Laser Hair Removal is Helping Me Recover Time I Lost Taking Care of This Horrible Problem - Raleigh, NC

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Change is always hard. I always say the hard part...

Change is always hard. I always say the hard part isn’t getting what you want it’s figuring it out. There are a lot of things women do to feel more comfortable with whom they are and will often go to great lengths to get there. We often assume that changing our appearance in a big way is a drastic measure with expensive possibilities and unknown consequences.

In recent months I had been thinking about how I can spend less time in the mirror, look better and have a more time in my day. When I think about what I spend a lot of time doing in the mirror it’s often things that could be forever eliminated by a treatment or procedure.

I finally decided to do something about everything I was dealing with on a daily basis. Every day the first thing I do when I get up is look for the chin, upper lip, neck hair and peach fuzz on my cheek. Then I proceed to spend about 45 minutes getting every hair, squeezing out every black follicle and massaging lotion so as to not get too swollen. Then I put on a ton of face cream, concealer (different ones for my dark dark circles, age spots, and plucked hair spots), and then the rest of my make up (don’t get me started on my hair). It’ something I have been resigned to and it had gotten to the point that I just didn’t want to think about how much time I was wasting so I didn’t think of alternatives past the 45 minute morning mirror routine.

Then, as fate would have it I had the opportunity to be a part of some procedures to improve the things that I was constantly battling against in the morning. Not only would they offer a permanent solution to the morning change, but also the promise of more time in my life to perform everything I needed to do during the day.

After careful consideration I decided the first procedure I wanted to try was Laser Hair Removal. Now, I have attempted this one other time in Florida and it was much different than the experience I had at Blue Water Spa.

First off, you don’t feel like you’re walking into a medical spa- you feel like you’re walking into nirvana. Their wall of water cascading down a hue of blue in the background sounds like a waterfall on top of everything being extremely clean serene. There was no glaring pop music with the immediate inundation of services and sales people; just two receptionist that were smiling (one was even speaking on the phone and you could see she was smiling in hopes the person on the other line would feel it).

I gave my information to the receptionist that was not on the phone and she took my name and asked if I needed anything while I waited for my consultation. I said no and wondered over to the waiting area. In the waiting area it was small but comfortable and they had a pitcher with cucumber, lemon, and mint water. Now, I don’t know about you but anything other than luke warm water out of a dispenser is a welcome change for me. I was not waiting long before a lovely Nurse Practitioner escorted me to a consultation area where she proceeded to ask me a number of questions to see if I was a good “candidate”.

I didn’t understand at first, but apparently there are people who are not good candidates. I then found out that some laser hair removal places do not counsel because if you can pay for it it’s your decision to try it. Who are they to stop you? Well Blue Water Spa takes their patients (because you are not just a consumer) very seriously. She informed me of how certain medications can affect the treatment, took my medical history very seriously, and explained to me the frequency with which the laser hair removal would happen and about how many treatments I might need. The real difference was that she treated me like a patient and not just a patron. Before the encounter I did not know any of the important information and certainly no one mentioned anything at my first laser hair removal appointment at the first establishment I had gone to in Florida.

After my consultation I went and saw Leanne, a licensed technician approved to perform Laser Hair Removal. She was very thorough. She informed me that before each treatment I would need to shave (but since I hadn’t she was nice enough to do it for me), and explained the procedure to me. She said that it was bit like a mini firecracker on your skin followed by a special DCD dynamic cooling device that is the ONLY cooling device that provides consistent cooling from the first pulse to the last. No cooling system is safer or provides a more comfortable treatment. The treatment itself took about 5 minutes and was easy and didn’t hurt nearly as much as my first encounter. Although I did have an involuntary flinch every time the laser struck (even though it hurt a lot less than waxing, which is normally the reaction I have) it was never painful.

Afterwards Leanne put a soothing lotion on my skin and said I could put my makeup back on in the bathroom. She was very patient and helpful through the entire encounter. When I walked back to the receptionist area the women booked me for an appointment in 5 weeks and I was able to leave with out any hassle.

For a few days after I did not see any hair grow back but the little hairs eventually started invading the space again. I was told it would take anywhere from 5-8 treatments to get rid of the pesky hair for good. It’s already paid off by giving me a few days off in the mirror plucking and picking. I can’t even imagine what it will be like for good.

Overall I would rate my experience out of 1-10 a 10. It was easy and when I was there I was the most important person they were dealing with, which is not always the case. Blue Water Spa is the kind of spa people talk about when they want a “spa day” or a place to “relax” and get top-notch treatment. I would recommend laser hair removal in general if you were having the exact same overall experience I did at Blue Water Spa. If you aren’t treated that way, make another appointment at Blue Water Spa where they are there for you and not the other way around.
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Leanne was my technician. She was a professional and a delight to be around.

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