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I have my consultation in two days with Dr....

I have my consultation in two days with Dr. Daluvoy who my friend recently had her procedure with. She has rave reviews so I'm excited to meet with him and get started. I've never been measured but I wear a 34B bra yet don't really fill it out. The thing that has really had me self conscious lately is how even with a bra my breast are in my armpits. And laying down? Well you'd think I was a boy. I just turned 30 last month and my children are all school aged so I'm ready to do this for me. Will update through out my journey!

Dream Boobs

Just getting together my dream boob pictures for my consult tomorrow.

Consult Day!

Just got back from meeting with Dr. Daluvoy for my consult. I learned so much sbout my body, like how my BWD is wide and the shape of my breast bone. He was really easy to talk to and was realistic about expectations.

So we decided on 475 cc, Silicone, round, smooth, Inspira implants under the muscle.

My family and I are moving out of state and Dr. Daluvoy's team was so accommodating and I'll be going into surgery in just 13 days! I was worried about getting all my post op appointments in before the move and everything is just falling into place perfectly.

I'm excited for surgery day and seeing the final result!

Here we go!

Tomorrow is the big day. Not really nervous just excited! Will update after the procedure.

Surgery Day!

Got to Dr Daluvoy's office at 0700 this morning. Everything went smoothly and the staff was so sweet. The drive home was 1.5 hrs and I was in so much pain. Got home and took meds and a nap. Woke up and started my period! Perfect timing body. Ugh. So that will be fun during the next couple days.

Supposed to be in this bra 24/7. Haven't peaked yet since I hurt so much. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a good look.

Post Op Day 2

Pain is still the same but manageable. Definitely happy my husband has off work a few days to help me out and the kids are staying with Grandma and Papa.

I think I'm going to end up with very natural looking breast due to the natural shape of my chest and breast already pre-surgery.

Dr. Daluvoy and his team and been great keeping in contact with me and checking up via phone calls. My first in office check up will be on July 6th.

Post Op Day 6

It took about 4-5 days to me to start feeling 'normal' again and able to move around, shower, and get out of bed on my own. Healing of the incisions seems to be going really well. I've come into a new pain though at day 5 which is an intense burning sensation in my right armpit/back of arm when I lay down. I also notice that the side of my right breast is completely numb while my left breast is softer and has all feeling. Hoping this burning lightens up quickly since I am now having to sleep sitting completely up in bed. Has anyone else noticed this type of pain? How long did it take to go away or any tips to relieve it?

9 Days Post Op

Had my first follow up with Dr. Daluvoy yesterday. Took the stitches out and the incisions are healing really good. Still have the intense burning pain so he gave me a prescription for that and some arm exercises to start doing, hopefully that helps. Also I've been put in the dreaded band, definitely not comfortable but if it helps speed the dropping and healing process along then I'll endure. Ha Ha

Post Op Day 14

I know it's way early but I was sick of always wearing the post surgery bra and sports bras so I went and got fitted at VS. I know their sizes run a little small but they measured me at a 34DDD which I was happy about because I've been feeling discouraged thinking they looked too small in clothing.

I'm still having pretty severe nerve pains in my right side and my right breast is numb to the touch. Hoping that's all just swelling symptoms.

Wearing the compression band as often as I can stand. Left side is still riding high but I think it's a little better than a week ago.
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