39 Y/o 5'7" 140lbs 405cc smooth round moderate natrelle inspira, finally got my boobs! :) - Raleigh, NC

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I have never been happy with the size of my...

I have never been happy with the size of my breasts, and then I had kids (2) and little did I know those engorged monsters would soon turn into skin flaps with nipples(heehee). Ok to be fair...as long as I carried a certain amount of weight they were fine, but in order to have acceptable breasts, I had to be out of shape and over weight...that is not at all what I want out of my life or my body(at this point anyway, maybe later when I'm over my midlife crisis). I started working out very regularly doing both cardio as well as heavy weight lifting and dropped a lot of weight fairly quickly...and of course in the process developed those ever so dreaded skin flaps with nipples. So finally, I was financially able to jump on it and just do it(get the boobies). I knew what I wanted mine to look like and needed the doctor to lead me through the rest. I was referred to my surgeon by a very good friend of mine and he was highly sought after in this field as well as recognized by his fellow doctors. So in I dove! Went in for my consult, he recommended subglandular(over the muscle) due to my upper body activity and weightlifting. After a vectra 3-d imaging, and several conversations with my surgeons nurse(who was amazing) I decided on 405cc smooth round moderate(srm) silicone. At the end of my consult I set up my preop and surgery dates...and to my surprise I was able to get in and get it done quickly (I need to heal before the yard starts calling me out to work in it 10hours a day :) I scheduled my preop the next week and the surgery just days after that. I was ecstatic....sooooo excited....that is until the night before, when I went into full on panic mode...I'm not even kidding folks, I almost puked, came so close to cancelling, but went on to sleep and the next morning in the wee hours we were on our way to get those boobies! Of note...I freak out after anesthesia almost every time, and I warned everyone one of this so It wouldn't be held against me for how bat shit crazy I might act lol, and I also vomit after sedatives let alone anesthesia, I also warned them and my ride about that! So I get there, get right back in the room, explain again how weird I react to everything, and revisit the fact that I cannot take opiod pain meds or any heavy medication whatsoever without it nearly killing me(yay me, painnnnn) ugh. They strap me to the table and next thing I know I'm waking up...and not freaking out, and not puking, and not dying from the pain! Yayyyyyyyyy(for everybody involved)!!!

Day 2

Second day was a breeze, didn't need pain meds, really no pain just very uncomfortable feeling as if rocks were shoved under the skin, so tight, but definitely bearable! Still no nausea, no real pain. I was able to cook and get back to moving around, I was just simply tired a lot and prone to falling asleep the second I sat down and got comfortable...all in all very happy! Just a little concerned with how high the implants are sitting on my chest given that they are over the muscle.

Day 4

Ok so up until this day, I felt as though I had come out unscathed, untillllllllll....constipation!!! Ok so I had not had a bowel movement since the day of my surgery. I had been eating a lot of high fiber foods as usual, but my bowels just weren't moving, and up
Until this day, I really didn't give it much thought (except how incredibly bloated I was) it was day two, I think, that I started taking stool softeners, then day three took a stool softener with laxative, day four still nothing but now the laxative has made my bowels move again and it shifted it all downward...time to evacuate....so I thought. To make a long story short unbelievable amounts of pressure and nothing would work. Tried everything and in the end after an enema was able to go. The pain from the constipation was a thousand times worse than the ba surgery, and I didn't even take opioids. My suggestion, start the stool softener prior to surgery, and continue everyday after, oh and water!!!!

Day 5...my butt hurts my boobs are high but it's all good lol

So thankful get to lay down tonight, in leiu of laying upright in a recliner! Boobs still feel tight and heavy and as if they are creeping up my chest, which I understand is normal for under the muscle implants but not too sure if it's all that normal for over the muscle...something to ask at my post-op tomorrow! Won't let me update photos will update them later

Day 4 pics

Day 4 pics, I can't see much of a difference, but it's still early to be seeing much of one, and in this day I got my first bruises.

First post-op appointment!

I am more and more in love with my surgeon, and his staff with every visit! Everything went great and to top it off I was walked next door to the spa owned by my surgeon to consult about my free Botox as a thank you for getting my surgery done at their practice. Much to my surprise I was given a certificate for a friend to get a full face Botox treatment as well! I love free stuff, and I love curtious, friendly, and personable staff, this place takes the cake!!! I'm a happy girl, and so is my best friend :)

What a difference two weeks makes

Holy moly they have done some changing! Didn't realize till I put the first day and the two week pics next to each other. Excited to see what the next few weeks have in store for me!!

Almost four weeks post op

I thought I would give a little update.... I have had no real issues to speak of thank god! But some minor irritations only. My tape finally fell off my incisions and I was a bit taken aback, they were raised but not red, I didn't freak out cause like with anything that has to do with BA time will tell. Within a week of them falling off I noticed that they became less raised and sore, but was happy to see the swelling go down. My breast have been really sensitive almost like a bad sunburn would feel like, they don't like clothes rubbing against them that's for sure. And yesterday after the crease areas bothered me all day I took a closer look and it appears that I have the mondor chords thing?(clinical I know lol) I'm not concerned given that I was able to read up on it and find out what it is caused by and that it will resolve on its own...with time. Still loving my breast, I don't think I could have picked a better size for me, they are still moderate enough to camouflage in clothes but when I want to show them off they are WOW, and naked they are WOW(now if I could say the same about my 39year old butt) ???? I'm really grateful for this site so I am not bothering my surgeon unnecessarily about things I needn't be worried about, but this site has also lent toward some fears in respect to Botox lol. My surgeons office gives free Botox for BA patients, and after seeing some of the horror stories on here I am terrified! Ugh! But with everything there is a good and bad side so still grateful!

12 weeks...last ps appointment before and afters

Ok so it's been 12 weeks and I could not be happier ecspecially after seeing the before and afters! Holy wow!! Please excuse the horrible belly in the pics lol!

One year later and still so very happy!!

Have not regretted my decision at all!!! In love with my boobs!!
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