46, 3 Kids, Need a Makeover

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I've wanted a TT since before my 3rd baby but now...

I've wanted a TT since before my 3rd baby but now that he is 8 and I have more age on me and I BF all 3 for a year I decided that a mommy makeover is a better idea.

I went 2 years ago for a consult and finally decided the time is right! I can't believe my surgery is in 2 days! I have read so much information on this site and cannot express how thankful I am that all of the wonderful ladies have posted their reviews. I have learned so much from all of you.

I have chosen an excellent PS. He has done work for both of my sisters and he is amazing so I know I am in good hands. After my consult we decided to do some upper ab lipo, full TT with muscle repair, a lift with no implants but will even out my size diff (I'm already a C/D), some lipo near my armpit area and a small amt of lipo on my inner thighs. He doesn't want to risk blood supply by doing my flanks, so in 9mths to 1yr I can get that touched up if I want for a reduced fee. However, I have some loose skin on my back that I thought was fat but it isn't so I will prob have that addressed later anyway.

I am super excited that I will finally be getting this done! I will add some pics tomorrow. I have lost 8lbs since my 1 month preop so I want to see the diff from tomorrow instead of when I weighed more! I started at 5'3" and weighed 143 and now am down to 135. I tried to lose some weight since I know it will make my results better. ????

Before Pics

Ok here are my before pics. Hoping to make a drastic change over these...

On my way

Today is the day ladies! I can't believe it! I am so excited. I am on my way to the surgery center. See you on the flat side!!! ????

All done and Surprised!

Well ladies, had to stay overnight after all. It was a 7 hr surgery

I didn't have to get the vertical cut at my BB and didn't need the cut under my breasts. So happy and surprised about that.

I am feeling some ab soreness like workouts through the pain meds but not too bad.

He took 2.5 lbs of loose skin. Can't wait to see my result after swelling and stuff...


Here is a photo from this morning. I can't really take them right now but I think this look great.

I am in a spanx looking thing that comes down to my thighs and a binder over that now. Bleh

I love how low my incision is. No that is going to show.

Pain update

I am really sore today. However, I can walk standing up straight if I take my time with it. I learned the hard way to take my pain meds every 4 hrs instead of every 6 hrs. :/

I have a pain pump and take celebrex and oxycodone. The doc recommended Arnica and gave me the bottle of pills to take for bruising and swelling. I am also taking vitamin A and C daily to boost my healing.

I bought protein powder for shakes and have extra BCAA's and Glutamine to add to them to give my body more healing power too.

I have to take GasX right now when I eat, weird. But if I don't, I get gas trapped in my stomach and it makes me nauseous.

Overall the nurses said I am doing great. :)

Post Op Appt

Went to see the PS and he said I am doing great for only 3-4 days post op. I still have a lot of bruising so he made sure I am taking my arnica and I assured him that I am.

He took all the bandages off of my breasts and took my pain pump tubes out. I need to leave the drain tubes in. One for another few days the other possibly another week. I am ok with that. I would rather have the tubes than excess swelling.

I am so happy with my results. I had no idea I would look this good. Here are a couple of pics. Hopefully I can get some better ones in a day or two.


I don't have pics today but wanted to comment on my recovery. I am getting around really well. Only sometimes do I find myself in a position that is hard to get up from.

The nurse said to take my garment off a couple of times a day for around 30 min to let my body rest. My PS likes the marena suits and the one I wear retails for $100. :0
I found a second one on ebay for $33. YAY! I hate the binder because I am short waisted and it digs into my breasts.

As far as pain, I don't feel much at all in my breasts even though they are very bruised. The tuck, yesterday and today my upper abs have been soooo sore. I had stopped pain meds but at night take one and have been putting an ice pack on the sore area. The ice pack really feels good.

My lipo areas are still sore and very bruised. I am guessing that bruising will last a couple of weeks since I bruise easily anyway.

Besides all of this... I am so happy with my results so far. I love having perky (-)(-)

I can't wait for the soreness to subside but it will soon, I am sure.

Dang Drains...

I have one drain that is bugging me incessantly. Burns, pinches, pulls etc. I finally looked at it real close and the drain was pulling out of my skin.

The nurse actually did it in the office trying to get my garment off and she pulled on the tube too hard. Grrrr

Well, I fixed the majority of the pain by taping the tube so that it stays in place and in the hole better. I'll probably add more tape a couple of inches out too so that it doesn't pull anymore.

I think this one comes out Tues... Whew.

Post Op Appt

Finally had that drain that was bugging me removed. It stung the entire time it was removed because my skin where the drain entered was so irritated. Other than that it was painless to remove.

The other one can come out when the output is 15 ml or less for 2 days.

I mentioned the sharp pain in my ab that was causing me to take pain meds again and just plain hurt. The nurse gave me another week of Celebrex and it is already doing the trick. So nice... She did say that I can take other anti inflammatories after the Celebrex is finished.

I had all of my bandages removed and the glue is flaking off of my incision but other than that it looks great. The line is healing really thin. I can't wait to see it completely closed. :)

I was planning to return to work in 2 days but I think I will go ahead and wait until Monday. I need the rest after this procedure.

I'll post some pics later for you to see :D

No work this week...

I let my boss know that I need the rest of the week off from work. I have been surprised how uncomfortable I still am since I have such a high pain tolerance from having migraines for so many years.

Oh well, maybe 4 more days will get me back on track.

