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I am 35 yrs old, have 4 children (3 of which I...

I am 35 yrs old, have 4 children (3 of which I gave birth to myself), current weight is 135 and 5' 0" tall. I have been wanting a Tummy Tuck for years but never actually acted on it until recently.

Once entering Dr. Davis's office building, we took the elevator up to his office. We finally entered the office that could help make my dreams real. We were greeted by the receptionist at the front desk. Here came the paper work.....but wait this was something I wanted so I didn't mind reading and signing it. (-: We were told were the bathrooms were and we offered something to drink while we waited. I was already impressed this office.

Literally only about a minute went by and the door to the side of the receptionist opened. It was late in the day and we were the only ones in the waiting room therefore I knew that door opened for me! Overwhelming feeling of joy came over me. It was like Christmas came early or I had won a prize. There stood the last person I expected to see opening the door. It was Dr. Davis himself. I don't know about many of you but I have worked in healthcare for a long time and doctors typically like to be pampered and have you do things for them but not Dr. Davis. He wanted to be the first person to walk me back.

We were taken straight to his personal office where my husband and I sat on a very nice couch together and Dr. Davis sat in a nice chair in front of us. He went in depth to explain Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and Liposuction. I had lots of questions. Impressively Dr. Davis had answered almost all of my questions without me even having to ask them. He knew what his patients wanted to know and he was very prepared. Time was not an issue to him. Once we felt comfortable enough with education piece of the procedures, it was time for the physical exam piece.

We were taken to an exam room that was connected to Dr. Davis's office. I was given a nice soft gown to put on. Dr. Davis came back in and ask me what I wanted to change about my body. Taking my wants into consideration he began explaining the difference between a full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck.This is determined by how much excess skin the PS can pull down and if the PS cut above or below the belly button. I was laid back on a comfortable electric chair that reclines flat. He began pulling to see how much excess skin I had. There was absolutely no pain involved in pulling on my stomach. It was final I was going to need a Full Tummy Tuck.

I got dressed and we went back into Dr. Davis's private office and sat in chairs at his desk this time. Dr. Davis began to show us before and after pictures and discuss the recovery phase. He told me I could go back to work in 1-2 weeks if I wanted too. I was shocked. Dr. Davis uses two techniques with his Adminoplasty procedure. He does not use drains because the quilting procedure used during surgery to eliminate the "Dead Space", therefore eliminating room for fluid to collect. Also he uses a medication during surgery that produces longer numbing affects that can last for several days. This helps decrease discomfort after surgery.

I told him I wanted to schedule a consult to get my breast done too but that I could not afford to be out of work too long so I would need to have these procedures done at separate times. I was surprised to find out that the recovery was the same only 1-2 weeks with doing the procedures together. That is when I first heard the term Mommy Makeover. He used this term for women who want to get a tummy tuck with lipo and breast augmentation at the same time. . Dr. Davis said no need for me to make another appointment because he would make time for me. He looked at his schedule and stayed longer to get my consult in for the breast augmentation right then.

We sat back on the couch and talked about breast augmentation and what to expect. Again he seemed to answer almost all of my question without asking them. He gave us a Saline and Silicone gel implant to hold so we could feel the difference. We went back into the exam room to do the breast exam. Once all the exams were over, we had decided to do the Mommy Makeover (: Yay!!!!!! Dr. Davis has his own Operation Room Suite at his office. This also helps cut down on the cost that can be added by having the procedure done at a hospital.

The Silicon did feel better to me but Ultimately I chose the Saline over the Silicone for several reasons. To me Saline is by far safer. Do your own research on the FDA's website. MRI is recommended 3 yrs post op and then every 2 yrs after that for Silicone implants. Good Luck with getting Insurance to pay for $2,500 or more MRI related to implants. I also read on the FDA's website that there is a higher rate of Capsular Contracture with Silicone versus Saline and have to be removed sooner than Saline. Your incision is also larger for Silicone because they come pre-filled where the Saline implants are filled after insertion.

It was time to meet Gretta and find out how much this was going to cost me. She was and is absolutely gorgeous, very nice, funny and great at making you feeling comfortable talking to her. She is an excellent asset to that office. Now time for the total. How much was this going to cost me? Are my dreams now crushed? Nope they were not! I was very please with the cost. I was surprised to see that they offered a discount to do the procedures together and then another discount if I paid cash.

It was time to go home and talk about it. We were so impressed with Dr. Davis's office that I canceled my other consultation and scheduled my surgery for Feb 12, 2012. One step closer to my dream coming true. My pre-op appointment is scheduled for January 31, 2013.

