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So, I am really excited because tomorrow is the...

So, I am really excited because tomorrow is the BIG DAY! I am 36, 5"4" 151 lbs and currently wear a 36FF. I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain from bad posturing due to my large breasts. I also continue to run and do high impact aerobics despite the pain it causes my neck/back because I like to stay in shape and remain athletic. Over the last couple of years it has been very difficult to keep up with my normal exercise regimen due to my breast size. I have lost upwards of 40 pounds over the last few years and even with weight loss the smallest bra size I have achieved was a 34E. I have spent thousands of dollars on physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care with only temporary relief in pain and discomfort.

I am anxious for tomorrow to get here but I am also very nervous about the pain that I may experience. I have looked at many pictures and I feel that I have a realistic expectation of what I will have/will not have post op! I will post my after pics and keep you posted on my progress!

Post Op Day 1: Everthing went really well...

Post Op Day 1: Everthing went really well yesterday and I have experienced only minimal pain (mostly just feel tight and uncomfortable). I attribute this to staying on my pain meds around the clock (even at night). My PS does not use drains for his specific technique so I do not have to worry about that at all. I did have enough oozing yesterday after the car ride home that I needed to add some more padded gauze around those areas, but he assured me this was normal. I slept in my bed, but just had pillows to keep me inclined and pillows under my arms for support. I slept very well in between medication dosing.

The PS said the only concern during surgery was that he had a more difficult time getting good blood flow back to my nipple/areoloa on the rt side but that he was able to remedy that and he placed a specialized, medicated dressing on that area. I have to go back today for him to look and make sure all is well.

I do have a lot of swelling today (even around my back/ribcage, but nothing that is too worrisome. I have not had any nausea and actually have a great appetite. I am trying to keep it healthy for good healing! So far I have to say that I am very pleased with my pain level and this hurt far less than I thought it would!

I will post post op as I take them!

Went to my follow up with PS. He took the old...

Went to my follow up with PS. He took the old bandages off and I am so swollen! Thanks to this site, I was already prepared that they would look tight, bruised, swollen and possible uneven. However, my right areola/nipple was purple and flat compared to my left nipple/areola that was normal, pink and raised. He did say it looked better than yesterday (must have been black at that point) and he put some more "special" dressing on it and re-bandaged it. I asked him if he expected it to improve and he said that he thinks it will be okay. It is hard to hear "I think" when it comes to a purple nipple, but I am going to remain optimistic. I will have my next follow up in 1 week. Until then........

Post Op Day 3: Yesterday I developed a fever and...

Post Op Day 3: Yesterday I developed a fever and so I felt really bad most of yesterday. I have my antibiotics, but since I have a lot more swelling on one side than the other and have a fever the PS wanted to see me. I went in again and all checked out well. He said I am healing as I should be and sometimes fevers happen due to the trauma of the surgery. Additionally, the "purple nipple" I had has not pinked up so all is good. My fever broke about 1:30 this morning and I feel much better now. I still am not having any significant pain. Other than the smart a** Male profiler called "curves expert" that decided to leave an ignorant comment on my review, this has been an experience that was better than expected. But, I guess you have to be pretty desperate to have nothing better to do than sit and surg breast reduction websites and actually create a profile in order to get your kicks!

I will be showering later today and will take my first post op pics to post!

Good luck to all those recovering right now!

I meant to say that my purple nipple is no longer...

I meant to say that my purple nipple is no longer purple and is now pink!

Post op Day 4: I feel really great today. Finally...

Post op Day 4: I feel really great today. Finally going to the bathroom regularly again and I am starting to drop some of the post op fluid. I slept really good last night despite the same boring position and I am only using hydrocodone at night to help with sleep. 2 Tyelenol are keeping me comfortable during the day. Went for a casual stroll with the hubby this morning and then took a shower all by myself (Hubby was close by as he was nervous about it). My shape still remains so well rounded and symmetrical despite the swelling and so far I have not had any oozing or drainage from incisions. I have been careful to follow all directions and I truly am not doing any pushing, pulling or lifting. I am also eating very healthy and drinking liters of water a day. My next follow up is Thursday so I may wait until then to update if all remains the same!

Post op: 1 week Had my follow up appointment...

