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I had PRK done on August 2 2013. I was told that...

I had PRK done on August 2 2013. I was told that the recovery was slightly longer than with lasik and that it would feel like there was a dirty contact in your eye for the first3 to 5 days. Hum... I don't think so.

My husband had lasik 2 years ago and had eye burning for the first few days. My sister had PRK 7 years ago and said her eyes burned and she had to put ice on them for a week. My doctor told me that when they did the procedure back then, recovery was worse.

The procedure itself was a breeze. Sat around for an hour, had another eye exam, went back to a private waiting room and sat around again for about 45 minutes with a hair net. Took a vicodin. Then a nurse came to bring me to the procedure room. The doctor went over some brief personally history. Laid down on thebed and the actual surgery took about 6 minutes. No pain. I could feel it obviously but it didn't hurt at all. The rest of that day I was fine. Next morning I went in for the check up. Doctor said I was healing very fast which was great. No pain or discomfort. Then in the afternoon on post op day 1 my eyes were becoming a bit light sesensitive. I kept my eyes closed on and off then Went to bed early. Sunday was post op day 2. Horrible!! Could not open my eyes for more then a couple seconds all day. Literally. You know the feeling your tongue gets when you touch it to a 9 volt battery? Not painful but shocking. That's what my eyes felt like once a minute or so. Then they would water. They did that even when I kept them closed. My body felt fine so it was extremely annoying not being able to do anything because I couldn't open my eyes. Sorry for any typos. Screen is hard to see. Did not take any of the prescribed percacets... Don't like narcs. Cold compresses helped some but still couldn't open eyes.

Today is post op day 3. I want going to come to work today because I couldn't open my eyes this morning.But Iit got slightly better so my mother in law drove me in. They are still extremely light sensitive. I'm in my office with the blinds closed and sunglasses on. I work in a school so it is a little strange. The pain is better and at least I can openmy eyes. They feel a bit swolen and every couple minutes they burn slightly and get watery. I seem to have the opposite reaction as my husband with lasik. His were constantly dried out. Mine are constantly watering. Not sure if it's orth it yet. Going to rest my eyes now

Day 5

Post op day 4 was better. I was able to drive myself to work with a hat and sunglasses. I probably looked like the unibomber. Still light sensitive and a little more blurry than before. I could do things with my eyes open though and didn't need to use the cold compresses. Also I didn't take any more motrin. My eyes were a little hot at the end of the day, feeling like sunburned skin.

Today is post op day 5. Feel great. Blurry and most everything has a glare to it. Still light sensitive but definitely getting better. I can see my phone and computer screen pretty easily. I go to the doctor this afternoon to get the contact bandaids off.

I don't know yet if it was worth it since my vision isn't what it will be when completely healed. Hopefully anyway. I will post again in a few weeks when I know what the final result is.


I went to my final check-up and was surprised to find out that my vision is 20/20. The doctor said the ghost vision is what wad making it look like my vision was worse. When looking at something from a distance I needed to focus my eyes in on it... They wouldn't automatically focus. Weird.

Today is Sept 10, about 5.5 weeks since my surgery. I am seeing much clearer and think I am actually better than 20/20 now. The ghost vision is gone. I still use the eye drops a few times a day, especially dry in the morning.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with my results. I would definitely recommend PRK to everyone. Even if you could see fine without your glasses or contacts like I could. I can see so much more clear now than I could with my contacts in before.
Raleigh-Durham Ophthalmologist

Excellent facility. Very friendly staff and everyone was very knowledgeable.

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