32 Y/O, One Baby. Asymmetric Breasts Due to Breast Feeding. - Raleigh, NC

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So, like most women on this site, I've thought...

So, like most women on this site, I've thought about getting breast implants for a long time. I was always very self conscience about my size. I was always a 32 or 34 A and when I was younger I didn't even fill out the A cup. As I've aged and gained some weight, currently 5'2" 130-135, I started filling the A cup and possibly a B. Had a baby, breast fed for 2 months and now my breasts are two different sizes. Probably A and B...basically one grew and the other didn't, so one is deflated and the other is the same as it always was. I will up load some photos later.

While I'll be glad to have larger breasts, my main concern now is that they look more even. As if bathing suit season needs to be MORE challenging. So, I decided now is the time. I didn't realize my breast augmentation would be as challenging as it seems. Because my larger breast doesn't need a lift, but it's a completely different shape then my smaller, it's going to be difficult to get them to look the same. I found a surgeon that I trust, and who is totally on the same page with me about the size I want to be. I can't go too big bc they will be obviously different, one could end up sitting high and look more fake, and the larger will look more natural. He will be making the decision on the table but we agree to try for D-DD, somewhere between 350-400 probably. I had my pre-op today and my surgery will be bright and early on May 30th. I'll praying things go well!

Getting really close!

I really can't believe My surgery is this Friday! The time flew by and I'm not at all prepared lol. Well, I got my meds, and my husband is going to take care of me, so I guess I took care of the important things. I figured I'd get more bras after BA when I know what will fit and I can try on for comfort. I'll be wearing the surgical bra for a few days anyway. I'm trying not to be nervous but of course I am! I just hope I'm happy with my rests. I'm so afraid I'll have a botched surgery. There is no real reason to feel that way, except that it does happen to people. Saying my prayers!

I can't believe it's tomorrow!!!

Ok, so I kinda wanna throw up! It's like Christmas Eve when your a kid except I know my gifts are coming with pain meds and a recovery time lol. Lord, I know this is a dumb prayer, but please let the surgeon give me boobs that I love. So I'm gonna try to add some photos...before and wish pics. I'll update after the surgery...which should be at 8:30am.

All done!

Driving home from having my surgery. Things went well. Everyone was really wonderful, especially my nurse Emily. Left boob got 350 and the right got 425. He also manipulated the pocket so that the larger breast would be a little higher then he would normally make it...bc the smaller breast will not drop the same as larger. He was trying to make them as even as possible. Dr Stoeckel is great. Really a wonderful surgeon and seems like a great person too. I hope all of his efforts turn out the way he plans. I'm feeling great right now, bc the meds haven't worn off yet. Just a little tightness so far. I'm praying to have a smooth recovery. I'll post pics later...I'm too tired right now.

Can't sleep.

So, I was gonna update and tell you how it went... But then I remembered, I did that on the way home. Lol. I keep repeating my self to hubby also. Side note: why is it that my phone wants to auto correct EVERY word I type, until I'm on drugs and actually need some help with typing?! Anyway, I'm really tired and I really wanna sleep, but for some strange reason, I can't. I keep almost dosing off and then I wake...it's so frustrating. I am in NO pain, which is awesome! I'm sure once the meds from surgery wear off I'll feel it, but right now it just feels like I did some push ups yesterday, and only when I take a deep breath. I am super excited for these babies to heal and drop bc it looks like he did a good job. I snuck a quick peek earlier. Haven't seen my incisions yet, but I'm not worried. Ok.... I'll stop rambling now. I'll post some pics later. Hope you are all doing awesome!

It's been almost 7 hrs.

I'm still not having much pain. I guess the anesthesia hasn't worn off yet. Wondering how long that takes. I think the test will be how I feel tomorrow... I'll update then. I'm pretty bored I guess:)

One day after BA

Still not in much pain....feeling really lucky.

Here are some photos taken today (on day post op). There is till some asymmetry, but I knew going in that there would be. He used mentor moderate plus profile gel implants at 425 and 350. My left nipple is still slightly lower then my right, due to the difference in original size and shape, but I'm hoping that once they settle into the pockets it won't be as noticeable. I think I'll be happy with the size he decided on. I'm just really hoping they look more similar to each other once they have settled. He said it could take up to a year to really see the full results dues to the asymmetry.

I also have some bruising around my incisions, but nothing crazy. I think the incisions look crooked and large, but Im hoping maybe it just looks that way due to the bloody tape covering them.

