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I have a mommy makeover scheduled for April 3,2013...

I have a mommy makeover scheduled for April 3,2013. I am sure I have the same emotions as all of you other beautiful ladies.... Scared, yet excited! I'm 5'8" and 150 lbs, Mom of 3! At one point, I was about 220 lbs, and this left me with the sagging loose skin that will never go away with exercise. Trust me, I have tried- cardio, weights, etc makes no difference in SKIN. I have thought about a tummy tuck for years, but I can believe this is really happening. This feels like a dream. I am having an extended tummy tuck, lipo, and breast lift with augmentation.... Complete tune up! Well, I have a lot more to write, but at this time I have to go. Bye for now!

Well, tomorrow is my preop. I am starting to get...

Well, tomorrow is my preop. I am starting to get really nervous. Yikes. I want to tell you all about my experience with choosing my doctor, Dr Davis. I had been researching online quite a while, and was leaning towards him before I had my consultation. You can't ignore his 20+ years of experience, and extensive training. I know he's more than qualified. He is board certified and his facility is fully accredited. I know a few girls that have had work done by him as well, and they were all very impressed with his skills. Now, there are some other doctors in the area with impressive qualifications also. I chose Dr Davis above the others due to: experience, photos of his work, and the fact that he does the drainless tummy tuck. That sounded much more appealing to me than having drains hanging off me for weeks. I also spoke with someone who had the tummy tuck by Dr Davis, and I learned about the pain medication he places inside that lasts for several days (exparel I believe). From my research, this can make a huge difference in recovery. When I went for my consultation, his office was great! My visit with him was extremely informative. I didnt feel rushed, and he answered all my questions thoroughly. I was nervous too, and he made me feel pretty comfortable. I then met with Gretta, the patient coordinator who was wonderful as well. She went over pricing with me, and also dates for surgery. I decided a couple of days later that I was going to go for it! My preop is tomorrow and surgery is in a week and 2 days... Cannot wait!!

I can't believe I am doing this, but here we go......

I can't believe I am doing this, but here we go... tomorrow
is my day! The nerves are really starting to set in. I am spending today getti g ready, and spending a bit of extra time with my kids. House is clean. Heading out to do the last minute grocery shopping so my hubs can adequately feed me and the children... Then I think I'm about ready! I am taking arnica, and also eating a soft doet for the day. the had slim fast as a recommendation, and i had some, so that works. I feel like i should be living it up before my surgery, wati g a great meal... but nope, slim fast it is. ugh! I am posting my before photos so I can say good he to my old body, for which the words saggy and baggy are quite fitting! Bye bye saggy! See you again- never! Or at least not for about 30 years I hope :) if anyone reads this, please send me some prayers and luck- I really need them!!

Sorry for the the iPhone typos on that last...

Sorry for the the iPhone typos on that last update! I can actually spell and speak proper English :) next time I will proof read before hitting submit, but then again, I will probably be drugged up at my next update... So maybe not :) see you all on the flat and perky side!

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