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I got Radiesse for nasolabial fold and for the...

I got Radiesse for nasolabial fold and for the deep hollow area my eyes. The nasolabial folds took one treatment. At first, I could feel hard ridges from my nose to the corner of my mouth and it looked like I had had something injected. The bruising and swelling lasted for about three weeks but those lines are completely gone and the filler has softened so I can't feel it under my skin. The end result is very natural looking.

For under the eyes, my doctor does a series of three injections a couple of weeks apart so that he doesn't over fill the area and can keep fine tuning it over the course of treatment. The first treatment was very alarming because it looked like I had big welts under my eyes and I had one really bad black eye (I bruise easily). After two weeks, it looked better but definitely wasn't the result that I was after. The second injection left me looking just as bad as the first one but as the swelling and bruising subsided, I could see improvement but it still looked a little lumpy. I just had the third injection and I can finally see that the end result will be great. I am guessing that I may need a tiny bit more under one eye. Just like with my nasolabial folds, the filler gets softer and softer over time but starts out feeling and looking like hard ridges.

The main things to know before going in is that it is not a "lunch hour" procedure -- plan on laying low for three to five days after your treatment; it takes weeks to heal and to be able to tell what your result is going to be so if you are wanting instant gratification, go with a different product; go to a DOCTOR who specializes in injections; realize that you may have completely different reactions under each eye and it doesn't necessarily mean that the doctor screwed up -- I have one eyes that bruised every time and the other eye was swollen every time; the gradual filling makes a lot of sense -- I can't imagine how you could get a great result under the eyes doing it all at once; and invest in some dermablend because you are going to need it for a while.

Also, besides arnica and ice packs (but be careful with the ice because it can burn your skin), compresses of witch hazel and compresses of camphor oil help speed your recovery as does lots of vitamin C and exercise to help your circulation. For the worst swelling, I took bendryl which also helped.

I think it was worth it (I'll know for sure in about a month) but it was psychologically traumatic because it took so long to see what I wanted to see, it was expensive, and it was fairly painful. My best friend thinks I look ten years younger, my husband (who didn't want me to do it) thinks I've never looked better and I am getting compliments from complete strangers on how beautiful my skin is....so even though I don't think I'm quite done (and I am always my worst critic), there must be a marked improvement.

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