Botox Headaches! - Raleigh, NC

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I got Boxtox 25 units for brow lines and 9 units...

I got Boxtox 25 units for brow lines and 9 units on the upper lip on Wednesday December 1, 2010 at the Blue Water Spa...ever since-- I have had headaches. I got a headache the day after...It has progressively gotten worse..I have a sinus pressure like I've never had before. I don't get headache's this is why I know at it is from the Botox...I have taken allergy meds for pressure and ibprofen...nothing seems to help..It's been 8 days and all I have to show for it is headache's. I can see where my lines have faded only slightly..Hope that improves along with the headaches disappearing. I have found a website that have all these ladies with headaches that are being ignored... Please advise!....worth it...or not worth it is still out... Dr. L can you help!

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NOT SURE--did see the Doctor

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