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Ok so I'm scheduled for a adominoplasty (Tummy...

Ok so I'm scheduled for a adominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) on 06/28/16. I don't know how to feel really because everyone in my family had the exact same belly. Both men and women. I'm happy with the rest of my body (boobs and thighs/butt) I just want the mid section reduced. I feel like my doctor is apprehensive because she thinks it's not what I want .... I keep feeling her I want a ass like a horse and waist like a wasp.... My daddy's daying for the perfect woman.
Anyway I keep getting a lot of negative comments about the pain and recovery time. Mostly I get you just need to exercise and eat right. Well I hit the gym everyday and eat right even saw a nutritionist everywhere for 6 months, I was constantly hungry on 1200 calories and felt terrible. When I loss a bunch of weight my boobs and butt go down and the floppy belly remains. Every trainer tells me... Well you can decide where to loss fat or spot reduce. At this point I'm just ready to get it over with.

Shopping list

Found a fellow tummy tucker and she made an Awesome list!!! I was a able to get most items at the dollar store or family dollar. Going to the grocery tomorrow to make my own soups due to the sodium.


Getting ready.

I'm on a 10 day count down

I'm continuing to work out bc my doc wants my BMI to be a little lower. She had concerns and plans to give me an anticoagulant. I've never heard anyone mention this but I have time to research it. Meantime hitting the gym. My main concern is the upper abdomen area flattening out. I'm also getting lipo on the flanks so back fat shouldn't be an isssue.

Day 9 of countdown til surgery

Side view laying down. 9 more days. Had a long talk with my boyfriend, he just wants me to do what makes me happy. As the big day approaches I'm feeling nervous mostly about the pain and that huge scar. I'm scared that something will go wrong or that I've made the wrong decision.

Day 8

At work wrapping up a few loose ends. Kinda worried because surgery is next week and my leave starts Friday but has yet to be approved. We use a 3rd party vendor so my supervisor had not idea. I'm worried cosmetic surgery is not covered by FMLA, not sure. I need to hit the gym and lift weights this afternoon. Thinking about getting a toilet lift and a shower chair ... Not sure.

7 more days !!!

I can't believe it .... Only one week to go! Just go off the phone with my office nurse because I had some last minute questions. Clearing up all last minute items at work. Forgot I was allergic to adhesives... Last time I had the EKG pads had to deal with the burns for months. She says there is nothing they can do about the pads but they will not put tape on my incision. I also get very nauseous from anesthesia so they will give me a patch. It's the little things that make a big difference.

6 days to go !!!

It's harder than I expected getting my house in order. Work is also piling up, I thought I would do less work not more. So far I've got 7 dinners cooked. I want to cook and not buy prepared foods because of the sodium content. Anyway I'll have to cook every day from here on out.

5 days before surgery

Ok so I'm not posting anymore selfies until after. I'm pretty much ready. I for a shower seat today and safety rail for the toilet just in case. I'm totally clumsy and broke my door running into the wall once. I've read that some people use walkers after surgery, however I cal my doctors office and she said they prefer that I walk on my own hunched over just a little straighter everyday. I got a cane just in case because again I'm uncoordinated at times. I've been to urgent care so many times they know me before checking the chart????.

4 days to go...

I'm exhausted but finally finished up at work. Few notes to tie up over the weekend but nothing major. I've lost 8 pounds in the past 10 days just keeping busy and lifting weights at the gym. Decided to skip the cardio all together, but man do I miss winning those fit bit challenges. Lol! The weekend will fly by so I'm all prep from here on out til Tuesday!

Morning of Surgery

I'm here, I'm prepped and about to get it done !! I abandoned my countdown because I had a accident and hurt my knee. That's a story for another day. However after many nights/days of prayer and more than a few road blocks I'm here !!!!! Let's go!

Post Surgery

Hey Dolls, Just letting you know I'm out of surgery and my pain is about a 10. The actual incision itself is not painful but the ab tightening in horrible (abdominous recti) apparently my separation was larger than I thought. This blog had been a life saver in terms of encouragement, information and expectations. Hopefully I will have some good pic soon.