That's it. I will leave you with this: If you are planning on having a Mommy Makeover, please do your research! I can not say it enough. Research reviews of different PSs online. Look at the good and the bad reviews, take into consideration also that not everyone can be pleased. This is so true in Health Care. Also go to and read about the different implants. You can also look at your doctor's medical board website to do some research on him/her. Look to see if they have an actions against them with the medical board. For NC the website is (click on Licensee search).

Thursday January 16, 2013 I will get to use the 3D imaging equipment. This always cameras to put my body on the computer screen. This will help me decide what size I want my breast to be and which type of implant I want (low, moderate, moderate plus or high profile). If you are wondering what this is, here is the website:

Got to try out the Vectra today (: It really was...

Got to try out the Vectra today (: It really was an eye opener. I am glad I got to use it (:

I am really thinking that I will go with High...

I am really thinking that I will go with High profile implants. Since I am petite I don't want too much side boob.

Http:// This is the... This is the medication that he will be using to help decrease post op pain.

Pre-op appointment is this week. Can't wait (: ...

Pre-op appointment is this week. Can't wait (: Leaning towards 450cc High Profile under the muscle. I am currently 36B. Got alot to get done this week. Need to start preparing for after surgery. Need to take alot of before pictures this weekend. Getting nervous, which is normal. I will be glad when it is all over.

Today was my per-op appointment. So many emotions...

Today was my per-op appointment. So many emotions. I feel a lot better since finalizing the details of what I want. As usual Dr. Davis's staff made my husband treated us wonderfully. I am really impressed and comfortable with my Surgeon and his staff. I will have no drains or no steri strips. I will wear a special garment after surgery for the first 4 days none stop. When they say non-stop they mean non-stop (crotchless LOL). Got all my prescriptions today. I took a list of questions in with me so glad I did. I am so excited (-:

Pre-op** sorry about the typo. Silly autocorrect

Pre-op** sorry about the typo. Silly autocorrect

Starting to get very nervous. I know this is...

Starting to get very nervous. I know this is normal (-: I can't wait to get it all over with. Off shopping for last minutes things today. Can't wait to post after pictures. I am so proud of myself for actually doing this.

Less than 48 hrs left. I am getting so nervous. ...

Less than 48 hrs left. I am getting so nervous. Started taking colace today and started making my diet soft. Hoping that will make it easier when I switch to liquids tomorrow afternoon.

Today is the day. We are almost there (-: I will...

Today is the day. We are almost there (-: I will update everyone as soon as I can (-: I am so excited!!!!!! And Nervous lol

Surgery went well. I'm not really in any pain I'm...

Surgery went well. I'm not really in any pain I'm just sore. Dr. Davis's office did a great job taking care of me (-:

Feeling pretty good today. I managed to walk...

Feeling pretty good today. I managed to walk around inside the house this morning and put own self back in the bed. Only thing I am having trouble with is urinating. This is normal because of being doped up. Bladder is waking up better today.

Still sore but a lot better. I can almost stand...

Still sore but a lot better. I can almost stand straight yay!!!!! My breast are high up so then time D&F. They are a little softer today. I've been getting frequent to walk around the house and taking frequent deep breathes. I am very happy with my results so far. Never really experienced any pain just soreness. Not having any drains is wonderfull (-:

Doing alot better. Still needing help with...

Doing alot better. Still needing help with something's. My back is still bruised from the Lipo so that is preventing me from becoming totally independent again. Hopefully I will be back to my almost normal self in a week. Still sleeping in the Recliner. I will be glad when I can go back to my bed. I am a side sleeper )-:

I am 2 weeks postop today. I went back to work...

I am 2 weeks postop today. I went back to work already (-: I had some leg swelling yesterday so I elevated my legs throughout the night and it is better this morning. It is a rainy day here so I'm cuddled up in my blanket watching TV today to get my legs some rest (-: I feel great. I am so glad I did this for myself. I posted a before and after pictures of my breast for you (-: I love them (-:

Went for my 6 week check up yesterday. Feeling...

Went for my 6 week check up yesterday. Feeling great! Still swelling in my stomach but alot better. Start scar treatment and scar massaging (-:

Feeling great and looking good (-:

I'm 4 months post op. I feel great! Excited about taking beach trips and wearing bikinis (-:
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

I did Extensive research via the Internet and Dr. Davis had excellent reviews. I also looked him up on the NC Medical Board to make sure there were no actions against him with the board. Made my appointment and so far he has exceeded my expectations (-:

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