LASIK in 2006 - 6.5 Years Later! - Raleigh, NC

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Hi! If you're wanting to know if this is worth it...

Hi! If you're wanting to know if this is worth it down the road, the answer is yes! The only negative I have is the loss of my close-up vision.

I had worn glasses for distance since the seventh grade. Slightly OCD, I was very aware of my frames in my field of vision. I would frequently look at their edges throughout the day, which caused tension / headaches. And if they didn't sit perfectly even, it drove me nuts! So, I'd take them off a lot, and would misplace them, lol! My children knew my usual places, so when we needed to go out, or watch tv, I'd send out the call, "Glass-es!!" And everyone scattered to find them!

As a stat at home mommy, I never considered the expense of LASIK "just for me". Time marched on, I went back to school, and earned my RN. One year later I became a single mom. Another year later I earned an associate in Education. I had also entered a year-long program to earn my RN level 2 on the Clinical Ladder where I worked. Not only is that a prestigious accomplishment, but my employer gave a $1,500 bonus once achieved. I decided to earmark that bonus for MY LASIK. Not the credit card bill, not kids' clothes, not anything else, but for once, just for me!

My dr used computerized mapping of the eye. This was reassuring to me. Less room for human error. :) My regular eye dr said it would feel like I had a hair in my eye, and best to try to "sleep away" the first 24 hrs after the procedure.

I was given a Valium right as I walked into the procedure room. Not sooner, as they didn't want me to fall asleep. I laid down on the table. The dr put numbing drops in my eye, like during a regular eye exam, and waited a few minutes. She opened my eye and gently taped my lashes back, and slipped on a holder. It felt like it was a plastic ring, more narrow than my eyeball, causing a sensation of my eye bulging. Next she told me the machine would make a loud banging sound which was normal (it did), and also that I might experience a brief vision loss when the corneal flap was cut (I did, but didn't freak because she'd prepared me).

Next I was told to look at the center of the red dot. I knew this was when the laser was rue shaping my eye, so I was anxious. And determined to stare at that dot!!! My one eye kept drooping down to the bottom right of the dot, no matter what I did! Stress!!! Then everything was removed, and they started on the other eye. This time they didn't wait after putting the drops in and getting started. It was more uncomfortable, so definitely ask them to wait! Not long, just a couple minutes.

Although I could see right away, I didn't want to stress things, so I left holding onto a friends arm. I took the other Valium they gave me. At the hotel I took a sleeping pill, and just checked out. :) The next day I was fine, drove, went to the mall. But I did notice an immediate reduction in my previously awesome close-up vision. They said I might need reading glasses later. :(

Complications - I have large pupils normally, which makes these complications more likely. I had halos and ghosting at night. Even the reflective speed limit signs had doubles! I also had starburst. An overhead light in the road would stsrburst all the way down to the road! I could still drive, but needed to concentrate. In busy traffic I actually found turning on an inside light helped (the light helped my pupil to restrict a bit, thus avoiding the disturbances from the corneal flap). Over time, and the flap healed and smoothed out, things got better, now, 6.5 years later, I don't have ghosting, but I do get very small halos, like around oncoming car lights, and star bursts, but they're small and NOT a problem!

I am tickled I can get $10 sunglasses now, and not stress if they get scratched. I don't obsess over seeing the glasses in front of my face, I don't lose the, I don't get the headaches, I can play with my kids easily. Yep, worth it! Good luck!!!3

Dr Traver, at LASIK Plus

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