4 weeks post op, new pics

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I gained 60 lbs during my first pregnancy and gave...

I gained 60 lbs during my first pregnancy and gave birth to my 9lb 9oz son 16 years ago. That gave me a "tummy butt" as I so lovingly called it. Yes, my tummy has its own butt, and hidden somewhere in the skin folds is a very shy belly button, wanting to come out. I went to a PS for a TT about 12 years ago. I asked if he could cut a few incisions and just pull my skin around in different directions, and I proceeded to show him exactly where I wanted the incisions :) He said no, he must scrape off the fat, sew up the muscles, and give me a new belly button. WHAT?? I had no fat, and my belly button is just shy, doesn't mean you have to get rid of the little guy! And my muscles are just fine, thank you. Then I read through his information, and that's when I learned about the drains. DRAINS?? Ohmy, it looked terrible! I actually cried and I didn't go through with it.

But I always longed for a TT every time I looked in the mirror. Every day.

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I had another child! I now have extra skin on my tummy, upper thighs, butt, and chest. I had a mammogram the other day, and I heard how they are uncomfortable because they squish your chest very flat. Well, I was very sad when she didn't have to do any squishing, it already just laid there like a pancake, perfectly flat on the table!! sigh...

So, I am all done with my childbearing years, and I'm scheduled to get a TT and breast lift with no augmentation on Aug 23. I can't wait! I am not nervous at all. I had two children with no drugs, and I bounced back very quickly from another surgery. So I am hoping for a fast, easy recovery. haha, I know it won't be fast or easy, but I'm keeping a positive outlook.

I'll post pics of my tummy-butt and pancakes soon.

Well, surgery went well. SIx hours since I...

Well, surgery went well. SIx hours since I woke up. My chest hurts on the inside, the same pain when I wear a bra too tight. Otherwise I'm not in too much pain. It's a constant dull pain, bearable. I did ask for drugs about four hours ago and slept a lot.

Now onto walking. OH MY GOD! I'm stuck! I really tried but couldn't make it. So I googled how to get out of the bed. Apparently I need to turn onto my side and push up while draping my legs over. Any ideas out there? I'm going to try again in a half hour or so.

Here's a suggestion. If you aren't in too much...

Here's a suggestion. If you aren't in too much pain and have no meds in you DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIT UP!

The nurses were great. Except I think they didn't...

The nurses were great. Except I think they didn't have a lot of experience with TTs. When I stood up to walk, two different nurses told me I needed to stand straight up. I had to explain that I can't, meaning I'm not allowed to!

There was one nurse who was very rude, she was lecturing me to roll over to check my breathing. I never had a nurse so rude, I fired her and told her to give me a new one. :) Stick up for yourselves girls, when you're going through a time as this, you deserve great treatment!

Yesterday the doc came by and took off my bandages. I really wanted a TT and was on the fence about the breast lift. It was more of an impulse add-on. Kind of like, "do you want fries with that?" sure but no supersize :) When he took off the bandages, all I could do was smile and say thank you, THANK YOU. Best choice ever.

My pancakes are now cupcakes.

I still feel disassociated with my tummy, hard to explain. Still in disbelief. I look amazing,

Ok so I never figured out the bed thing. Yesterday I came home and rolled into the hospital bed. This morning, my butt hurt! Getting up was not very fun either. I am using a recliner which is awesome. I'll try sleeping in the recliner tonight.

Helpful supplies for me: Hospital: Button...

Helpful supplies for me:

Button down shirt which was too big for me
No bra - not going home in one so why bother
Wish I had pajama bottoms or large sweat pants (I had large button pants which I didn't button)
Large panties
Step stool would have been great to help with getting into bed. My feet didn't touch the floor as I sat on the edge of the bed. I used a garbage pan on its side to help scooch my butt back Into bed.
iPad - not only was this helpful for me but a great toy for hubby while I slept.
Counter pressure thing. I used a hospital blanket folded up to hold against my tummy when I walked. I asked the nurse if I could bring it home and she said "I saw nothing" and winked.

At home:
I didn't buy a compression garment, mostly out of confusion. My doc said I will get a second one when I see him five days post op so ask your PS before you go buy one.
Air horn, or some other noise making contraption to get someone's attention.
Stool softener - I'm not looking forward to needing that but I will be ready.
Foods high in fiber. Read up on what causes constipation and stay away from those foods. No pizza for me...
Neck / travel pillow. My neck hurts from flopping to the side while I sleep, ugh. Husband is out buying one now.
Someone to take care of administering your meds. It's so awesome not having to bother with the medicine schedule.
I asked PS about silicone sheeting. He said they use that at the hospital burn unit, it's good stuff. But I don't need it now and will wait til I see him again to see my options.
So far I like the recliner better than the hospital bed.

DRAINS Got my drains out yesterday. Doc's...

DRAINS Got my drains out yesterday. Doc's philosophy is if there isn't much drainage, the body will reabsorb the fluid. I took pain meds before going in, and it didnt hurt getting them out. Maybe because of the meds, maybe because it wasn't a long time after the surgery, or maybe it was because I have the BEST PS!! Many times the anticipation is worse than the actual event, try to relax when it comes drain removal.

KIDS why can't I get my child to eat anything healthy unless I'm sick with a plate full of grains and fruit in front of me?

Gauze,which I got from hospital.
Heating pad. My butt thanks me.
Neck pillow can go, just not comfy.

One week post op! I can't believe it! Tonight I...

One week post op! I can't believe it! Tonight I type this from my super duper comfy hospital bed. The secret? Buy one of those mattress pad toppers, ahhhhhh. I dont have one for my regular bed and my husband is jealous.