Post op: 1 week
Had my follow up appointment today and my bandage was removed off of my right areola/nipple. It is pink and doing well. I have extra surgical tape on the right do it makes me look a bit disproportioned but really they are nicely proportioned to each other. I have all internal sutures with surgical glue and then steri strips. I have a lot of bruising and swelling but I am very pleased with my experience and results thus far. Still no pain but I am not sleeping so I did get a script for ambien. I have been casually walking everyday and I feel good. I did get very teary two days ago but I knew this would happen thanks to all of you who have shared your experiences. I updated today's pic.

4 WEEKS POST OP: I updated a few pics from...


I updated a few pics from today's visit with PS. I am 4 weeks post op and feel wonderful! The only "complication" I am having is at my T-junction on my rt breast. I had a stitch work its way out and I developed a small open area. It looks slightly infected at first (last week) and I just put polysporin and gauze on it twice a day and it has improved. PS says it looks fine and that it should probably be closed up by next week. I do still have a large bruise on my lft breast (side) and that will just take time to disolve. They gave me some vitamin E gel to start using on my scars and told me to start my breast massaging in shower. He said I can resume most of my normal activities and if it hurts, then don't do it :)
I am thrilled at the results so far and I look forward to when they are fully healed and I can quit obsessing about them :)
Oh yeah...went shopping and for the first time ever pulled a Medium Maxi Dress off the rack and it fit like a charm! I kept thinking to myself that I can get used to shopping (I loathed it before)!

So, I am now 2 months post op and I can not...

So, I am now 2 months post op and I can not believe the difference this surgery has made not only physically but emotionally. I am absolutely head over heals in love with my new breasts (and so is my husband for that matter). I was actually cleared at 4 weeks to return to my "normal" activity and I did for the most part, however running and weight lifting is part of my normal activity so I did not resume that. I have been walking since day one post op and I really feel that keeping active (very low impact) helped me heal so well. I had signed up for a 1/2 marathon last year before I knew I would do the surgery and so I was determined I would still do it but I knew I would have to walk it.
Well, on Labor Day weekend I walked (and even jogged some) in my 1/2 marathon!!! I cleared it with PS and he said that it would be fine to jog for increments as long as I had a very good sports bra. I got the Moving Comfort Juno and Fiona Bras. I usually wear the Maia but it has underwire so no go there.
I now walk 5 miles a day and even throw in some jogging. The jogging doesn't bother me at is more my fear of messing my girls up!!! I am down 11 pounds from surgery and I am measuring at a 36 D (or 38C) depending on the bra. I have had to get a 36DD in one type but I am not getting bogged down by numbers because it is how they look and feel now (kind of like how you can be a size 4 in one brand but a size 10 in another). I have purchased so many strapless dresses and tops I think I should buy stock!!
Anyway, for all those thinking of doing it, just know that you will have your ups and downs, fears and doubts...but it is very important to go into this with realistic expectations. It takes patience to go through the healing process. I have had no pain and a very good recovery. I would do this again 10x over!!

Well, I am 3 months post op and I finally feel...

Well, I am 3 months post op and I finally feel like my boobs are mine. They have softened up and dropped enough to make them look natural and not "done". I am back to all my normal routines (have been since about 4-6 weeks). I have updated some pics. Good luck and speedy recovery to all of you who are just starting your journey!

Well, I am six months post op now and I truly feel...

Well, I am six months post op now and I truly feel as though I am back to my pre operative self. My experience with BR has been absolutely wonderful and my post op period was much better than ever expected. I have updated my 6 month pics. I am down 18 pounds from pre-op and I do high intensity aerobics and run 4 miles a day about 4 times a week. So, as you can see, my breasts have tolerated weight loss and exercise. I actually prefer the tear drop shape they now have as opposed to the "high mounds" I had for about 2 months after surgery. I have complete sensation in all my breast tissue and my nipple sensitivity is back to normal as well. I am able to do so much more than I ever did before and I feel so confident. I love being able to take my bra off in the evening and know that I don't have to walk around with my arms over my chest to hide the "sag". I am back in underwire bras now and I am a 36D. I am really excited for swimsuit season this year for sure! Good luck to all of you who are just starting your journey!

11 month post op pics!

Well, the journey has been great! So very happy even 11 months later! I have updated pics!

2 year update

Hi all-
Just wanted to show you the girls at 2 years post op. This is even after a 20 pound weight loss after surgery! Good luck to all of you!
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