I DID IT!!! Day 2 and I'm actually feeling better than I expected!

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It has been a LONG TIME Coming and I have finally...

It has been a LONG TIME Coming and I have finally decided to start tracking my BBL journey with the rest of the ladies involved in this sisterhood now that I’ve officially made the decision to move forward and SCHEDULED MY DATE! Yaaayyyyyyy, I am TOO EXCITED! I have been following a lot of you ladies through your surgeries and recoveries on this site to get all the information that I can on this procedure because I want to learn the good and the bad that everyone has experienced! I am a wife and mother and I’ve never once complained about the sacrifice I make on a daily with putting myself on the back-burner while making sure my family is well taken care of and happy… BUT NOW, I’m ready to do something for me that will make ME happy! For the majority of my life I’ve been unhappy with being too thin. I’ve always had big boobs and hips but a small butt. As I got older, I finally started to gain weight and the curves were enough to have my confidence level through the roof, LOL… my butt didn’t get huge but it was a cute, perky, round butt that fit well with the rest of my body… then like a lot of you ladies on here, I HAD KIDS!!!... the greatest thing in the world that could have happened to me and my life, but NOT THE GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN TO MY BODY! Too thick of a waistline and dents and sagging in my butt... LMBO. I started researching this surgery and going to consultations because I no longer felt confident with my body. Not only did I not like my naked self, but I didn’t like how my clothes fit either… Getting dressed to go out with my husband takes hours now and multiple outfit changes because I dont feel good in anything I wear… I didn’t like how anything fit and my self esteem just really took a hit! My husband loves me just the way I am but he knows that im unhappy and want to do anything it takes to get me back to the confident woman that he met and married. This BBL will be phase 1 of my “mommy makeover” and phase 2 will be a breast lift (no implant). For years I wanted a breast reduction but couldn’t get it approved by my insurance as medically necessary and didn’t have the $$ when I was younger, but now thanks to having kids I no longer need a reduction because that happened naturally… Now im happy with the volume I have and all I need is for these puppies to be LIFTED!

My hubby is the only one that knows right now about me having this done and has been a great support system for me and was surprisingly ok with spending the money to have this done. I think every day he comes home from work I have some new information for him that I learned on this site… lol… I told him I’ve become “borderline obsessed” with reading the stories on here and looking at before/after pics. But his listening ear has been the greatest!!!...After 4 consultations over the past year, I finally chose a doctor and scheduled my date. This will probably be the longest 3 months of my life but I really do need all of this time to get to the weight I want pre-surgery and to prepare mentally and physically. I am 5’6” and about 151 lbs and I am trying to at least get to 165 lbs before the surgery (170 would be even better!).

Dr. Morea was great! He was very respectful and helped me have my mind set on realistic goals for my body size and the amount of fat we're working with, which is not much. He's estimating about 400 cc's per cheek right now for the amount of fat that i have and told me that gaining weight before the procedure definitely can't hurt because the more fat he has to work with the better. (I will post pics soon). Although i carry a lot of fat in my thighs, I told him I dont want them lipo'd because i'm happy with them just as they are. So he's going to get as much fat as he can from my abdomen, flanks, posterior flanks, and back. So I plan on gaining as much as I can in these 3 months and I know that it will be difficult. Right now im drining a Boost VHC in the morning and another before bed and trying to eat as much as i can.

I look forward to meeting new BBL sister’s from everywhere and I appreciate all advice and information given. I will continue to check-in and update as the days lead up to my NEW BOOTY date… :-)

I haven't been on here for a while so I thought...

I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I'd come on to check in!... I have just been so focused on gaining weight! The Boost VHC drinks have really been helping, I'm now up to 156 lbs. I'll prob start shopping for things I'll need post op, after the holidays. Dr. Morea says he doesn't want me to wear the full garment post op, he doesn't want any kind of compression on my butt so he'll give me the compression garment for just my mid section and want me to wear something like a biker short on my bottom... I was happy to hear that! Did anyone else on here go without a full garment after surgery?

