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So I had my 2 week pre op appt March 30th! Cant...

So I had my 2 week pre op appt March 30th! Cant believe I am about to get this done. I have been wanting this for a long time. After 3 children my breasts just are not what they use to be. The appointment went well, I just payed off my balance and signed some papers. They took pictures of my breast and gave me prescriptions to fill for after surgery and my post op instructions. So I go in April 13th at 8 in the morning and should be able to go home by 11. This will be my first surgery and I just really pray it goes well. I posted some pictures of my Before, and will try to get on here and post the day of and after pictures.

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!

I go in for surgery tomorrow! I am so nervous! There is a stomach bug going around and I started feeling sick yesterday still do off and on today. Husband thinks its nerves. I'm sure he is right! Please keep me in your prayers!

1 day post op

Surgery went very well. I was in by 9 and on my way home by 10:30. Had some burning when I woke up and that lasted most of the day. Told to sleep sitting up for 4-5 nights. I was up every hour last night, not because of pain but just couldn't sleep. So far I have had very little pain, just mainly nausea. Was even able to shower today so that was nice. My breast are very swollen and I cant wait for them to settle in position. They look so awkward right now. But overall I am very happy! Praying I heal fast and good.

4 days post op

Feeling pretty good. Swelling has went down some. starting to see some yellow light bruising. Been having drainage under the breast, using pantyliner's for that, so my bras don't get icky. I have noticed like a vibrating sensation in both my breast too, not sure what that's from. Cant wait until Thursday for my 1 week checkup.

Day 6 Post op

Called the dr about some drainage I was having from my right breast. I knew that some was ok, but I was having more then I thought was normal. So she asked me to send in a picture of the drainage and remove the tape and send a picture of the incision it was leaking from. Oh My goodness that was so hard, I almost got sick removing the tape. It didn't hurt really, but I was so scared I was going to rip a stitch out. The Nurse was great getting back to me and said it all looked ok. She told me to leave the tape off and wash the area 2x a day. She said she would have Dr Davis take a look the next morning and email me back. She did just that! I love that they are there if you have any concerns and call back when they say they will. They genuinely care about their patients!

1 week check up post op

Today was my one week check up. My drainage has stopped almost completely! Maybe a few spots here and there. Dr Davis took off the tape and replaced my breast with new ones. Told me to keep them on until they come off and then replace with more. (He gave me a roll to take home) He said the tape is great to minimize scaring. He said they were still a bit swollen and I looked like I was healing great :) I will go back in 5 weeks for another check up. What do yall think of them so far?

2 weeks

Yesterday made 2 weeks weeks since I had my surgery. So far I think I have been healing great! However my breast have been extremely sensitive. Not so much the nipple but the whole breast. Almost feel like a sunburn and hurts with the slightest touch. I still have my steri strips on, which the dr told me to leave on until they fall off and then replace more. My nipples have been getting hard here and there, more so my right then my left. Not sure if that means Im out of the woods for necrosis? That is/has been my biggest fear coming into this. I have noticed my left nipple gets alittle bit darker at times then my right, like when I get out of the shower ect. Almost a purple color. Really hard to tell whats going on under the steri strips. What do you all think? Before surgery my nipples use to look purple at times, so maybe Im just being paranoid about everything, but how can you not?

3 weeks :)

Really cant believe it has been 3 weeks already!!! I am so excited about me new look and cant stop taking peeks through out the day haha. The sensitivity I was experiencing last week has went away some. I also feel like I have rounded out/settled a bit more in my right breast, which is nice, because I don't like the flat smushed in look lol. I get so excited with each passing week when I see them changing. I have been trying on clothes that I never could have worn before and getting so excited about bathing suit shopping :)

1 month post op!

1 month already! Feeling great! They are starting to feel like more apart of me. I can sleep on my side now which is a big deal for me! I hate sleeping on my back! Cant wait to sleep on my stomach though. Still noticing my left breast is settling faster then my right. Almost makes it look bigger.? As you can see I still have my tape on. Have been having some itching and flaky skin as well as some red bumps under the tape. Dr says its fine so long as I can stand it. Better to have the tape on for the scars to heal better. So I'm toughing it out! Also noticed a painful bump on the end of my incision under the fold of my left breast. Not sure if that's me spitting a suture. ( I have the dissolvable ones). Haven't contacted the dr yet, just keeping an eye out on it. Other then that they feel great! I go back for a check up the 25th, so I'll probably post and update then.

6 week check up tomorrow

Hey yall. I am feeling great! I have my 6 week check up tomorrow. I have been sleeping on my stomach now with minor discomfort. Took a shower today and decided to take the tape off so I could replace with fresh tape and thought I would share my pictures. So far I am extremely happy. My only concern now is, if my nipples are too high or I have too much lower pole. What do yall think? Its something I will discuss with my dr tomorrow. I will do an update tomorrow as well :)

6 weeks

Had my 6 week checkup yesterday. I was probably in the office for all of 5 minutes! Was told to keep wearing the tape until my next visit in another 6 weeks, where we will have pictures taken then. I was givin the clear to resume All activity and wear underwire. :) excited about that! I didn't mention my concern about too much Lower pole\nipple too high. I figured I would give it more time and bring it up at my next appt. I did go to the store after to look for some cute bras and I'm not a C anymore but a D!! How did that happen??? lol. Needless to say I didn't have time to keep looking so i walked out with nothing :/

9 weeks

Have had a few spitting sutures and they have healed just fine. At the moment I have a sore near my aureola and I'm assuming that is a suture aswell. I will send a picture to my dr just to double check. I am scheduled to be seen again July 6th for pictures. I took all my tape off today to see how it looks and one aureola is bigger as well as that boob. Hoping it evens out? Have a bit of swelling on my right aureola that makes it kinda puffy. I just want them to look the same and I pray they will in time. Patience...grrrr

3 months

I just had my 3 month visit which was also my last visit. They took pictures and sent me on my way. :)

6 months update

Everything has been going GREAT! Have not encountered anymore problems. I do wish they were lifted more as I feel they still hang a bit, but hubby says its because they are big lol (34D). My nipples are very very sensitive, Im really hoping that will ease up as time passes. I do notice at times around my aureola the area gets kinda poofy and it just looks weird. Not sure what that's about, but I'm hoping that goes away too :/
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