My Butt is Amazing! Best Decision Ever! Dr. Morea is the BEST!!!

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Dr. Morea is very professional, caring and highly...

Dr. Morea is very professional, caring and highly skilled plastic surgeon. His staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Morea did my breast augmentation nearly a year ago and he did an incredible job! I decided to return to him for butt implants on February 4, 2015 to complete my transformation and look more proportional. It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I never imagined I could have a butt so beautiful. I've had a flat fanny all my life so this is so new and exciting for me. I've always had boobs before my breast augmentation but after having kids and breastfeeding they deflated. Dr. Morea fixed them better than new and now I have a booty to match. I'm extremely happy with the results of my butt implants! I love the shape and they are so natural looking. I highly recommend Dr. Morea to all my friends, family and the realself community... and I do all the time because everyone considering having surgery should know about him.

Flat As A Pancake Fanny!!! Before Butt Implants!

I love my big beautiful breasts, thanks to Dr. Morea! I have worked very hard to achieve a slim and fit body through my dedication in the gym and eating healthy! I was not happy with my flat butt! I wanted to be more proportional. I spent so much time in the gym and most of it was doing exercises to build up my booty with little results in size so I went back to Dr. Morea for butt implants February 4, 2015. First I will show you some before pics. I love the pic of my husband trying to find something to pinch. Lol. I will show you my 2 day post op pics in the next review.

Butt Implants with Dr. Morea! 2 Day Post Op!!!

The surgery went great! I fell asleep peacefully and woke up feeling well rested. I was just hungry and thirsty. I don't get nauseous like many do after coming out of anesthesia. Today I'm feeling relaxed. I'm not having much pain at all, just really sore but of course I'm on oxycodones. Lol. I can go to the bathroom and shower myself. Dr. Morea determined my implant size based on my anatomical measurements, 275cc's round silicone. I was wanting a larger size but I trust that my doctor knows what will look most natural and proportional to my slim body and size D tatas. I'm so happy with my results thus far!!! I was only worried about losing size once the swelling goes down. I talked to my doctor about my concern and since he places the implants in the subfascial position it's less invasive therefore very little swelling so my booty isn't going to decrease much in size. I'm finally feeling complete! I will keep y'all posted throughout my recovery! :)

5 Days Post Op!!! Butt Implants! So Happy:)

I am so extremely happy right now!!! My recovery is going so well. My breast lift with implants that I had done last year was more painful than this so far! I'm 5 days post op and I'm doing great! I'm walking around with very little pain. I'm just sore like I did a lot of squats at the gym the day before. Dr. Morea doesn't use drains that I read in reviews are a nightmare! My doctor said that the placement of the butt implant has a lot to do with the recovery time, pain you experience and risk of complications. He places them in the subfascial position. He said intramuscular placement is more invasive and a bloody mess, higher risk of infection and complications, implant flipping and shifting, more painful and a longer recovery time. I believe he is right because my recovery experience to date has been a breeze! I've had no complications since having my surgery. I'm loving my results! I'm so grateful to have discovered a really good doctor. I think it is important to spread awareness about doctors that are better at doing butt implants. I've been on realself for about a year now and there is a lot of scary butt implant reviews. It can cause so much worry and uncertainty about getting butt implants. I nearly didn't do this surgery because of it. Now I'm shocked at how my experience has been nothing that I thought it was going to be. It's been one of the best decisions of my life! I'm so ready to be fully recovered. I can't hardly wait to go shopping! I've never been able to fill out a pair of jeans before! I love my slim fit body and big boobies but my flat booty didn't match. Now I'm finally proportional and feel complete! Hello bubble butt...and bye bye pancake fanny forever! I will see my doctor for my first post op appointment on Tuesday and I will be sure to post a review to keep y'all updated. Seriously I've had workouts that hurt more than this recovery. I'm so glad I did this!!! I My new booty looks so natural. Dr. Morea is a brilliant surgeon!!! He is definitely the booty doctor to go to! I'm so glad he did my breast and butt augmentations and of course I couldn't of done any of it without my wonderful husband for his support and finances. I'm one lucky gal:)

1st Post Op Appointment with Dr. Morea! Great News!!!

