Vertical breast lift, no implants, lollipop incision -Raleigh, NC

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I've been wanting to do something with my breasts...

I've been wanting to do something with my breasts for years. I am like a lot of you, and have never had perky breasts since I got them! I have 2 kids, 16, and 8. Throughout life, I have struggled with my weight....but have been stable between 160-165 for 5 years now and feel comfortable at this weight. I workout doing jazzercise and do light weight lifting at home 4-5 days a week. I have an appointment with a doctor in the raleigh area at the end of November, and want to see what the best way to proceed is. I go back and forth between just a breast lift, and a breast lift with a tummy tuck. I think it will depend on cost and if I can justify it! My husband is very supportive, though he likes my breasts the way they are and just doesn't want me to have small boobs! We aren't rich, so I have to be logical with what we spend on this. I am excited and nervous and OBSESSED with this.....reading all the experiences on here and thinking about it wayyyyy too much! Lol! I am posting pics and hoping to hear from you guys about what you think would be the best path for me. I will post my journey as it happens!

Going with Dr. Stoeckel in Cary, nc

I went to a consultation and felt very comfortable with Dr. Stoeckel. He is very knowledgable and approachable. Now I am waiting for my mammogram at the end of Dec. and if all clear, I will schedule my surgery. I hope to get it the first week in February. I am beyond excited, and keep trying to imagine how they will look and the difference it will make in clothes and during excersise! I wish I was turning 40 sooner in the month to get the mammogram over with...but I have to muster a bit more patience!

My surgery is tomorrow!

I am very excited and of course, nervous. I will post my experience when I can.

Surgery complete!

First, I want to say that I am very satisfied with Dr.Stoekle and his staff. They are all just very down to earth and I felt very at ease. I wen in and met my nurse, who went over the procedure and recovery, then I met the anesthesiologist who explained all of what she would go, and how I'd feel afterwards. Then the doctor came and measured and marked the lines. I walked into the O.R. and they had me lie down and covered me with a heated blanket and put leg compressors on, and hooked me up to monitors, and put in the I.V. For the sedation. Then I was out...felt like a great sleep, with dreams even....just regular types of dreams. They woke me up after a half hour, and then my husband too me to chickfila...I ate 4 nuggets, and fries, and a fig bar I had brought. The surgery started at 1:30, do I was a bit hungry, but didn't have much of an appetite, then we went home. I took a pain pill right after "lunch".
felt really groggy and tired for a lot of the afternoon. I have little pain, 2 of 10. I feel itchy all over, from the pain pills I think, so I took a benedry. The doc called and I said I was good and trying to b patient and not look at them, but he said I I did, and have my first picture. I am not even thinking for one bit that they look anything like they'll end up looking, but I am amazed that they aren't saggy anymore...crazy! Thanks for the well wishes, I'll keep updating.

Day 2

I slept pretty well in our recliner half the night, then propped up in bed for the rest. I feel pretty sore, but not bad considering. I am taking my pills on schedule. I think I am on the right track....still can't believe these boobs are!

Day 2 lots of redness

I feel pretty good. I don't need the pain meds as much....going 6-8 hours between. I do feel like my breasts are redder and bruised more than what I expected. I did shower and it felt risky to not have the bra they are so tight, they could burst! I have feeling in one nipple already, the other is numb.

Day 3

I havnt taken my pain meds since last night, I took one Tylenol after I showered, but I don't have much pain at all. My husband had to go into work I had my 8 yr old at home...and she is pretty helpful, but I found I could handle most house stuff myself. I don't feel like leaving the house yet, and tire out easy. But, I am very very happy with how my chest is looking and what a big difference I can see already!

4th day (only 4?!?!)

I am feeling pretty normal at this point, so it feels like I'm just being lazy when I sit around! We had a beautiful day today and I thought maybe I'll go for a walk, then I remembered why I'm just sitting around all day! It's very worth it, but not easy. I feel like the healing is going well, my bruises are now yellow.

6th day

I don't have much news, just doing the healing process. No pain, though I am very protective around kids and nothing runs into them! They are continuing to be itchy all around where the bruises are healing. I am really happy I did this though. I can't wait to see them as they settle into place. I think Dr. Stoeckel did such a great job, and I can imagine how they will be without the swelling. It feels so nice to not have half my torso hidden under sagging breasts, and I feel taller, thinner, and lighter already. I am looking forward to my one week appt. to see what the doctor thinks of my progress so far.

1week check up...stitches trimmed

My appt. went great. Dr. Stoeckel took the stitches out of my areola's and changed the tape. There are still internal stitches. It hurt a tiny bit, but nothing to complain about. He said they are healing great, the skin is closed, and they won't change all that much...maybe down a 1/2 cup size and shift slightly so the bottom rounds out and the nipples will be centered. I really am just sooooo happy with my new shape, and the way it makes me feel. I can wear clothes I couldn't before, and I don't feel sloppy due to breasts flopping! I worried before that I would miss "my" breasts, and it would be weird to have "new" breasts....but they feel like mine still....just more agreeable! Hubby is kindof scared of them...rightly so, because they aren't really touchable yet, but we are both looking forward to them healing the rest of the way. I go back in 3 more weeks. I'll post weekly updates now since the healing from here is slower.

Side sleeping and softening

I just wanted to update real quick and mention that I'm noticing my breasts are feeling a lot softer, not so swollen now, and last night I was able to sleep on my side. I put a soft balled up sock between my breasts in my compression bra, which seemed to take that little pit of uncomfortable side gravity away.

Almost 3 weeks

I am looking forward to excersising again....I think the 3 week mark is when it all feels like it's getting pretty! I had my cycle last week, and boy, my breasts ached! Now they are feeling mostly good...but more nerve type pain. I am getting feeling back in my right nipple...but it is a sore sensation so far. My left nip has had feeling all along. I am really starting to enjoy the way my clothes are fitting! It's so exciting!

Changed tape, saw what they both looked like without it...

It feels very unprotected at this point when I don't have tape on....I didn't have it off long! Just long enough to take a few healing pics for comparison, then right back on with relief! Lol!

Taking off the tape

I went for my one month appt. everything looked good. I had a few stitches sticking out that he trimmed. He said I could start scar treatment, whatever I choose, or keep doing the tape, or nothing. I thought I'd leave the tape, but he noticed a bit of irritation from today I took it off and am going to use some argon oil. I have some very firm tissues on the bottom of each breast, near the suture line that he said is likely scar tissue. It doesn't hurt, but I just thought I'd mention it. Hope everyone is good!

Figured it was time for an update...

I am just really happy that I did this surgery. I can jog better, I feel better in my clothes, I love the way they look. I feel just about completely normal now, except my areola area is a bit sensitive and my right nipple doesn't have full regular sensations yet. I feel some, so I think it will be normal in time.

7 months in...feeling great

The dog ears are all gone, the scars are red, but I think they're fading and look pretty good. I didn't do any treatment on them. They are soft all over at this point. I still wear a sports bra all the time just because I want them to stay perky a long time :)

Final before and after from the doctor

Dr. Stoeckel Wake Plastic Surgery

Highly recommended practice. I cannot say enough good things about this surgeon. Glad I did my research and my expectations were met and exceeded!

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