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I have decided to invest in myself. I've never...

I have decided to invest in myself. I've never been particularly unhappy with my boobs. But I've never thought of them as something to be proud of. They are just sort of... there. I've had BA on my mind for a year or so. I recently got married and the subject came up. After realizing how supportive my husband was of the procedure, I gained enough confidence to look into it. I had a consultation about an hour and a half away in Raleigh, NC. My husband was able to come with. I know most women get several, but we felt so comfortable at this office and confident that Dr. Davis knew what he was doing (25 years of experience!) that I booked my surgery that day, pending my work schedule changes.
I work as a bedside nurse, 3 twelve hour shifts a week, and can schedule myself 6 days off at a time while remaining full time. Hopefully that'll be enough. I don't have paid time off and the unit is so short staffed right now that they'd probably kill me if I asked for a month off. But I've let the girls at work know when and what I'm doing and they've agreed to help me with anything too physical.
Anyway, after my consult I knew I wanted silicone over the muscle (which is supposed to be better for crosstrainers and upper body work outs, which I've started getting into. Side note- I'd like to lose ~15-20lbs and I've discovered a great routine I've been following for a couple months. Maybe I should have waited for BA after I lost the weight I wanted, but I couldn't wait!). He said he only recommended under the muscle for women with small frames and who needed the extra concealment of the implant. I'm more broad shouldered/chested (band size is 38) but my cup size is a B or small C now. Definitely not proportional. So, that's where Dr. Davis comes in ;)
The size is what I am having the hardest time figuring out. Most of the reviews on here have smaller framed women. I'd like to get myself to a full D. I'm considering 390-420 moderate profile now. My prep is tomorrow so hopefully I'll know more then. But the all important question- is that too big or too small? Not enough profile? I've attached some pics of wish boobs, me now, and vectors 3D scan pics from my consultation. Any advice/experience/words of encouragement are welcome :D

Pre op today!

Going in, these are my wish boobs and 3D vectors scans to simulate post implant size. I hope they are labeled correctly. The size is in the lower left hand of the extra pics. I have my appointment later so we will see what they say.

Pre op success!

I feel very confident about my implant size since going to my pre op appointment. I tried the 421 and 397 mod + profile implants in a sports bra and in a VS lounger bra (no padding or underwire). I'm loving the looks of both. Dr. Davis will go with whatever I choose and is giving me minimal input on sizing suggestions. I'll take that as a sign that I've picked something very do-able for my size. So I told him likely the 421cc. 16 days to go!!

Arnica tablets

Just wondering where everyone has been getting the Arnica tablets from? I was interested in getting some for after surgery (Sept 24th!). Also, any other recommendations for after to help with swelling?

3 days til BA!!

I'm so excited! I hope these next 3 nights go Quick. I'm working Mon Tues Wed night, get off Thursday morning at 7:30am and get my BA Thursday at 11:00am!! I work 12 hour night shifts so I hope work will keep me busy and go by quick.

My new boobies :D

Today was surgery day! I'll post more tomorrow but couldn't help myself share a few pics. Got Silicone Textuted round 435cc subgladular (above the muscle).

More detail about surgery day

So I was feeling pretty sleepy yesterday so I didn't get a chance to talk about the surgery. So here I go today :)
My husband and I waited in the waiting room til I went back. The nurse took me back, verified what procedure and implant type I was getting. Then the CRNA talked to me. Then Dr. Davis came in and marked me up. Went potty. Then got up on the OR table. CRNA talked to me to help me relax while Dr. Davis put monitoring stickers and leg sqeezers on (helps prevent blood clots). I was very impressed by this since I'm a nurse and I've NEVER seen a doctor, much less a surgeon, help in the prep of the patient. Anyway, I remember the CRNA putting my IV in, and said she pushed meds to help me relax. And I did more than relax, I went to sleep lol.

I woke up to my nurse talking to me, asking if I wanted pain meds. I said the pain wasn't bad, but being a nurse I knew to take the meds ASAP to prevent having to "catch up" to the pain later. And boy I'm glad she did. Within 5 mins the pain had really increased. It's about this time she went and got my husband. I remember having my eyes closed for a lot of this. It was tough to keep them open and they weren't quite focused anyway. Somehow I got to the wheelchair and to the car, but I don't remember all of it. Just bits and pieces. Then, in the car, I slept most of the 1.5 hour trip home. At one point, hubby stopped at a convenience store so I could eat ice cream (my favorite) to soothe my soar throat.

Once home I'm pretty sure I went straight to bed. I remember hubby coming in periodically to give me pain meds and to tell me stuff (I'm taking the dog for a walk, I'm going to run a few errands, etc.). For the day of surgery, I took two Percocets every 4 hours, even though the bottle says every six. This morning I started taking 1 every six, with ibuprofen in between. I also took anti nausea med with percocets, even though I was never nauseous. Just more as a preventative measure.

I can honestly say I haven't had any real pain since right out of surgery. Just soreness. Ice also helps if it's not time to take a pain med. The soreness last night was mostly in my arms, today its in my nipple area. My arms feel like I did about 100 pushups the day before.

