Coolsculpting Not Working 2 Months out - Raleigh, NC

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After having my son 4 years ago I started working...

After having my son 4 years ago I started working out to lose some fat that was leftover on my lower abdomen. I'm 5'5", 129lbs, I have never been heavy but no matter what I did my pooch wouldn't completely go away after the baby. This year I found out about zeltiq and after some research I decided to take the plunge. I found an office in Raleigh, NC that performed the procedure, everyone was very professional and I was more than excited at the prospect of losing this annoying fat so on 5-2-12 I went ahead and had the procedure done (Large applicator on the abdomen $1200).

Having the applicator on was painful but only for the first 5-10 minutes, I wasn't prepared for such strong suction, it hurt! but soon my belly went numb and I was able to relax and read a few magazines for the remaining 50+ minutes. I was told that because I had relatively little fat to lose I would only need one session. I started to feel stabbing sensations within 3-4 days, definitely a tolerable, but strange feeling. My stomach was numb for about 3 weeks, then I started to regain feeling again.

Now here I am, it will be 8 weeks from my session tomorrow (6-27-12) and I have yet to lose even a fraction of an inch off my belly. I have been eating a clean diet and working out at least 4 times a week, yet no results are visible yet. To make matters worse, instead of waiting to see results before going back, I had my love handles treated on 5-24-12, no results there either (seemingly another $1K wasted) . I’m so disappointed!! I called the office and explained my concern to them, I was told that I needed to wait until the 4 month mark to see if anything will happen. I’m not holding my breath on this one, I feel like I just flushed $2200 down the toilet.

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