Two days post op

The pain had been max on 10. It's worse bc my knee is still swollen. I had to change the faja because the first one had a Velcro crotch that was very painful. This one is crotchless, both came from my PS office. I'm really gassy but I feel like I can see the difference already. Still walking hunched over so when I straighten up it will be better.

Front view

For some reason this pic didn't load earlier

5 days post op!!

It's been so hard to stay on top of the pain. Yesterday was a 10 all day bc I over did
It in day 3. Ladies take your time !!! I thought I had my help all planned out but not everyone came through. In fact I was told it's not a real illness because I brought it on myself. Yea from people that I waited on hand and foot when they were recovering. So my help was sparse and I tried to do everything myself .... Big mistake !!! Trust me whatever doesn't get done , cloths , dishes etc wasn't meant to be done. To top it all off my friend saw bugs that look like bed bugs and I have to clean and exterminate the whole house. Don't worry people I hired of Craigslist were more reliable than my friends or family. Anyway the pain had gone back down with rest ....rest is the only cure. I'm at about a 5 now, and it bearable. Peaked the scar last night and I almost passed out ! My scar is super long but thin. The PS did an excellent job on stitching but my scar feel like it goes from my back all the way around!!!! I will be getting silicone scar pads ASAP. And I changed back to the original binder.

Day 9 post Op

Weaning myself off the meds .....
Hard bc I want them and easy bc the doctor didn't prescribe a whole lot. I have itching and tingles from nerve pain trying to figure out how to rewire itself. My chest is still sore from the repair and I'm ready to get a shower, put some regular closes on, and to get out of this house. Drain removal is Thursday.
Don't be fooled this binder is well made but highly uncomfortable. I can't wait to
Take pics without it on so I can fully access this scar.

Feeling Better

Hey guys sorry for not updating sooner. My life got hectic and not around the TT. That a long story for another blog.
I had the JP drains removed on Thursday and that was an little burn. Had my first shower on Friday 7/8 and it took me an hour to get myself right and then I took a nap! Lol. I'm still experiencing minor pain, mostly tingling and numbness so my PS did prescribe a few pain killers but very few. I'm only taking them if I really need them. I'm taking mostly just Tylenol during the day and one pain killer in the am.
I started the scar treatment my doc uses BioCorneum which is a silicon gel. I'm not sure how that's going to work because I hate touching the scar. Speaking of scars I asked my PS why the scar was so big when we discussed hip to hip and her explanation was I would have had "love handles" and knowing me I would have been very unhappy with the unevenness so she had to make a bigger cut. Oh well it's done now so on to with the healing process. These are some very rough pics but keep in mind it's only 11 days out. So far so good.
That binder is my own, PS says I can try others like spanks so I plan to experiment.


Picture of the Scar revision gel from my PS office. It's between $80 to $100 online. However it's included in my PS fees. She gave me two binders ranging about $100 a piece and made in the US (Taylor and Taylor Creations) plus the scar treatment. Her prices are a little higher but the service is well worth it. I even call her with questions on the weekends and she answers with a pleasant attitude.

4 weeks and 4 days

Been out of town for a weeks for my sons basketball tournament and it was super hard! Anyway progress has been slow due to my knee injury in the two days prior to surgery. I feel like I don't look as good because I haven't been able to get in the gym. However my knee is healing tremendously and so I will be back in workout clothes ... Maybe just a sports bra ???? lol I'm pushing it. Overall I'm very happy ! Next week is my 6 week follow up and I go back to work the following week.
I want to thank each person that has sent me messages of encouragement you guys have been great emotional support.

9 months out

Hey guys ! Haven't forgotten about you life has just been busy! The results are better and better everyday. My only complaint is that my scar hyper-pigmented and thickened about 4 months out. I'm in the process of finding solutions. I'm going to find a dermatologist and maybe have some laser treatments. I would still do it all again just for the contours and the diastasis recti being fixed. Not having the sensation of my guts hanging out has been life changing.
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