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I read all the negative reviews on this site about...

I read all the negative reviews on this site about this product for months! My practitioner kept pushing Radiesse, but I kept telling her "No Way, Jose"! I have read too much neg p.r. and was freaked out! Nothing is worse than expecting great results and walking out broke and disappointed!

She was having a special and I finally said "OK, lets go for it." My under eyes were becoming sucken and my cheek muscles were starting to sag just a bit, but enough to really bug me. No amount of make~up or serum is going to make this disappear!

I went in the office with all the neg statements printed out from this site. I had her show me in a mirror EXACTLY what she was gonna do b4 she did anything. I asked every ?? I could think of! In fact, while I was numbing up, she asked if I wanted to call it off as I was So Scared.I said "I trust you. Let's just do it"

I got out of the chair after she was done and walked to the mirror on the wall and said "I LOVE IT!!!". It was a work of art! I was black and blue as I ALWAYS bruise, but under all the blanching from the lidocaine and the bruising you could see what it would look like in a week! Beautiful!! I wish I would've had it a LONG time ago!

I thank everyone of the bad reviews because I went in there with every ? known to man. I did my research and went in with the right frame of mind! My provider in Denver is an Artist ~~~ Go to her if you can!

Hey thanx for asking ~~ As an aside ~~ This...

Hey thanx for asking ~~

As an aside ~~ This stuff goes right to the bone so be sure you give yourself enuf down time if you are embarrassed about bruising. I'm 10 days out and it is still visible on the upper cheekbones. No big deal for me as I work out of the home, but if you have something big coming up ~~ Give yourself a good 2wks to get it healed.

She numbs your face in 4 spots and she mixes lidocaine in the Radiesse. Now the icky part ~~ She enters on each upper cheekbone right by the outer eye. She puts the needle deep in the tissue and injects the product as she pulls the needle out. She NEVER goes into the soft tissue under the eye, just along the orbital socket. She never pulls the needle completely out as this causes probs. She angles it down across the cheekbone and repeats the drag/release. And then again lower.

Next, she puts the needle in a little out from the nostril and angles it upward. The same process as before, never pulling the needle out. You are numb so you just feel tugging. She is conservative with what she does.

I hoped this helped as I was alittle in the dark as how the process worked and I should have written this up for all to see. XOXO

3 weeks later ~~~~ 1) Make SURE you give yourself...

3 weeks later ~~~~

1) Make SURE you give yourself enough time for bruising to go away with this product! Most important tip!

2) I went conservative on this product ~ Not knowing how much dissipates over time. I have since read that 70% of this filler is the delivery system. In other words, alot of it is going to disappear. Bummer. My provider went very conservative as I was so scared about trying it. I still see some improvement but not like it was right after the initial use. I will wait til Feb as the spa has a sell on Radiesse then. I will go in and have her refill in under the eyes again. The only bad thing about this is I will have to go thru the bruising again! Double Bummer!

3) Still better than most other fillers I have tried.

Gail B from Cara Mia Day Spa

What a find!

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