Radiesse -- NEVER AGAIN!!!

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I had Radiesse injected into N/L folds and...

I had Radiesse injected into N/L folds and marionette lines two days ago. Also had Captique done for vertical lip lines. I was told that there would be "minimal discomfort" and perhaps some mild swelling and/or bruising. Even with the injections of local anesthesia it was EXCRUCIATING! I was trying not to scream as the p.s. just told me to breathe since he didn't need me passing out in his office. (Thanks for the compassion.) He "massaged" the area by my mouth so hard I felt like I was being punched in the face! Now the whole injected area is almost black and purple...I look like a domestic violence victim and don't dare leave my house. Even makeup will not cover bruises this severe. The swelling is freaky and I am terrified that I will have this "joker" from Batman smile forever. Even with the swelling beginning to subside, I look odd...not like myself at all, and the bruising is a nightmare! Who knows how long it will take to heal or how I will explain it to people. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER put anything into my face again, and I am so disappointed in myself that I bought into the oppressive culture that tells me it is not okay to be 46, I must look 25 forever. I would pay another $2,000 to make it go away. Can't WAIT to have my lines back!
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