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I have been thinking seriously about getting a BA...

I have been thinking seriously about getting a BA for a few months now. I am 29, 5' 3" , and 115 lbs. I was a 34 B for several years, but after having my daughter and breastfeeding for 19 months, I am now a sad 32/34 A. They aren't saggy or anything, but the skin is not as tight as before. After researching and reading a lot on here, I think I want to get silicone or maybe the new gummy bears, under the muscle. I don't know what cc I want, but since I lot of girls on here wish they went bigger, I think I am wanting a full C or small D. Anyone have experience with PS in the Raleigh area of NC? I don't know when I'll do it. I told my husband I'm either getting boobs or pregnant with our second (and last) baby. Definitely want to be done with babies before boobies. It's funny ... and sad , but if I get pregs again, I'll probably be more excited about getting pregnancy and breastfeeding done so I can get my body back and get the twins!

Before pictures

Here are a few pictures of what I look like now. Sad that my stomach sticks out farther than my boobs.

Weird at first?

Is it weird at first to have boobs? Having an A cup for a long time, them all of a sudden having a big C or small D? I can't imagine what it will be like naked or especially laying down. I guess with a bra or clothes on it would look somewhat as it does now since I am so used to wearing such a padded push up. It will be so amazing just to go to a store and buy ANY bra I like instead be limited to the very few padded push-ups and then even fewer in a 32A. Having recently gone from the 34B to the 32A, I am quickly realizing how limited the selection is. I hope I actually do it some day instead of just always imagining what it would be like. It's a pretty huge decision and I am definitely not good at making those. But I have decided that if I do do it, I won't be telling friends are family because I don't want the weird Los or for them to give me doubt. I'll include my husband in the process obviously, and my sister who is a nurse because I'll recruit her to take care of me and the kid(s?). After I get it done, I would tell people and by then, it won't really matter what they think!

Baby before boobs

So ladies, I just found out that I am pregnant. I am so happy. I definitely wanted to have my second baby before getting my boobs. I am thinking about going to a BA consultation now instead of waiting until after the baby. I figure I should do it now before my boobs start to change. (They actually didn't get bigger at all during my first pregnancy. Then my milk came in and BAM they went from a B to a big 'ole D) Any who I know every pregnancy is didn't so who knows what might happen to them this time. Another reason I was thinking about doing it now is that I would want to do surgery after breastfeeding and I know that you have to wait at least 3 months after that to get it done. And since the consultation is a ways before surgery, these time frames really add up. Im thinking consult now so they can get pictures and give me prices. Then 10 months of pregnancy, 10 to 11ish months of breastfeeding, then 6-7 months to prepare for surgery. I would get another consultation after breastfeeding, but thought they could answer some questions about all of that now. What do you guys think?

bra sizes

Hello ladies. I called a couple surgeons around my area and found 2 that i liked. One is about 20 minutes away and the other is about 50 minutes. I want someone close to home. The cost well be around $6000 for silicone and $7900 if I do a little ab lipo at the same time. I will post more about PS specifics once I pick one.

In theory I am thinking I want to be around a 34D but have been looking at bras and can' seem to find that size at many places. Probably since someone with a 34" chest would usually have smaller cup size naturally. Where do you ladies that wear a 34D find bras? I saw some 34c but not D. I have a hard time finding 32a now. ... I don't want to have the same problem with bras with my new additions too. I want to be able to go to any store and find my size but might want to go a bit bigger than the average C cup. And definitely not padded.

33 weeks

I am almost 34 weeks pregnant and the books are pretty much the same add they were pre-pregnancy. A little fuller perhaps, they weren't even a handful before (lol) but they are now... If you have small hands. I am able to wear my 34As again instead of just the 32A. Yeah me! Sad.
Anyway, here are some current before pictures. I want to track how they change through out the baby journey to show my surgeon - how they were after first pregnancy, during second, after second while breastfeeding (that's the best time!!) and after I'm done breastfeeding. I'm a little nervous about that end result. Really hoping not to be all saggy and smaller than before.
I haven't gotten any stretch marks on my belly or books from either pregnancy. I'm hoping my book skin will have been stretched enough from breastfeeding that I won't get them after implants either.
Anyone know of some good reviews on RS of girls that have Ds with nice upper pole fullness that have pictures of how they look in clothes? Or just good pictures in general to use as wish pics (although i already have a lot). Just curious. A lot of stuff I've read said clothes make them look smaller.

Boobs at 33 weeks pregnant

5 weeks postpartum

Here is a picture 5 weeks postpartum. I measured them to be a 32C. I wonder if implants would make them look like these or give me more cleavage. They are obviously bigger, but not much cleavage. I'll definitely shoot for closer to a D cup. Although these are much better than pre baby.

date change

That picture is actually about 4 weeks postpartum. My tummy has shrunk some since then!

I had my surgery

I got my breast augmentation on September 15 2015. I got mentor cohesive gel silicone implants, smooth round 480cc uhp. Before ba I was a 30A. I also got liposuction of the abs and flanks.

I was on percocet for 4 days po then on ibprofin until about 1.5 weeks. A lot of tightness all over and soreness on the lower part of the breast. I got crease incisions.

I am now 3.5 weeks post op. My glue and scabs on the incisions have come off so
the scars are looking better. There isn't as much tightness. The lower and side boob is still tender at times. I keep getting zingers... last week in the left and this week in the right. My right breast is still higher and more rectangular than the left. My surgeon said my pectoral muscles are very developed and tight, combined with a larger implant and little breast tissue resulted in frankenboob. They are slowly changing and I hope they speed up a bit. I've been wearing a strap on them 24/7 since surgery to help them drop.

Liposuction hurts. Not going to sugar coat it. It's bad. Worse than I thought. Very tender and sore all over torso. Very strange feeling. If I lightly touch, my skin is numb but any pressure and it's sore. Slowly getting better. The surgeon took out 650cc. Can't wait to see the final result. Should be around Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Here are some pictures.


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