Cautiously Optimistic ! Jury Not in Yet on my Radiesse Injection...

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This is only Day 2 however I do think this is...

This is only Day 2 however I do think this is going to look good once swelling and bruising are gone. At this point, general swelling stiff feeling around mouth, 3 small bruises at injection site, red line on one side.

Had NL & Marionette lines treated. Lately I felt the Marionette lines made me look like I was frowning ALL the time. It was really bothering me. Chose Radiesse for longer term results. I wanted 'natural', non-surgical! Since I am 57, wanted nothing extreme. Not trying to look 25!

My Dr.( who is trusted, reputable) did not favor one product over another, Juvederm, Restalyne, etc. said they were all good 'products'. Gave me brochures, had me decide. I told her I wanted Radiesse for long term results. Also asked about its ability to regenerate your own collagen. She didn't seem too convinced of that benefit, said maybe, no guarantees.

It's a good thing I found this website AFTER the treatment or I may not have gone through with it. I was extremely nervous to begin with. I was fairly surprised at so many bad stories and disappointing results here. I had a great experience with Botox recently for forehead, 11's, around eyes, 1st time at 57, so thought why not, go for it.

However, this is more than Botox, more money, more risk, more pain, more side effects, which I have now found out! I also don't think I would want to be out publicly for 3-5 days, definitely NOT immediately after, don't be fooled, NOT a lunch hour procedure. After the novicaine wore off I was sore and felt a little like someone punched me in the mouth, stiff, very tender, bruising, some red lines.

IF this looks nice and natural consistently, after swelling & bruising are gone, and IF it lasts OVER a year, yes it will be very worth it. Cautiously Optimistic that it WAS $900 well spent. Will check in later with more feedback...

UPDATE Feb 19, 2008

I had my radiesse injections in NL folds and marionette lines 1 month ago. I was 'cautiously optimistic' initally, as I wrote here. The only thing I have noticed is a slight redness in N/L folds, which seems to be getting better little by little. Also possibly the injections are a bit uneven, one side looks better than other.

However, having said that I think it looks great, NOT dramatic, but just a lot softer, lines are far less obvious. I am 57 so I had moderate expectations, which I think is KEY to any of these treatments, along with a VERY reputable Doctor.

I realize after trying a few things now, the 'right' psychological frame of mind going into this, along with skillful Dr., is what determines overall satisifaction.

$1000 is a lot of money to drop on one treatment, that may NOT end up being dramatic. I think disappointment is directly related to the cost factor, that is unless the treatment was totally botched by Dr.

The more money we spend the more we expect astonishing results. And of course don't 100% believe every word of the beautiful brochures they give you either. AND READ the fine print!

If you are expecting to look 25 again, NOT going to happen, no more than working out 24x7 will return your 25 year old body to you. The aging process is NOT reversible, this is a most unfortunate fact!

The big question is if this result ACTUALLY lasts 18 months, as the brochures state. If it lasts, for me it is $900 well spent. I would recommend this!

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