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I did an extensive amount of research on the...

I did an extensive amount of research on the procedure before I had it done. All but one review said the procedure wasn't painful, and there was no down time and next to no recovery time. The nurses and consultant told me I could even work out the day after the procedure. My experience was entirely different. The procedure was painful for me! I had 4 cool max applicators done in my abdomen and 4 small applicators in my flanks. The flanks were not bad, but they bruised me. The abdomen was the worst! I almost passed out when they removed the lower ab applicator the first time. And when they apply the applicator to the upper ab it was extremely painful. The machine also kicked off several times so they had to reapply the applicator twice in my left flank and once on my upper right ab. I was in pain immediately after the procedure, and the pain did not reside overnight. I am so swollen and bruised that I can barely move around; even driving is painful because of the seatbelt and any bump in the road shoots pain through my stomach. If you plan to have this procedure done I'd recommend taking a few days off, especially if your job involves anything other than sitting. And good luck sleeping at night! Any movement will wake you up. If you have a partner or spouse Id suggest sleeping in separate bedrooms until you're recovered. I'll update with my results, but I really just wanted to share my experience because it was so different from what I read about.

Day 4 after the procedure

Well the swelling is down some, however I am still in pain. Now my left side is throbbing, and it feels like my lower rib cage is bruised. I have applying icy hot and a heating pad to the area which seems to help. I'm also wearing compression pants to keep the area from moving around when I walk, which helps a little. I'm also still bruised on my sides, and now I'm seeing the bruising on my abs. It's still very uncomfortable and I can't get out and enjoy life right now. I'm still very disappointed that the consultants did not cover this in my booking appointment. I just hope the results are worth all this pain.

Day 4

I stayed in bed all day yesterday, sleeping here and there, getting up and walking when I felt stiff. Around 11am I got violently ill. I vomited about every 40 minutes until around 3pm. I also had diarrhea. The only thing I could keep down was sips of ginger ale. I have no idea whether this is related to the procedure or not, but it certainly does not help with my abdominal pain.
Later when the vomiting stopped and I just had diarrhea, I ate 4 saltine crackers, and braved a trip to the store to purchase some aspercream (topical anesthetic). The aspercream is a life saver! It doesn't help with the deep pain, but it helps with the topical sensitivity of the skin.
I slept about an hour at a time, getting up to relieve myself and reapply the aspercream.
Day 4 is officially the worst.

Day 5

This is really just a reply to cew111 but also serves as an update:
Thank you for your concern. Saturday I could barely move, and Sunday I was sick and vomiting and diarrhea. I called my own physician on Sunday and he made me an appointment to see him Monday morning. He perscribed me medication for the nausea and diarrhea which he said was likely unrelated to the procedure-so that's a point for coolsculpting I suppose; it doesn't make you violently ill, just causes severe pain!! Aside from that he treated my abdominal pain with 800mg Gabapentin. This significantly reduced my abdominal pain, but I am still unable to button my pants all the way up because my lower abdomen is still incredibly sensitive. I'll reiterate here that aspercream (with lidocaine) helps reduce the pain even further. I'd say if you worked an office job you could be back to work on day 5.

Update to day 5

So back to square 1. The vomiting and diarrhea is back, but again, I can't necessarily link this to the procedure. It could be just bad timing that I caught a flu bug during all this.
Bottom line is though it isn't helping the recovery. The shooting pain in my left lower abdomen is exacerbated by the vomiting. (I had a pregnancy test done when I went to my doctors appointment on Monday so I can rule that out). All I can say is that the bloating is difficult to differentiate from the swelling at this point. This may muddy the review a bit (no diarrhea pun intended). I'll still post about how things are going though. Here are a few pictures of today.

Finally a bit of relief

Today I almost feel like me again. I still have a small stabbing pain in my lower left abdomen that is a little disruptive to my sleep, and bending over at the waist is extremely painful still, but for the most part I am able to sleep through the night. I'm no longer wearing the compression shorts, although I'm still swollen, so in order to fit into anything other than sweats or workout pants I have to wear them, and buttoning my jeans is still painful so I've opted to take it easy still and not going anywhere that would require me to be "dressy". To date, I have only received one follow-up call from my provider a few days after my procedure. Since then they haven't contacted me to check on me. Thankfully I have my own physician that I can utilize to help me through this, but not everyone is so fortunate and so this may make a case to have the procedure done through a cosmetic surgeon who offers the procedure. At least then, if you didn't have your own doctor, you could see your physician for after-care if you were in pain. To date, I've lost 4 pounds, but that could be due to the illness I picked up immediately after the procedure (still unable to establish a connection between the two, but my physician believes the procedure and the illness to be unrelated). I hope all of you who've had this procedure done, or those of you who are considering this procedure, are finding this review helpful. I will continue to update with any significant changes to my condition or results. -Yours Truly
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The nurse was very nice but when I started to have difficulty with the procedure they started to rush me through it. And when the machine kicked off the third time they called the company and said that I was either moving too much (which I wasn't, because I was terrified they'd have to put the applicator back on, and I didn't want to be there any longer than I had to at that point!) or that the machine was getting interference from moisture or other machines. The nurse checked the applicator and said it was dry, and so she said it was either the other machines or that I was moving too much....I got the feeling they were trying to blame me.

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