Day 2 post op

Not much has changed. Bruises around incisions are already going away so that's nice. Still really high and firm. I'll post some more pics at a week post op. Hopefully by then there will be a noticeable change.

3 day post op

So I can't tell much difference from day one and today:( but thought I'd share anyway. Thurs my PS will most likely give me that annoying strap to push the girls down. I think I'm retaining about 10lbs water weight...it's so uncomfortable.

One week post op

Had my one week appointment. Dr didn't really say much, just that they look pretty good/even. I'm going to wear the compression sometimes to help my right breast drop a little faster. It's also the larger implant so it looks higher. So, I didn't ask any of the questions that I should have wrote down bc of forgetfulness. Can I swim yet? Can I get a back massage yet (as long as I don't lay flat on my belly), can I take Motrin safely? He actually said I could probably jog if it's not painful and I wear a very supportive bra. I though jogging was out of the question for weeks after surgery??? I know I should have asked for more pain meds bc I woke up this morning and man was I in pain! It's the first night I didn't take anything and it sucked! Implants are still pretty high, but he said they look normal for one week. I just want them to drop so I can see if the nipples will even our more....I really hope they do. Well here's some pics at one week.

Do you massage???

Another question I didn't ask was if I should be massaging the implant. From what I have read, some Surgeons say do it and some say don't do it. I've read the reasons why too, but I'm still not sure if I should. I'm guessing that since my dr didn't tell me to do it, that he probably doesn't believe it helps. Any suggestions???

Day 8

Just over the one week hump...or should I say humps lol. Less pain this morning then yesterday so I'm really happy with that. I'm basically taking Tylenol or Motrin at this point. I did a little stretching yesterday which I think really helped. I have a lot of stiffness in my upper back and neck which just makes healing more uncomfortable.
I'm still very happy that I went through with the surgery and happy that I chose Dr. Stoeckle. I think I'll be happy with the size he chose too...I know my husband is! I hope the rest of my recovery goes smoothly:)

Two weeks post op.

So today is day 16. I'm still loving my new boobies:) the swelling has gone away and now they seem a bit smaller though. The pain is mostly gone...I still have a lot of pain under the larger implant. It often feels like a bruise and a pulled muscle at the same time. I'm gonna call my PS today and make sure that it's normal. The left (smaller) implant has softened up a lot...it almost feels real. The right one is still pretty hard, but I think it's just healing a little slower. I posted some pics of 2 weeks. My nipples still look bit uneven (they were before surgery due to the asymmetric shape of my breasts), but in a shirt it's not really noticeable so I'm happy. I started sleeping on my side at two weeks and am so happy about that! I'm not a back sleeper at all! I've been sleeping in bras, but the bands dig into the incision areas and that's the area that is already hurting so it wakes me up at night. Last night I had to take some Tylenol and ice my incision so I could sleep...it sucks! I thought the pain would be gone by now:( also, I'm kinda having boob envy and wishing I could have gone a little bigger...but I'm still happy to not look like I did pre op!

2 months post op

So I made it to two months with no issues...yaaaaay! My implants are dropping nicely. They will always be uneven bc the left nipple is lower then the right one, but I'm happy. I knew going in that they wouldn't be perfect due to them looking so different. The top pole looks great...awesome cleavage in a wire bra:) I really do wish the bottom pole was more similar though. The smaller breat with the bigger implant looks great and it actually looks like the bigger one now, but they are actually the same size. The left is just pointier bc of the natural shape and it looks smaller bc there's not much bottom pole. It's slightly higher too bc my surgeon wanted to make sure the cleavage looks even since that's what everyone sees. I think if I out a bigger implant in the left breast it might fill out the bottom, but then I'm back to having two different sized boobs. I'm a 34 DD at VS and that size is already hard to find, so I think I'm happy w the size. I know they will continue to change so I'll just keep my fingers crossed that they continue to even out.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr Stoeckle was the right choice for me. He was easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. He doesn't have that 'I'm better then you bc I'm a plastic surgeon' attitude. He was great throughout the whole process, from first meeting him to going through with the surgery. His surgical staff was amazing! They were very positive, happy and professional....the kind of people you want to be around when you're about to have surgery. So far I'm also happy with my results (only 3days post op). I look forward to seeing my full results and if I need a PS again, I know who to turn to. Great experience!

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