I'm so extremely happy right now that the feeling is indescribable! My doctor said everything looked great! My incisions are healing up nicely! Also since my doctor places the implants in the subfascial position there is very little swelling so my booty isn't going to decrease much in size. I read many reviews of folks disappointed when their butt shrank a few weeks after surgery. Well, when you cut into the muscle it's more invasive and that isn't what my doc does thank goodness. Implants can shift, flip and push on nerves when you shove them into a pocket carved into the muscle. You are also more prone to infections. Just looking at those bloody drains made me sick to my stomach. My doctor doesn't need to use them. My recovery has been a breeze thus far! Doctor said I can go back working out in the gym in three weeks whereas so many getting implants intramuscular one month post op are still recovering at home and I've read many that had to have their implants removed. I keep hearing about this doctor out in Beverly Hills called the Butt King... well I have read enough bad reviews on this fella to know he isn't. My doctor is the one to go to for a beautiful natural looking booty and successful recovery experience.

Before & After Photo! Finally Proportional!!!

Finally Proportional! My transformation is complete! Enough said.

10 Days Post Op Butt Implants! Feeling Great & Sexy!

I'm off the pain pills and feeling back to normal. I'm trying not to do too much but it's hard to lay around in bed when you aren't hurting. I'm just sore after being on my feet for more than 30 minutes. I've been pacing myself but still managing to keep the house clean and play dress up! I have so many dresses that I've been wanting to wear for years but wouldn't because of my flat fanny and now I can! I'm so excited!!! I loooooooooove my new booty!!! I just wish I had done this surgery sooner. This recovery has been a breeze and my results in my opinion are so natural and perfect! I am certainly a testimony to Dr. Morea's expert surgical skills! I am forever grateful to him and my husband for his support through this transformational journey. My confidence is at it's all time high and I've never been this happy with my body! I am finally proportional! My 40s are going to ROCK!!!

18 Days Post Op! Hanky Panky! No Pain! All Pleasure!

This recovery is still mind boggling to me! I'm sure everyone heals differently but I assure you that the doctor you are having do your surgery makes a huge difference. My husband and I had sex eighteen days post op and my booty was not a problem at all. We took it easy and didn't get crazy wild or anything. I'm just so extremely happy that it's overwhelming in all the best ways imaginable. We got a babysitter last night so we could attend a super club dinner party that all our friends started doing monthly. I got a lot of compliments on how good I looked in my sexy little black dress and I had no problem sitting. I feel a little pressure but no pain and I don't feel the implants! I really thought I would because of what I had read here on realself. I truly believe my doctors subfascial placement of butt implants and his exceptional surgical skills are the reason for this. I'm back doing normal stuff like up and down my stairs, cleaning house and driving my kids to school. I am so impressed and happy with my results and recovery. I think patient reviews tell it all and I have the benefit of two positive surgical experiences with Dr. Morea. You are in the best hands with this doctor.

20 Days Post Op! Shopping! Love My A$$!!!

I dropped the kids off at school this morning and went shopping! I have no problem sitting now which is so awesome. Recovery has been nothing like all that I have read here on realself. No complications or bruises, no gross bloody drains, not painful just soreness, beautiful natural results and I was back to my normal life two weeks post op. My doc is so Amazing! Anywho! Lol. I went to my local Ross store today and tried on some jeans for the first time post op. I never imagined that I could ever fill out a pair of jeans. I had such a pancake fanny before! I only wish I had done this surgery sooner! I never looked this hot in my 20s and I'm 41 now! So grateful, thanks Dr. Morea!!!

3 Week Post Op Doc Appt! Wrong About My Implant Size! 295cc's!

I just left my doctor's office and I was wrong about my implant size. I was on pain pills at my first post-op appointment so that is why I misunderstood. Sorry! I got 295cc's #7 round implants by AART in the subfascial placement. Dr. Morea said everything looked great! My incisions are healing up nicely and my swelling is gone so my booty size is final. This makes me so happy! And the placement of my implants are securely locked in under the strong fascia tissue and over the muscle. There is no settling into place or what I've heard some say fluffing. Intramuscular implants do this because they can migrate so therefore your booty can go through stages and change in shape. Also, unfortunately, they can flip or shift downward on to the sciatic nerve so I'm glad mine were placed subfascial. My implants are like a thick layer of muscle over my gluteus maximus. It's really like I have done 1,000 squats a week with maximum mass results! I love the muscular look of my implants because it goes with my fitness body. My doctor did mention that implant sizes are limited to your anatomical measurements. This is when a doctor measures the actual dimensions of the patient's buttock. Dr. Morea will only put the size that fits those measurements because that is what will actually fit in the subfascial area. Squeezing a bigger size can increase risks of complications and the implant showing. I'm so glad that my doctor took the time to explain all this to my husband and I. I don't think most doctors are doing this because they just want to do it the easiest and fastest way regardless of whether their patients are going to have a harder recovery. Also I had some more questions to ask at my appointment today about working out. I want to be able to do leg exercises at the level of strength as before my implants and he said I could. The fascia is strong and my husband agrees with him. He is a deer hunter and when he processes the meat he removes the tough fascia which he calls the silver skin that covers the muscle. Dr. Morea drew a picture of where he inserted the implant and he only cuts through one side of the fascia leaving the other three sides alone so it's less invasive. He went on to explain how it isn't easy to do this procedure because it takes so much more time to do it whereas intramuscular was just carving a pocket in the muscle. I'm so grateful to have had a doctor highly skilled, experienced and caring to do this for me. I'm still counting my lucky stars to have had him do both my surgeries with great results and smooth recovery experiences.

