Wow, I Feel So Much Better About my Face! - Warren, MI

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I'm so pleased with my results so far. I had my...

I'm so pleased with my results so far. I had my injections 3 days ago. I have minor bruising on my right side of my face. But my lines are plumpled up and I'm so pleased! My swelling has pretty much gone down. I have natural dimples in my cheeks so you can see these slightly. Which I'm cool with I don't want my face to look like a Mask, just natural like. I bought 2 syringe's of Radiesse. They applied one on Friday and I'm coming back in 8 weeks for the other syringe. It was explained that this is like a layering effect. I've read a lot about others having to go back for a second treatment, perhaps the person administering the product is going to deep and giving you the second syringe to soon. Pain, I had little to no pain. I was given a dental block. I couldn't even feel the needle while it was in most of the time. She did what she called "needle work" loosing up the tissue and I couldn't feel it. When she was closer to the nose I did feel a bit of discomfort but it wasn't horrid. The most painful part was actually the dental block! I will keep everyone updated. btw I went to The Skin Fitness Center in Warren MI.
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