LIPOSUCTION - Abs, Back and Flanks!

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21 days seems like forever, but I am patiently...

21 days seems like forever, but I am patiently awaiting my turn to improve an area of my body that adipose tissue (fat) seems to gravitate to - my BACK! It's quite unattractive, the multiple layer of rolls. I am so ready to NOT have to tug on the back of my shirt to make sure it is not caught up in a roll on my back. My expectations are realistic and I am praying and hoping for a huge improvement. I am actually having full circumferential abdominal and back liposuction (this includes the flanks). For comparison purposes for anyone who follows, my measurements are: 5"1" tall, 179lbs (and losing), 32" waist, size 12 clothes (and reducing). I will update as these numbers change. Reluctantly, I will go ahead and post a photo of my pre-surgery problem areas because I really appreciate all of the photos that everyone posts. Pictures truly make the difference.

2 Days Away!

I may actually be starting to feel some of my nerves today. I am really not sure of what I should have for aftercare, but I am supposed to get the compression garment from the doctor afterward. I wonder how many other garments I will need. I am having lipo to my flanks, full back and stomach.


I'm not sure where the time has gone, but tomorrow is the day. I snapped a couple of day before pics, so here they are

Which compression garments work?

I am having a very difficult time selecting a good compression garment. From your experience, which ones work and which do not work? Thanks!

OMGoodness! Surgery is 1 Hour Away!

Thank you RealSelf for providing this encouraging and supportive forum. It has been such a help. Now, I pray that God guides the hands of those that will facilitate this surgery today. I pray that God takes me in well and brings me out well. I am hoping to see a great improvement on my back fat so that I can have a better contour in my shirts and dresses. I will update each step of my recovery.

Surgery Went Well...7 hours post op

So, I arrived at the office at 11:40 for my 12:00 appointment. After completing paperwork, I was called to the back at 12:30. Took care of all preliminaries, met my nurse and anesthesiologist. Let me just say that they were all phenomenal from the from desk to the doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Morea. Communication is certainly one of his many strengths with his patients. We took more photos and the surgery began around 2pm. I was awakened in recovery around 5:40, I think. I was in my car by 6pm. How do I feel? I feel very sore and I am taking my pain med around the clock as interacted. I am attaching some photos that you can see that were taken with the provided garment and without. I REALLY want to purchase another garment, but don't really know which one to get. I am thinking of going with Design Veronique or Morena, but I just don't know which one will be best for my body type. Speaking of body, I have expectedly gained 4 pounds and counting. Thank God that I have a good support system with my daughter, son and husband. It is such a blessing to have help. So, here are the pics taken 3 hours after and 7 hours after. Of course, there is a ton of swelling and bruising, but we all know to expect that. Let's see how I look 1-2 months out. I am looking forward to fantastic improvement. I cannot thank you all enough for being so encouraging and supportive. Thank you and I will post more very soon.

24 hours later... got to shower!

So, here is an updated photo of my back lipo just 24 hours later. There is still such a considerable amount of swelling. I just weighed myself and I have gained 9 pounds since yesterday before surgery. This is to be expected from what I have read on RS.

Well, I hope that this helps anyone who is considering back lipo. Have a great evening ladies!

Awesome Doctor - Great Experience - A True Blessing

A True Blessing! I recommend Dr. Morea to anyone! He was superb in exceeded by expectations. Hi staff, Laurie and Janell and Yoli and Melissa and the beautiful front desk lady were all wonderful to me. They are truly world class and second to none. If God is willing, I will be back. I appreciate Dr. Morea's honesty from beginning to end and the care of his team of nurses. Thank you, somehow, just doesn't appear to be enough. I am so glad to have ended up in their hands. I thank God for them all and pray that they continue to provide excellent experiences.

Itching like crazy!!! Any suggestions???

Does anyone know what to do when you suddenly itch like crazy. I am only 1.5 days post, but my skin is so, so itchy. I don't know if it is the tape or what, but I cannot seek to get to the skin to scratch it. I have taken my garment off and put it back on and taken it off again trying to scratch my skin. Finally, I decided to take Benadryl and I will just have to ask my PS about it tomorrow. Does anyone have ANY suggestions???

72 hours later

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd update as I promised (every step of the way).

I spent some time out of my garment today so I was able to snap a picture.

Also, I have a lot of deep bruising on my hips which are also very swollen. But, I think that this is all to be expected so I'm not worried. I have taken my mess around the clock and consequently, I have yet to have a BM.

All is basically well...very itchy, sore to the touch in some spots, but on great spirits!

Happy healing, everyone????

