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I have wanted to do a tt and BA for a long time,...

I have wanted to do a tt and BA for a long time, but I wanted to wait until I was done having children. I have had two children. My youngest is 14 months. I breast fed both children. I weigh 133 and I am 5ft. I workout almost every day, but I haven't been able to get rid the pooch on my lower belly. I had a c section with both children and my fat seems to store above the scar from the c section. I have decided on a mini because I don't have the down time needed for a full. I think I will be able to get the results I want from a mini.

Right now my boobs are a saggy a cup. One is bigger than the other. I hoping to get a full C or a D.

I have surgery in 3 days. I'm so excited but also nervous. I'm thinking I might add lipo. I'm going to call the office tomorrow to talk about it

Decided on lipo

I have decided to add lipo. I don't want to have any regrets when I'm done. I think adding the lipo will give me the results I'm looking for. I'm nervous about the precedure. One more day to go!!!!



I did it!

I had the procedure yesterday. I pretty much slept all day long. I could not stay awake for anything I fell asleep mid sentence when I tried to have a conversation. Pain wise my boobs feel pretty much like I was expecting them to. They are very sore and similar to how they feel after a hard chest day in the gym. The only difference is that they hurt when I try to lift or push anything. As for the mini tt, I'm in more pain than I anticipated. It's probably my fault for thinking it would be a walk in the park. This feels very similar to a c-section. When I try and move I can feel my muscle stretching and it feels very sore. Getting up from a seated positions takes me about 3 minutes if I am doing it without help. Even though I'm very sore, so far I have no regrets!

So yesterday I ended up with 450cc on one side and 380cc on the other side. I have mod profile silicone implants. I got a cresent lift on one side. I also had lipo of the abdomin and flanks. My doctors does not use drains, so I'm very thankful for that! I have on a compression garment that has to stay until day 4 so I have not seen my stomach yet. My boobs are very swollen but I will post some pics of how they look so far.


I actually went with saline implants! I was on pain meds when I made the last update!



I live in Germany, but I went to the states for my procedure. I went to three consults in Germany, but I was never 100% comfortable with anyone. However, I am sure Germany has some great surgeons. I had a consult with my dr 3 years ago when I lived in NC. He advised that I should wait until I was done having children. I felt comfortable with him then so the decision to go back to him was easy. I left to go back to Germany 10 days post op. Surprisingly I felt pretty good. I also had two small children with me on the flight.

Prior to surgery I was 133 pounds. The day after I was 141!! Today I am 138. I am still 5 pounds from my pre surgery weight. It is so hard to not go do some serious workouts to help the weight come off. I don’t want to make any real judgments about my surgery until I am back to my pre op weight. My dr says that can take 6 weeks. So far what I can say is that my stomach is flat!!! Very flat! I have put it to all kinds of test: leaning over, planks, touching my toes, sitting, ect and so far my belly has not come out at all! Another thing is my waist was 29 inches pre op and it is 29 inches today. It took about 2 weeks to get to pre op size with all the swelling. I am still hoping I see it go down more since I did the lipo. Oddly enough my lower stomach is measuring about the same as well. I am assuming I am still swollen and that’s what is going on. When I am back down to 133 I will be better to judge what is going on.

My doc did not use drains, so I have these creases going down my lower belly. They are improving, but they are still there. I am hoping to see them fade soon. The doc said that can also take 6 weeks since he had to stich there. My lower stomach and flanks are still hard and swollen.
But so far I can see where my results are going and I like it! I will reassess at 6 weeks. But I wanted a flat stomach with no bottom pouch and so far it looks like that what I have! I can even see my upper abs starting to show! I can wait to start working out again?
The boobs are great. Still sore and a little high, but no complaints!



Today I'm about 26 dpo

I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to give a quick update. I feel pretty much 100% at this point. I started working out again. I did insanity twice so far. I'm trying to stay away from weights until I'm 6 weeks po. That will be hard bc weights are my favorite. This morning I was back at my preop weight of 133. I'm still hoping to see that number go down. I still feel like my breast are sitting high. I can jump around and they don't hurt if I'm wearing a sports bra. My stomach has healed a lot, but I'm still hoping to see improvements from the lipo on my flanks. These pics are from a few days ago. I'll post updated ones soon when I have more time.
I am happy with the results so far. Just hoping it gets a little bettrr.

New pics

I have not been able to update in a while. But I am extremely happy with my results. I have not worked out in a while because I have been so busy with work. I am hoping to start working out again soon.

Just realized I never did a review of my results

So everything was so worth it. I am very happy with my results. I'm so much more confident now. When I'm working out and eating right my body is awesome! I had to look through my phone to find a picture to post. I realized I don't have many breast shots in my phone lol. Here's a pic from May 2015!

May 2015

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