I'll update more later.

More post op photos

So I've really been sticking with a schedule for Percocet every 6 hours and ibuprofen and ice every six hours. It's offset so every three hours I'm doing something. I think that has helped to reduce the swelling. Here are my post op day one and two photos.

Day 3 post op

Woke up this morning to some tightness and pulling feeling. I wonder if that's what is called "morning boob?" Anyway, it was time for a pain pill so I just took that, waited a few minutes, and hopped into the shower.
It's still pretty surreal that these are my boobs now. They are still pretty swollen but are starting to soften up, especially on the sides. They are still mostly numb so it's a weird experience soaping them up in the shower. I can't wait till they feel like they are mine. I'm sure it'll come in time. Well, mess making me sleepy. Check out these post op day 3 photos.

Day 6 Post Op visit

Went to my first post-op visit today. Dr. Davis kept it short and sweet. Said everything looks good, now I can start massaging them down and in. Showed me two different massages to do several times a day. Said you can't over massage.
Other than that, my recovery has been mostly me feeling super tired (Dr. Davis said that is normal) and I have a near constant tightness/ache in my chest. Nothing too terrible, but Tylenol or Advil really doesn't help me. I do have several Percocet left from my original prescription that I've been using at night, when the ache is the worst, before I go to bed. One pill completely takes away the discomfort. Dr. Davis also gave me the go ahead to stretch however feels good, so I think that will help too.
Not posting any new pics just because I don't think much has changed. I'll try to get a 7 day post op tomorrow and post.

Post op day 7

They're looking great!! Still sore, especially when doing my massages. But the ends justify the means.

Post op Day 12

Post op day 12

So, 12 days after surgery I don't feel nearly as achy. I haven't used a Percocet in days. I used to get a weird pressure sensation in my chest with coughing and sneezing, but even that has subsided. They are still tender to the touch with massages, and I'm still numb in my cleavage area and hyper sensitive in my nipples (but not areolas).

I survived my two shifts as a bedside nurse on post op day 8 and 9. I actually felt pretty normal, not tired at all. Although at the time my boobs were super achy still, I didn't need a Percocet when I came home. Ice, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen seemed to do the trick. So there's that. I'm moving up in the world. Although, I did find out I'm not supposed to work with any restrictions (I told them I couldn't lift more than 10lbs for two weeks, which is sort of inaccurate. My surgeon told me to progress my activity as I see fit, but I thought pushing and pulling on adult patients within two weeks of BA was a little much, so I told them doc had said it). So, I illegally worked two shifts, and got cancelled on the shift I'm supposed to work today. I'll go back on post op day 14, which is this Thursday, and do a shift Thursday and Friday. I should be fine then.

I've been sort of tapering off my massages. I was originally told by my PS to massage 5-6 times per day, and that I couldn't over massage. But after a little research of my own, I found that it's really not recommended to massage textured implants since it interferes with the textured surface Velcro adhesion action that makes them so special. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten smooth. I chose textured at my original consultation, and my PS never said anything again until 5 minutes before surgery. He asked why exactly I wanted textured. The first thing that came to mind was that they had a lower incidence of CC. He said he didn't really believe there was enough evidence to support that, but if I wanted textured implants then he would put them in. Then he left. I had just gotten off a 12 hour shift, and drove 1.5 hours to his office, so I was a bit tired. I wish I would have talked to him a little more about it then. But hindsight is 20/20, and I've got what I've got. I don't dislike that I have textured, but it makes me worry that if I do massage like the PS suggested, I'll ruin the Velcro action of the textured surface. Or if I don't massage them like the surgeon suggested, my implants wont drop into the pocket properly. I know I should call and ask my PS if he is sure I can massage them. I guess I'll do that. I just don't want him thinking I'm second guessing his advice, and then him get irritated.

My steri-strips are hanging on strong. PS says to let them fall off. I've ordered my silicone scar sheets off amazon, and they've arrived, so I'm eager to start using them. Fall off steri-strips! I'm also eager to see the incisions themselves. They are tender and sore when I touch them, or if I've been wearing a bra that has been lying on them for quite some time. I find that sometimes it's just best to switch bras midday; I have yet to find one that is comfortable all day long.

Speaking of bras, I read a doctor answered question on RS that suggested using sports bras with built in cups after BA, instead of standard sports bras that are just tight and smoosh everything. I guess the thought is that the sports bras with built in cups support the bottom and sides of the breast, which is very important after BA, instead of just squishing everything. Although, if you haven't had a BA, then squishing everything is best. So, I went to VS and bought the VSX bra (the one recommended by this particular surgeon). Gotta say, I really like it. I feel very supported in it. However, I noticed when I started taking my update pics, that my right boob is sort of less round, almost flat on the right side. I'm not sure if this is from the VSX bra or from sleeping on my right side (my PS said sleep however I feel most comfortable). I've switched bras and even after 10 minutes, it seems to be fluffing back out, for lack of better terminology lol. So, maybe no extended wear for the VSX bra. At least until I'm healed completely. Has anyone else had experiences with flattened boobs? Did yours fluff back out once you identified the culprit?

