Been Approved for REduction! Raleigh, NC

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Today, after years of waiting, I got approved. I...

Today, after years of waiting, I got approved. I am 5'1 and was told I was a J. I never knew this because I had been wearing the wrong type of bra for me. I am small framed, yet was wearing a 38" inch and the PS told me I was only 32". My cup size was smaller b/c I wasn't fitted correctly. So, now I am reading reviews, pondering all the things the doctor said and really scared. I have hurt because of them, been self conscience over them, wanted them gone so bad its almost brought me to tears. Now that it can be anytime I want it I am scared to death. I have three kids and my husband is great but don't want to be an inconvenience. I was told after three days I would be able to fix food and what not but still could not drive until my drain tubes were removed and still needed to take it easy and no lifting. Then I read horror stories and am starting to wonder if its worth it! Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!!!

Tomorrow is Pre Op :O

Tomorrow is when I get to flood the doctor with questions. I don't wont her to think I am nuts though! I am wanting to correct my nipple inversion as well. Hoping that won't cost too much more since I am already put under. Wow, overwhelming a bit! Soon I will get to wear a normal size shirt! Size 3 pants and XL shirts! Pictures soon, but not digging the thought of that. The "glamour shots" I had to take for the insurance was scary enough!

Pre Op went good, I thought, six days!

Pre Op was great except I think I want her to change the procedure. Unfortunately she is out until Monday :(. I decided a free nipple graft was too extreme even with me wanting a nipple correction. Will hold out for six more months to get them fixed without cutting them completely off. Lets hope she is willing to do that. I hate to start all over. I know she was wanting to accommodate my wants, but hope she will do another procedure. In the grand scheme of things I am not so large it is dangerous and I don't smoke and have no prior reductions. I have been researching like crazy. I don't see why it should be an issue and it may not be. Hope I don't have to get a second consult at this stage in the game. But we gotta do what we feel in our hearts is best for us. Now I just have to get the money for the nipple repair. Man, I never thought I would share this stuff with anyone, much less on the internet. Thanks for listening ladies!

Surgery Thursday!

I have so many emotions right now. Unfortunately I have a lot to weigh. One I have to decide which procedure I want. This is up to me because in order to get the size I want which is a B. I have to do a free nipple graft. This is scary, but I also have inverted nipples and it could help with appearance, but no guarantees. Then to go a cup larger I can have the other procedure and then a nipple correction in a year, but I don't usually have an extra 2000 to 4000 dollars lying around and they would look like they do now. With inverted nipples you have some feeling but not like with normal. Then their is the self esteem issue. i so want my nipples fixed to any degree, but I have three kids and house payments and I cannot put us in a pinch for them. I am really just venting bc I have been a basket case with this. I am 5'1 with an E cup. Didn't know I was wearing the wrong bra all these years. I am six inches smaller than what I wear so my cup was only a d. Everyone says only you can make this decision and am so tired of debating. So I needed to vent and give my husband and sister a break from hearing it. Now I gotta get myself together and get the house ready for Thursday. I never dreamed this would be so emotional. I'm ecstatic for the reduction but I have to make a decision. I have changed my mind twice with my doctor and cannot keep doing it.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the ladies who have encouraged me. I kind of took a break from the site. My mind has been racing. I like to thank everybody when they reply, just know I really take everything you say to heart.

Almost 48 hours post op

Surgery went well and other than nausea had no problems courtesy of pain meds. Trying very hard to stay on top of them. Thank The Lord for the ice packs. As far as hurting bad, they don't. It's the pressure that's uncomfortable. I'm getting used to being weak. It's hard when you are not one to lay down during the day and now you have no choice. I feel completely wiped, but as long as there's no pain, I'm good to go. Cannot really focus on things for any length of time. That is why I haven't updated. Oh and one more thing, I HAVE NO BOOBS! I just have these little mounds under all of that gauze! I get to see them today. I am pretty nervous as to what they will look like. Will update tonight.

5 days post op!

Will submit a photo next time I am unwrapped! Recovery awesome and have had no issues. Showered after 48 hours and definitely feels better when wrapped up. Staying on top of meds every four hours and feel great. Don't really feel like a b cup yet with all of the gauze and tubes, but sure do look like one. Friday removal of drain tubes and bolsters from the FNG, but everything else has went great.

2 weeks and feeling great!

Haven't written for a couple weeks, but all I can say the recovery has been awesome. As long as I know my limits. Sticking with the ice and occasional Tylenol. At times the girls feel more sensitive and tender, but nothing I can't stand. Would do it all over, it's been great.

5 weeks post op!

What can I say, best decision I ever made! Free nipple graft had not let me down. Nipple area doesn't feel like I expected. There is more feeling in them than expected.i have not lost color in the areola and nipples seem to protrude more each day. Ecstatic over my new girls!

6 weeks post op today!

What can I say other than so happy about myself. The doctor did awesome and is very amazed at my healing. She still wants me in a good support bra, even though I am tired of it, they feel much better in one and the swelling on the sides is going away! No complaints and well worth it. Don't have to go back until July :)
KayLee McPhee

She did an awesome job. I don't know why it corrected her name. It's KeeLee MacPhee. Anxious to see the results Friday. They Didn't do a follow up call which I think all doctors or staff should do, but that is just an opinion. Thankful I have had no issues at all! Very satisfied with her work!

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