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I decided to treat myself to cool sculpting this...

I decided to treat myself to cool sculpting this past weekend. The procedure wasn't painful but we all know we all have different reactions and experiences. The staff was great. They were very eager to share their stories and pictures. I didn't feel the cooling process; it just felt the discomfort of the skin being sucked. Again, not painful. Afterwards you could see all of the fat that was congealed and frozen. They massaged it out which tickled more than anything. The wrapping they gave was very helpful. I went to the gym Sunday and Monday and walked on the treadmill. It just felt like a big bruise. I keep looking at my stomach expecting it to be black and blue. I did get cocky and did two sets of sit ups at the gym this morning. Bad move. My regular bruised feeling also now has a little bit of cramps. Just minor that can be relieved with ibuprofen but they don’t want you to take that often (I can’t remember why). I am hoping to have great results but I will have to lay off the crunches for now. LOL

Still good

So it's been a month and I'm doing well. The cramping was only for a week and the office gave me a prescription to help. I didn't take pictures myself so I am not sure how much of a reduction I'm eager for month three.
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