Radiesse Injections with Uneven Results

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I had Radiesse injections 5 weeks ago. The left...

I had Radiesse injections 5 weeks ago. The left side of my face developed a large hematoma & had major bruising along with swelling. The right side now looks deformed as even though the swelling has somewhat subsided on the left side, the cheeks do not look even remotely like they belong on the same face.

I am reluctant to have more Radiesse injected & cannot wait for the product to dissipate so that I can at least look in the mirror & not cry or feel self-conscious. I did all my research on this product & thought that I had done my research on the doctor but her expertise ended with her spiel on how great she was & what she could do for me. I am now stuck with uneven cheeks & I am out the $$ as she refused to refund any portion of my money basing this on the fact that I had initialled paperwork prior to the procedure that stated that "Cosmetic augmentation is not a science & results are not guaranteed".

I beg to differ with that statement as I should be able to at least hold my head up & look in the mirror without cringing after spending my hard earned dollars. I will be making an appointment for a consult with another facility & have heard that Juvaderm Ultra Plus can be floated along the cheeks to fill in where Radiesse did not but am I flirting with disaster?

I did not expect to look like a supermodel but I wanted to freshen up my 56 year old face. I am very sorry that I used the doctor that I did & I wished that I had gone to the person with whom I have the consult with as she was very compassionate when I called in hysterics about my face two weeks ago. She saw me immediately & reassured me that the swelling would subside & she had the "let's wait & see" how it all turns out before we do anything. Anyone with similar problems & what did you do about them? Thanks for any input.

Prescott Dermatologist

I do not believe that this doctor is highly trained & her ethics i.e., she tried to deceive me by using my before picture as my after picture & my after picture as my before picture. She was not at all concerned about whether I was pleased with the result, she only reminded me of all the "legal" paperwork that I initialed prior to the procedure. There wasn't any caring or concern on her part for my emotional or physical well-being.

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