Well, this was a book and a half's worth of update :) But I had quite a bit to get off my chest.

Nearly Three Weeks

So, doing good 3 weeks out. They are softening up (yay!) and feel like real boob tissue. Still have numbness in the right nipple and cleavage area and my left nipple is still pretty sensitive, although not nearly as bad as it had been right after surgery.
I think the girls look great! I wouldn't mind them fluffing a bit more, but I don't think they need much more dropping. I can feel when I do my massages where the top of the implant is and it has definitely moved south.
Hubby has been reluctant to be "hands on" with them for fear of hurting me, but in the last couple of days I have really been encouraging him. And he loves them. Even gets caught off guard every once in a while, like when I get out of the shower or wear a cami.
I've gone shopping for a few new v neck shirts as well. Very exciting. I need to lose more tummy to get the look I REALLY want, but I'm getting there. I feel like the new boobs will give me more motivation to eat right and exercise, when I can exercise anyway. So far I've only walked on the treadmill on an incline once since surgery. It felt great. I just haven't found time to do it again.
Anyway, what do you RS girls think?

One month post op

One month after my procedure, I see why women say they wish they had gone bigger because of the reduction in swelling. When I was immediately post op, I saw the significant swelling and thought they were too big. But I didn't panic because I knew they would go down. . Then the first two weeks a lot of the swelling had subsided and I thought, "these girls are still huge, but I like them and they are manageable." I thought all of my swelling had gone down until this last week, when I noticed they had gotten even smaller. I still like them, and right now I don't wish I had gone bigger. These seem to be just right. But I hope that's it for the swelling :) I don't want to lose any more boob!
My nipples aren't quite right yet, but they aren't painful. Just... Uncomfortable when touched. And the general ache and soreness has finally gone away. If they accidentally get bumped, I don't jump anymore. Also, I've accidentally rolled onto them (reaching for things while lying down) and that doesn't hurt either, but it doesn't feel quite right. I can feel the implants and am very aware of them.
Other than that, everything is good. Although I do need to find a better sports bra. My VS is great for working in and running errands in, but I found that if I actually run or jog, it is too lose in the straps to hold the girls in place. And they can't tolerate that much bouncing yet.
I realize I am only four weeks out, but I wonder if these textured babies will drop and fluff more.

Two months

Loving my new boobs more and more every day. They are really starting to round out in the bottom. I've started using coco butter again because I see the beginnings of stretch marks :/
I've got the ok from my PS to wear anything I want now, but I haven't had time to really go shopping. I have had time to go running and I've found that unless there is zero bounce, it is uncomfortable and I think I can feel the implant bouncing so I've gotten one sports bra from target that seems to do the job. The only problem is that it takes a good 5 minutes to put it on/ make it off because it's not adjustable. Anyone else find a good sports bra for high impact? I have a VS sports bra, but not good enough for running. This definitely wasn't something I had considered a potential problem before surgery.
Incisions are healing nicely. Still mostly numb inside my cleavage, on my bottom of breasts v

6 months post op, after stretch marks at 2.5 months post op

The time has flown by and yet I feel like these have been mine my whole life. I love how I look in tops and dresses. But I've been a bit reluctant to post updates because I got stretch marks pretty bad. They are starting to fade, and I know that would be super helpful for ladies to see updates on, but it depressed me to s point and I couldn't bring myself to take pictures of them. However, in the spirit of the 6 month review, I've posted pictures from different angles. Apparently stretch marks are super uncommon. I had asked my surgeon preop about coco butter and he said basically no one gets stretch marks, coco butter does nothing for stretch marks, and that I could use the lotion if I cleaned but he didn't see any reason to.
I didn't actually get them til 2 weeks after my last review. I went to my surgeon for my 3month follow up and he was baffled. Said he didn't know how or why I got them and again, didn't recommend using lotions or oils. Just said they'd heal in time. And they have. To be honest, I'm not a fan of anything rubbing on them to begin with, as they're still sensitive and weird. Feels sort of like touching a leg that fell asleep and is starting to get feeling back.
Anyway, I was keeping this review short and sweet.


So I am almost a year out. Here's what I think:

The Good- I love the way My chest looks naked, in a bra, or in clothes. The scars are hardly noticeable and the stretch marks are vanishing. I think I've got a very natural look. I definitely have more confidence in myself.

The Bad- I still don't have sensation back everywhere. I think my right boob has settled lower than the left, although it's not visibly noticeable, I feel my Right has a weird pulling sensation when I am not wearing a bra and when I lift my R arm up above my head. I can feel the implants with certain arm positions, although I don't think it's noticeable to anyone else. It takes a bit longer to get comfortable when side lying or lying on my tummy.

Neither good nor bad- I find the most comfortable bras are sports bras and rarely wear anything else. I also like to wear a light sports bra to bed. Chiropractor cannot adjust my upper back with me lying face down on the table (he still does my adjustment, but in a different way).

Overall, I would still do it again. In a year, I almost have the surgery paid off as well by working extra. I would be one of the rare people that would say I would have gone SLIGHTLY smaller. But I stand by my textured silicone and over the muscle placement.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

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