Radiesse Drawbacks

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  I would not have radiesse again unless...

  I would not have radiesse again unless maybe I knew of an VERY experienced injector.  After 6 weeks, I still have noticable hard knots that are discolored.  They have given me IPL on the spots with no success.  My overall appearace is not soft and blended, but hard and edges are defined.  I can see the knots and the spaces between them if I strectch my skin.   I understand that it takes 3-6 months for the gel carrier to dissolve and I can only hope I improve with that.  Because there is no way to dissolve the Radiesse itself, I will be stuck looking this way for awhile!  Don't let  ANYONE tell you there is no down time.  You will be bruised and it lasts for at least 10 days.  Initially you are quite swollen as well.  This product needs to be injected deeply so please find an excellent injector.  I myself  would opt for perlane next time around.

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