Breastfed 5 Kiddos, Fit Mom, Wanting to Restore Breast - Raleigh, NC

I'm so excited and nervous to begin this journey. ...

I'm so excited and nervous to begin this journey. I have wanted breast since I can remember. I have always had a petite frame with small breasts, except while pregnant. I am nervous about going under, as this is my first ever surgery. I have the mom guilt of "what if" I leave 5 kids behind, or this is money I could spend on them- but I equally feel that I deserve this. I love my babies but not what they have done to my body. I told my oldest that I am grateful for 5 healthy kids and would never change that, but that I am having surgery to restore things back to the way they were before having kids....and improve; let's be honest lol- but being a mom of 4 girls is still important to me to teach them to have a healthy sense of esteem and be proud of themselves.

So- with that said..I am 5'4", 115 pounds and currently a 34A. I am seeing a board certified plastic surgeon and we discussed 450HP silicone gel under the muscle. Surgery is December 1st- so coming up!

Today is the day!

Whelp! Today is the day- surgery at 8am and I'm wide awake at 5...starving lol and I know it's only because they told me I can eat or drink past midnight. I have been so nervous leading up to this point but it's starting to turn into excitement. I'd like to already be on the other side of "boobie land" lol. I feel like I am ready though- as ready as I will ever be. I have my meds, which I am still nervous about taking Percocet...but I will deal with that after the surgery; I have my front hook bra, easy on-off comfy clothes and slippers. I have snacks in the hotel so that I can have food in my tummy...and I have a great mom who has come to help me!
So send good vibes and or prayers and I'll catch ya on the flip side!

On the other side in boobie land!

Got to the surgical site and forgot my paperwork but they were super kind and reprinted it all for me to sign. Then I was taken back to change , take pictures, marked up, and weighed. The nurses were very kind and comforting- I had been SO nervous but by the time I was getting an IV in I was excited! So far I feel great! I ended up having an alergey to Percocet so I'm switching to Tylenol3. Other then the itchiness I feel good! Hoping for a speedy recover:) My doctor ended up placing 475cc- in happy with that!

Day 1 Post Op

Today the discomfort has increased but still manageable with Tylenol 3. I am have a little more pain in my left breast. Now that I am less drowsy I'll go over my experience yesterday. My doctor and his staff were amazing! The NYSE met with me when over details with me and had me change into a gown. After my blood pressure was taken and heartbeat I met with the nurse anesthetist- let me just say he was perfect! I told him I get motion sickness very easily and he totally took care of me and gave me finigrin through the IV (BTW I took EMend 30 Min before arrival for nausea and vomiting as well) after I spoke with the ansethetist I walked back to the OR and laid down on a heated table and they got me comfy and placed an IV. They were distracting me with questions and before I knew it I woke up in the recovery room feeling great. I really felt cared for and I went back to the hotel within an hour of waking up. My nervousness with Percocet ended up being valid- I had a minor allergic reaction and became itchy head to toe, took Benadryl and switched to Tylenol 3- which I like so much better because it takes the edge off but I'm coherent lol. I was definitely in a sleepily state and saying some off the wall things. I took the bra off today for a quick peek- I hope they end up a little bigger..I am slightly worried that once the swelling goes down I'll be disappointed. But in all honesty anything bigger then I was will be a big improvement.

1 week post op

Well I've made it through the week! Implants are still high and tight! I have noticed some swelling subside. I have been off pain meds for a few days only taking them at night to help relax and not wake up so sore. My back is hurting and I feel like my shoulders are being pulled forward because my chest is so tight- I assume that will go away with time. I'm doing my best to take it easy but with 5 kids it's not easy lol. I've been blessed with help and haven't had to lift kids yet so that's good! Saw my PS yesterday and he said things are coming along nicely. The slight dent on the inside of my left breast should correct itself with time. So patience is key I guess! The tape was removed and I'm pretty happy with my incisions. One more week and I'll start putting some Scare cream on there. Whelp until next week let's hope that the discomfort will continue to get better and these boobie start to drop :)
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