1 Month Post Op! Super Busy! Kids, Exercising, Oh & Shopping!!!

Sorry it took a while to get back with y'all! I'm so super busy back to my normal life. I'm dropping my kids off at school and hitting the gym for a few hours then cleaning my house...oh and I'm shopping! I loooooove shopping for new jeans!!! These photos are a couple pairs I purchased on March 1st. I cover my face because I already have few stalkers privately messaging me on here. Men of course, not you ladies! Lol. My booty still looks Amazing! It does feel softer now. My husband agrees with me, hehehe! It always looked natural to me even right after having the surgery. I'm still so extremely happy with my results! I was worried for nothing about my booty shrinking after the swelling went down. Dr. Morea was right! He said his subfascial placement done 'correctly' and expert surgical skills was less invasive so there wouldn't be a lot of swelling. It's also crazy because when I woke up from anesthesia I didn't feel extreme pain like I've read in so many reviews that had this procedure done. I still wanted to play it safe so I did however ask for my pain pills and a cracker then immediately asked to assisted as I walked to my husband's truck. I didn't want to sit in a wheelchair. Lol. I got on my belly in the back of his truck and called all my girlfriends to tell them about how excited I was. I just thought I share that because I didn't in my earlier reviews. Also I'm getting so many of the same questions asked on my reviews so I'm just copy and pasting the same response to save time. Like I said I'm so busy now that I have recovered. I also have pics of my incisions that I will post soon. They are healing up nicely. I know they will be barely noticeable in a year because Dr. Morea did my breast lift with implants last year and my scars are so minimal now. If you all check out my other review in the breast implant community you will be shocked at my before and after photos. Dr. Morea even resized my nipples smaller to fit my new tatas and they are so perfect and even! He is truly an artist. Once again this recovery experience was not what I expected because all the reviews I read on here. I'm back at the gym one month after getting butt implants! Wow! I'm mostly doing the elliptical and upper body exercises. I want to play it safe and give myself a little more time on booty exercises. I am however using the cable machine to do light hamstrings and quads. I can sit with no problem now so I'm going to start back doing leg extensions and calves next week. I'm not going to do leg curls or squats right yet. That would be working the booty big time! I'm going to wait a couple more weeks before doing them. I still can't figure out why I don't feel the implants when I sit? I feel some pressure but not weird or uncomfortable like I thought I would. I've said it over and over and I'll say it again! This was the best decision ever:)... but that is because of my doctor. It could of been my worst nightmare if I had gone to someone else not as experienced and highly skilled at doing butt implants. I've never been this happy with my body and I am 41 years old.

45 Days Post Op Pics! I Couldn't Be Happier!!!

I've been working out in the gym for nearly 3 weeks now and I feel Amazing! I started off really slow just as my doc recommended I do. I did squats this week but only using my body weight. I'm still listening to my body as I progress in strengthening. I'm doing leg exercises such as extensions, inner and outer thighs but no leg curls yet. I want to give my booty a little more time. I don't feel any discomfort when I sit now even on a hard surface such as a wooden chair. I do not feel the implants when I sit or when I touch my butt. It really feels like my booty, just bigger. I do not see my butt implants. I have tried looking for them when I bend over or get in yoga positions. I was worried about this because I spend so much time in biker pants at the gym. I stressed for nothing! My gym friends think I built my buttocks muscles through heavy weight squatting and leg curls. Dr. Morea said he was going to give me natural results and he did above and beyond my expectations! I couldn't imagine a better recovery experience and results. This surgery has changed my life in the very best way. I only wish I had gone to Dr. Morea for butt implants sooner. I am forever grateful to him and his staff. They made all my dreams come true.

