Radiesse is NOT Made for the Under Eye Area... Don't Let Them Tell You It Is!

Went for Botox and was talked into Radiesse also.....

Went for Botox and was talked into Radiesse also... Afterward, with my "rare" allergic reaction, I was left with bulging bags under both eyes! It has been 9 months and my left eye is alot better, but my right eye is still bulging. I look like I am tired and older because of the bags under my eyes.

I have talked to the company (Radiesse) and they told me the product is not to be used under the eyes, due to allergic reactions! And the allergic reactions under the eye area are common!I have been told that Radiesse can last 6 months to 2 years! So depressing...

Elase Medical Spa

My doctor said he uses it all the time under the eyes, but Radiesse said it should not be used under the eyes due to the possible common allergic reaction!

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