 100% efficiency. I will leave another review after 6 week but I am sleeping whole night, breathing has definitely improved and people are telling me that my nose has been improved. I will upload some more photo after 6 week.
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Dr. Adam is very down to earth person. He is truthful and very confident. You can trust him and If I need any cosmetic procedure ever, I will not hesitate to call him.

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