Selfie Pic From Gym Locker Room!

I am 7 weeks post op and I worked out at the gym today doing butt exercises for the first time! I did squats using my body weight holding free weights and I felt no discomfort. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical too. It feels great to be working out my butt again and I love it now more than ever! My new booty looks and feels very natural. I will keep y'all posted on my progress.

3 Months Post Op Today! Date Night with Hubby!

Life is GOOD:) Thank you Dr. Morea!

I'm exercising harder than ever in the gym and relaxing on my off time such as vacationing at the beach. I really enjoy paddle boarding with my family and using my GoPro to capture wonderful memories. My confidence is at an all time high! I love my new curves!! I feel complete now that I'm proportional. I love the size of my tatas and booty! I just couldn't possibly be happier:) Dr. Morea is the Best!

Update: 8 Months Post Op! Happy with my final results:)

Howdy y'all from North Carolina:) I'm 8 months post op and fully recovered! My new booty looks the best ever since having it done. It used to be a little high and not so round shaped but now the implants have settled down, in my opinion perfectly. It was hard to touch for so many months but that has all changed now. My boobs did the same thing. It took about 6 months for them to "drop and fluff," a phrase I had never heard before RealSelf. My boobs were high and hard to touch after getting implants but now they have settled down, looking natural and feel so real and now my butt implants do too! I feel complete now that I'm proportional with my new JLow booty! I'm very slim weighing 120 pounds (minus the implants) because of smart healthy food choices and exercise. I'm working out harder with my lower body than before I got my butt implants. I don't feel anything when I do heavy weight lifting squats or sit nor do I see or notice them being there, even when I bend over. It really feels as though I was born with this booty. My husband doesn't notice it being weird when we make out either Lol which was a concern. He says it's just bigger, better and is shocked as I am that it feels soft and can giggle. He said it was well worth every penny, haha! I couldn't possibly be happier:) I just wish I had done it sooner. Summer is over and the kids are back in school so it's time to get even more focused in the gym. I'm so excited about my 40's and all that I want to accomplish such getting my abs ripped and building my glutes giving my booty even more projection. I owe Dr. Morea the credit for giving me the confidence to motivate me to do this and more. I am forever grateful to him and his staff.

Over a year and booty is the best ever!!!!

Doctor Morea is the BEST! Enough said.

I've been MIA! Still loving my booty!!!??????????

It's been a while since I've checked in folks! I've been so busy. I just wanted to let y'all know this hapa haole Hawaiian raised in the South still loooooooooooooooooves her booty! It's perfect!!! It's like I was born with it. I love that I don't feel the implants when I sit... or make out with my hubby Lol, and that they have settled down nicely. They look and feel so natural and real. No one thinks I have implants. My friends believe I built my booty in the gym doing lots of squats. Haha! I couldn't be happier with my results! I'm forever grateful to my doctor and of course my sweet husband for paying for them. I gave up a ring upgrade on our 10 year anniversary for silicone and it was the best decision ever! Instead while our family was mining gems at Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, North Carolina my five year old son discovered a beautiful white topaz that we had made into a beautiful cut for my new wedding ring. The sentimental value means so much more to me than a rock that you can't be absolutely sure isn't a blood diamond dug from African mines by children as young as 11. Here are few pictures from when my husband and I went to Key Largo on vacation this month. Also some of my son discovering the white topaz. I'm excited about getting this rock set! The vacation was nice although a storm had just went through so the water wasn't as clear as we would of liked but regardless we had a blast snorkeling and having quality time together. We love these new face masks and looking forward to using them on our Hawaii vacation in 2017! I will have more time to post now that our kiddios are back in school. Xoxo?
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Morea is very professional, caring and highly skilled plastic surgeon. His staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Morea did my breast augmentation nearly a year ago and he did an incredible job! I decided to return to him for butt implants on February 4, 2015 to complete my transformation and look more proportional. It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I never imagined I could have a butt so beautiful. I've had a flat fanny all my life so this is so new and exciting for me. I've always had boobs before my breast augmentation but after having kids, breastfeeding and weight loss they deflated. Dr. Morea fixed them better than new and now I have a booty to match. I'm extremely happy with the results of my butt implants! I love the shape and they are so natural looking. I highly recommend Dr. Morea to all my friends, family and the realself community... and I do all the time because everyone considering having surgery should know about him.

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