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I felt good and rested. The chill in the air...

I felt good and rested. The chill in the air inspired me to dig out my favorite brown boots and my new fall dress. On the way out the door, I checked the mirror and liked what I saw. My car’s clock confirmed this was my day – I had time for a stop at Starbucks.
With pep in my step I moved to the end of the counter to wait for my order. A familiar face peeked out behind a steaming mocha-latta-sumpin. Instead of hearing how fabulous I looked, the face said, “Hey Lisa! You look exhausted!”
Back in the car I looked in the rearview mirror. The workouts and healthy living were paying off, but the “McCarthy eyes” were adding years to my look. You know the ones.... almond shaped and exotic when you’re young, more Jeremiah Bullfrogish after 40. I’ve been talking about eyelid surgery for 10 years or more, but my Starbucks moment motivated me to make a consultation with Davis & Pyle.
My experience there sealed the deal. The staff is welcoming, kind, upbeat, and professional. During my consultation and pre-op appointments, my surgeon Dr. Wood gave me the time and assurance I needed to feel comfortable with the procedure and recovery. I didn’t feel like a number. Even better, I felt like the staff and doctors at Davis & Pyle get me. They understand I don’t want to look like a different person. They want me to look the way I feel – like my best self.
My surgery is coming up and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how it goes and I’ll see you at Starbucks a week or so later.

Ice Ice Baby

I’m taking a break from icing to fill you in on how my surgery went.  Good news – from check-in, to the procedure, to post-op it was a breeze.  I skipped the Xanax the staff offered and drove myself to the surgery center.  Dr. Wood met me there with a smile and made me feel like I was the only patient on his surgical calendar.  During surgery Dr. Wood and his nurse, Desha, checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable and at ease.  Since the procedure was painless and lasted only 20 minutes, I was just fine.  I drove myself home and have been relaxing since.  I think it’s a good sign that my favorite song was coming on the sound system just as my surgery was complete.  I’m looking forward to dancing to it just as soon as I’m cleared to shake my groove thing.  Until then, it’s “Ice Ice, Baby.”

Day 2

No pain or discomfort today but bruising around both eyes and very swollen. I am alternating bags of frozen peas with ice pads and icing 30 minutes every hour. Also taking Arnica montana and vitamin C twice a day. I have read day 3 is the worst day so I'll be reporting back on my status tomorrow.

Day 3

Yes, it is day three and I'm not looking so good. Lots of swelling and bruising around both eyes. My left eye seems a little worse than my right. The bruises are beginning to change color which indicates that they are healing.... YAY! Also, if you will look closely at the photo below you will see my eyelids. A sight I have not seen for 10 -15 years. There actually may be a future for all those eye shadows I've been collecting with Estee Lauder's "free gift with purchase".


This morning my mind was ready to go back to work but my face – not so much.  I can soften the bruises with makeup, and a pair of reading glasses might disguise some of the puffiness around my eyes.  On the other hand, I just can’t do a lot with the tape in the middle of my forehead or the blue surgical thread sticking out on the stitch line.
I checked in with Davis & Pyle to see if I could sneak my post-op appointment in a day or two earlier.  As their record has led me to expect, they were accommodating and understanding.  Dr. Wood made room in his schedule to see me.   With my “face of many colors,” I headed to the office.
I felt a little self-conscious entering the office with all my bruises, but the receptionist’s warm greeting gave some needed relief.  Dr. Wood's gentle touch made removing the tape and stiches a cakewalk.  He assessed my progress as right on schedule, and gave me the green light for contacts again and moderate exercise.  Back home, I laced up my sneakers, donned my biggest pair of sunglasses, and took long walk to the drugstore to check out concealers.  I’ll need it for work tomorrow.

Day 6 - Back to Work

My trip to the drug store served me well.  The concealer minimized the bruising and the "readers" camouflaged the swelling around the eyes.  I imagined myself spending the day hiding behind file cabinets and darting into empty conference rooms and offices but it wasn't like that.  As ususal I had many encounters and the only comment I received was "nice glasses".

Second Pre-op

I'm checking in with my an update on my second post-op visit.  I am feeling so frisky and hopeful and happy with my surgery that I decided I would try something new.  Here goes . . .

I went to Davis & Pyle on Monday for my second post-op.
The staff's warm greeting made my heart pop.

Drs. Davis and Wood were oh so kind; 
In fact they reported that I looked sublime.

(OK, OK.  They said my recovery was on schedule and I was healing just right,
but I do look sublime in just the right light.)

Even with some swelling and a bruise or two,
my eyes make me want to yell woo-hoo!

I look more like the me that I imagine - 
I'm a red sports car, not an old station wagon.

Unfortunately my eyes didn't do much for my rhymes or my poems,
But they've done a lot for my confidence.  Now I'll get goin'.

Thanks Dr. Wood!
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

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