19 days Post Lipo Review

I haven't updated in a while and a few people have asked for photo updates. So far, so good...I am having a slight issue, though. I have a lump in my lower abdomen that is increasingly more sensitive and seems to be hardening. So, I will see my doctor on Wednesday and hopefully, we will create a plan to address it. Otherwise, the pain is subsiding and I am doing more. Still can jump or run and believe me I have tried. It just hurts my butt and back way too badly. I think it's because I also had my posterior flanks and upper buttock region lipo-ed. Whatever it is, it just hurts so we won't do any strenuous exercising until that heals a bit more. I had a whole lot of back fat and the rolls were plenty as you can see with my pre-surgery pics. So, I think my doctor did a phenomenal job on my back and there is such great improvement in the way that my clothes fit that I am just very well pleased. Dr. Morea is a very skilled PS and a very caring doctor. I mean, they can't work miracles. They have to work with what we present to then and we have to be realistic with our expectations. Dr. Morea was honest with me from the beginning and he has delivered just what he said. So, with that said, here are some updated photos taken at about 15 days post...

The Compression Garment

I wanted to share the compression garment that I really like because a lot of people (including me) have a hard time finding one that works well and is comfortable. This one is a Design Veronique brand and has the open crotch which is convenient. However, if you experience swelling in your pubic area it can be uncomfortable. I have found that a panty liner folder over the front opening offers some padding and helps. Happy healing everyone!


On this day last month, I had liposuction of my back, flanks, posterior flanks and stomach. However, I do not believe that my entire stomach was done due to a large scar (I will get clarity on that from my doctor).

Today, I am wearing my compression garment each day, but taking longer breaks now. I will, on average, go a few hours each day garment-free. I also use store-bough shapers when my garments are not available to just to switch up the compression strength from time to time.

I am still experiencing that burning pain when I go outside on a hot day. I also still have pain when trying to sit back on a seat like the couch or especially in a vehicle. I have to drive with a pillow or it just hurts my very lower posterior flank area. I try to go most days without any meds, but sometimes, I just have to take something because things just start to hurt. On rare occasions, I experience a pinching, sharp, fleeting pain. It is very short lived. I still have hard areas which I try to remember to massage daily. My lower stomach still has a small, round, hard something in it which I also massage daily. I am drinking at least 100 ounces of water each day and I think it also helps. I'm still drinking pineapple juice and taking bromelain along with my multi-vitamin and iron each day.

My emotions have been very steady. No fluctuations whatsoever. I am completely trusting God with this process and having patience with the result. I received a lot of compliments on the 4th of July because the dress that I wore really accented my results. Although, I still have rolls in my back, they are much less pronounced and there is less back fat. Thus, my contour in my clothes has greatly improved. There is still no way that I can jog and I am so jealous of everyone that can exercise with ease. I guess it is the areas that I have had done. My posterior flank area really gives me the most pain and any jump or jolt or jog or even fast walking really hurts.

Hope this all helps someone. Happy healing everyone!!!
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

I actually consulted with 2 surgeons, both have awesome reputations on RS. I have chosen Dr. Morea over the other because of his experience with my specific problem areas. I went in to see Dr. Morea 2nd and he and his staff were very pleasant. The doctor was very patient and was able to show me multiple photos of others that he has treated with my same issue. He also showed me my photo on the computer with the possible realistic outcomes. I left the office that day with a quote and with a date. The surgeon that I did not choose did not have any pictures of anyone my size to even show me and I did not want to be the test subject. Also, I was escorted back to the waiting area after the consultation with the doctor that I did not choose without a tour of the facility or any additional information. The staff of both facilities were nice, however, with the surgeon that I did not choose, I was told that I would receive a call or some information about pricing and available dates on the following Monday (I went in on Friday). I received an email on Wednesday with the price, but no follow up phone call. I just did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling about the facility, although I'm sure that they are good at what they do as they are very reputable. Sometimes, timing is everything and maybe, I went in on a "bad" day. That was cool because every surgeon is not for everyone. Fast Forward 8 Days Post: I am so proud of the work that my PS has done with my body. I am also very pleased with the service that I have received from the consultation until now. Dr. Morea is a very thorough and caring PS that I would absolutely recommend to anyone. He cares about what you care about and he "gets it". Then, there is his staff which is second to none. I would definitely come back to see Dr. Morea should the opportunity arise. The only con of the entire experience if I just had to come up with something is that terrible waist binder that he sends you home with for compression. If I had known that I would be going home in that, I would have proactively had something else at home waiting. But...we made it through, the garment and I.

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