Removing Saline Implants Under Local at 60.

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At 60 (not sure how that happened!) I've decided...

At 60 (not sure how that happened!) I've decided to get rid of my implants. I'm 5'6" and 135 lbs and tired of looking matronly, so my saline implants under the muscle are out of here. My story is very much the same as many of you lovely ladies. Had silicone implants in 1991 after breast feeding my second child, had an infection in 1995 which led to removal. At the time silicone was not available, so I now have saline. Like a fool I said lets go bigger when I had them redone. When all was said and done I went from a C to a DD with too much upper pole fullness. All these years later, implants are in the same place but the natural breast has slid off (Dr. words) the implant. Not a good look. Wednesday they will removed under local, no drains. They have given my 3 Xanax to take the night before and the morning of if I need them. I may post some pics at some point but need to figure out how first!

Before pics

This is the day before.

Before Pictures

Sorry can't figure out how to rotate them.

They are out!!

Surgery went well, arrived at 10:45 had pictures taken then straight to surgery. Numbing injections did sting a bit but not terrible at all. Right side came right out, left was more of a struggle but it came out with some tugging, didn't hurt just felt weird. Got dressed and I was on my way. Went to lunch with hubby and went home. By 4:40 the incision area started to sting and hurt, nothing really bad but definitely annoying. Tylenol is helping, and have be putting some ice on the incisions and it helps too. Best description of the pain is an underwire bra that is too tight.

Now the results, I definitely have a concave area where the implants were sitting. The breast tissue looks pretty good, just hoping the upper area fills in a little.
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