ONLY 2 wks away and I am anxious, nervous, scared,...

ONLY 2 wks away and I am anxious, nervous, scared, excited... All at once! I had my medical history interview with the anesthesiologist and I should receive my packet of information and prescriptions in the mail in a couple days! Yaaaaay! I'm still trying to gain weight these last couple of weeks and its getting harder and harder. I'm at 159 lbs now. The problem is, a lot of my weight goes to my hips and thighs and very little goes to the areas I'm having lipo'd. Other than trying to gain weight, these last couple was will be grocery and supplies shopping for things I'll need post op. I won't be wearing a full compression garment. The Dr will give me a compression garment for my mid section (lipo'd area) and he want me to purchase a light compression, like running/biking short to wear on my bottom. All the stories and after pics I've seen on here shoes everybody in a full compression garment so I was a little worried about not having one, but I've gotten over that and will just trust the Dr. I'm really excited about my potentially BANGIN body and will keep u all updated! I'll also post more before pics soon...

I never imagined this day would come and it's...

I never imagined this day would come and it's basically already here in less than an hour! I have never had any kind of surgery so the thought of being put under has my stomach in knots! I'm extremely tired, my eyes are burning but my racing mind just won't allow me to rest.. Please pray for my safe and successful surgery!

Hey Ladies! I made it thank God! I showed up at...

Hey Ladies! I made it thank God! I showed up at the surgical center at about 8 and was on the table by 8:30. Dr. Morea's head nurse and nurse anesthetist were awesome! The most nervous part for me was being put under because I had never been thru surgery before but they made me feel completely comfortable and had taken a lot of the fear from me. The last thing I remembered was havin a conversation with the nurses about my kids and the next thing I knew, about 3 to 4 hours later I was waking up in the recovery room. The doctor was able to get 2000 cc's of fat from me but I can't remember how much of that was injected into my butt. The most painful part of my day 1 was that first move from the recovery bed to be dressed and put into the wheelchair. That was the worst because my entire body felt heavy as bricks. As soon as I got to bed I ate a few crackers and drank 7up and slept for about 2 hours. Then I woke up and took my first dose of pain meds. I drank a lot of water, 7up, and Gatorade. And later in the evening had a yogurt smoothie and half a can of soup to take the first dose of antibiotics. I was taking in a lot of fluids but couldn't use the bathroom until about 11 that night then after that I was up about every hour to go so my sleep was constantly interrupted. It took me awhile to get used to the funnel because my mind just couldn't let me pee standing up... But now I'm pretty much a pro at it!
Today is day 2 and I'm doing pretty good.. I'm taking my pain meds every 3 to 4 hours and still only sleeping about an hour or 2 at a time. I had a little bit of eggs and potatoes for breakfast and had a little soup for lunch and have added pineapple juice to my fluid intake but it gives me crazy heartburn so I don't kno how much more I can take of that. I'm starting to regain my appetite so I'm going to try to have something a bit more filling for dinner... And NOW I kno u all want to kno what it looks like?!?!?.. I have a lot of foam padding everywhere under my garments and I haven't taken my first shower yet so it's kinda hard to tell but it looks and feel like its exactly what I needed for a natural look. I didn't want to be huge I just wanted to add that backside curve with a little poke to these hips, thighs, and boobs that I have.. LMBO .. I just hope and pray it turns out to be what I had in mind... But as of now NO MORE Fredericks of Hollywood padded boy short underwear for me!!! Yaaaayyyy!.. I'll post picks as soon as possible when I remove all of this padding! And thanks to the ladies who prayed for my safe and successful surgery!
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I chose Dr. Morea because he was very open and honest at my consultation. He didnt try to sell me any "dreams" which I really respected. He helped me set my mind on realistic goals. His staff was the GREATEST on surgery day!

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