I am back on Celebrex and still feel tight and pulling in my abdominal area in the mid area. With the Celebrex it is an annoying pain that wears me out. Without it, it hurts!

At least I don't need narcotics now :)

The sore spot the pain drain came out of is doing much better now. The pink area is shrinking and it isn't as sore as yesterday. The antibiotic ointment must be helping.

I feel like I am swelling now but it feels worse than it looks. I definitely like the CG on better than off.

I am still sleeping on my back with pillow support. I can't wait to sleep on my side again.

Couple of Pics

I am very happy with my incision and its healing. I added a pic of the pain drain side. It is red and irritated still but mostly from the bandaids I had to use. I stopped using them last night so hopefully the redness will resolve quickly. I think my BB will be cute in the end too.

The left side of the pic is my good drain side and I still have that one in.

I have swelling now pretty much all of the time visually I don't think it looks too bad.


Hi All

Well, I was doing better and then the other night I woke up with that one darn spot hurting so bad. I couldn't sleep with taking a pain pill. So I called the nurse and told her that my CG and binder were too tight and aggravating that spot and this was really driving me crazy now. I have to go to work on Monday and am really worried about being in constant pain. She told me to wear what is comfortable and doesn't cause pain. The CG and binder are only for swelling.

Well, wearing the binder loose in that areas of pain seems to have helped tremendously. It is still there but not severe like before. The nurse called me back and said the PS thinks it is due to the lipo and could be some rib bruising or other bruising so on my next appt they will see about numbing that area by injection.

Also, i have some small blisters around the edge of my tape around the drain that is left. The nurse said they are caused from the tension of the tape and I needed to loosen the edges. That drain is coming out next appt too. Good grief...

Other than than one spot of pain, I really don't have any other pain. Just a feeling of tightness and the little bit of swelling that get is uncomfortable. All of my discomfort is in my abs and lipo areas but not really pain. I haven't even noticed my breasts at all except to look at them. No pain there at all.

On a good note, I went for a short shopping trip today and was fine afterwards. I think working next week will be just fine after all. :D

2 week Post Op

Hi All,

I finally am tentacle free :)

The last drain was completely painless but I had started getting blisters from the adhesive. :/

I still had the spot that was giving me the stabbing pain so the PS injected a steroid many times in the area down to the fascia hoping that will relieve some inflammation by this weekend. Yeah, not the most fun experience to date. All of my sutures were removed and everything is healing well.

He cut my binder down to one small section that I wear right over my incision. That was nice because it is completely hidden under my pants now.

So other than that, I am back to work and getting around very well. Sitting too long makes it hard for me to stand straight so I try to stand up every 30 min or so.

I am taking Alleve for pain and an occasional 1/2 narcotic in the evening if I feel it too much.

Ok that's it for now.

Pic Update

Here are a couple of pics... the one of my lift was taken more recent than the other by by several days.

Also, that painful steroid shot did the trick ladies. Wow, no more stabbing pain that makes me think of Psycho.

So now, just tight feeling but pain free. Alleve is doing the trick now for work days. I find that I can sit longer and longer now.

I guess I am in the 3 week recovery group for feeling good.

My CG is getting looser. I really don't swell much but I've seen around 6 weeks it can creep up on you. So we'll see..

My breasts look small but they are the same size as before. No cup size difference (36C) they just sit prettier. :) I think the left one looks a little high, prob from swelling since he reduced the size on that a little.

As for my tummy... I am still amazed I could ever look so good. I know it will only get better as time goes on too.

Ugh Swelling

Well this is 2 lbs of swelling ladies and first thing in the morning too.

I am have no pain at all right now. Can clean the house, sleep in whatever position I want and don't look weird walking around at work ever.

Guess I need to drink more water but the swelling makes me look terrible on my flanks. You can't see it with clothes on though.

I am wearing all my pants before surgery and some are loose now. Depends on how tight they were before.

I've added a close up of my TT scar too. It looks great.

Comparison pic for swelling

Here's a comparison pic so you can see swelling difference. I think the early pic is around 10 days and the swell pic is 4 weeks.

I can't wait til the swelling goes away!

3 Month Update

I can't believe it's been 3 months....

I had my post appt and the PS was very happy with my results. So am I :)

I just tried stopping the garment during the day since I am pretty sure the swelling is mostly gone. I really had a love/hate relationship with that thing. My abs are still a little sore, like I did a hard ab workout the day before but nothing painful. I still get some muscle spasms near my scar. I still can't stretch out in the mornings or sleep on my stomach from tight ab muscles. I have most of my feeling back in my TT incision but am numb between my belly button and my incision. My scar looks great but is still a dark red but I'm not worried about that, it will fade.

My nipples are ever so slightly not even which doesn't bother me but the PS wants to do a revision. Where the scar ended at the bottom, it formed a pucker on both sides that I would like to have fixed but you can't see it unless you look under my boobs. LOL

I am so happy with my flat tummy and lifted breasts.

I lost 1" from the lipo under my armpits and 3" from my waist so far. I am hoping to lose more now that I am starting to exercise and recover from the holidays with my diet.

Future wish list: get my back fat fixed and have my flanks lipo'd and the loose skin removed there. I have to save money to get that worked on though.

Compression Garment

Adding a pic of the garment I wore. It is marena and I found this one on ebay for much less than retail when I found one that was suggest a price. At my measurements pre sx I was an XL and then had to buy a L for it to be tight enough. My measurements were W 36, H37, under bra 34
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