It seems like the last. Few days have been I uneventful. I had this routine going for awhile - sleep three hours, wake up and do what I needed to do (bathroom, eat, yell at kids - ok, it was really more like hugging and playing with kids), then go back to sleep out of exhaustion.

I had a couple of accomplishments which I didn't share with the entire Internet world yet. First, I have some pics posted!! Internet is forever, right? Ughhh. Will post more post op as the days pass. Im sure my boobs are swollen, i should be a size B... But aren't they supposed to point straight and not outward?

Next accomplishment - 4 days post op, ahhhhhh yes, major accomplishment - my first poo and no pain! Funny how the oddest things can provide great joy. Glad I took those softeners and continue to do so.

I learned coughing isn't always a necessary thing. And an air horn is necessary. Hubby decided I should have a phone nearby and I can just call him. Well I was sleeping, and instead of the drool going down my face as usual, it went down my throat. I had a little cough. THE. PAIN! I wanted a pillow to hold against my tummy. I called out his name. More like a faint whisper... didn't feel like dialing his cell during my attack, so the only thing I could do is throw the phone into the hallway. He promptly responded, "what the HELL are you doing??" then he saw me.... He was going to dial 911 ! Haha. Anyway, I managed to not cough.

Laughing is more difficult to control. I laughed for the first time last night, I couldn't help myself. Then again today. I swear I ripped something on my side. Is that normal? Not the laughing part, I suppose that is normal, but can you damage something laughing? I figure if something was going to be damaged, it would have been in the hospital from the nurses throwing my body around.

IN SUMMARY. first few days.... Not fun, pain meds are your best friends. Second best friends are whoever is taking care of you. Try to have that person / people available. If not, use this forum. Do nothing but relax and heal. Within a week you will be feeling much better, your body heals fast. Just remember not to overdo it. So far it was all worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

9 days post op, feeling great so far. Ii feel...

9 days post op, feeling great so far.

Ii feel great!! I slept an entire six hours without waking up. Then something happened. I was half asleep and inadvertently stretched my upper abs. Ouch! It felt so good and so painful at the same time. Did I pull out my stitches? I'm assuming all is fine. I got up to go to the bathroom and was afraid of the pain. But no pain. I took a Valium, it was prescribed to control muscle spasms, so I figured it wouldnt hurt in case I just put my upper abs all in a tizzy.

Still no pain whatsoever from my breast lift. Never had any. Yayyyy. I think theyre starting to look nicer. I will post pics in a couple days after seeing my PS.

11 days post op. I'm feeling great, I can't...

11 days post op.
I'm feeling great, I can't believe it has gone by so quickly! My biggest complaint now is I'm bored and want to DO something! Go for a swim, or for a run.......... sigh. I'm pretty much standing up straight. I never forced myself to stand up straight, it just came naturally. I'm simply amazed how fast the body heals! It still feels tight, like I have my CG on even when I take it off (only to change it, otherwise it's on all the time). I don't take any pain meds, just once when I laughed four days ago and once again when I stretched my abs a couple of days ago. Tomorrow is visit to PS and also start working from home. :)

Thanks Lynda for the reminder to post :) I can't...

Thanks Lynda for the reminder to post :) I can't believe it has been only a couple of weeks (technically 17 days). Here's what i did this week.
12 days post op - worked a full day from home
13 days- worked full day at office. I felt great, almost standing straight. I went shopping for two hours after work. Tried sleeping in my regular bed. I really tried but finally went back into my hospital bed... ahhhhh...
14 days - took it easy in the morning and went to office in the afternoon. Then took my cat to the vet.
15 days - wow, feeling so good.... Worked all day in the office (about 10 hrs) and then went out to eat for dinner with the family.
16 days - I was TIRED!!! I never had problems with swelling, but my upper abs were feeling like I did 500 situps. All week I wasn't too careful standing, sitting.... I just walked a little hunched and slower than usual. Stupid me! I was hoping I didn't hurt myself by doing too much this week. Yesterday I took it easy in bed much of the day, not wanting to use my abs at all!
Today - again, took it really easy this morning, laid around the house doing nothing. I took some pics (will upload soon) and am going to try my hardest to continue taking it easy. I feel as though the surgery was so long ago and I could just go out and run a 5k. It's hard for me to hold back and remember I'm still healing. I actually feel lazy!! And bored. I was looking at my iris that I didn't divide, thinking "I wonder if I could use a shovel yet?" Hahaha.

I'm still very happy with the results. If faced with the decision again, I would do it in a heartbeat. I love my cupcakes, completely exceeded my expectations. Still getting used to my tummy, however. I don't know why. I think I'm in a denial stage, I just can't believe the transformation. I love looking at my tummy but can't believe that it's MINE.

I took a pic of my CG. I love that thing. I have two, both from my PS. I'm curious what others' CGs look like. If you post a pic of your CG, let me know so I can take a look.



Me: "Wanna see my belly button? It has stitches all around it."
7 year old son: "sure!"
(show him my bb, expecting a response like COOOOOOOL)
Son: "Yuck, gross! Mom why did you show that to me?!?!"

The next morning:
Son, who was angry at his little sis: "Mom, show HER your belly button!"
Me: "I'm thinking that is not a good idea anymore."
Son: "No fair!! How come you show ME your bb and she doesn't have to see it?!?"
And he cried because I didn't subject her to the same torture.

Now when they fight I threaten them: "I'm still hurting, and I can prove it. Do I need to show you my bb again?" Then they are instantly well behaved.

Works every time :)

4 weeks: ALL THE THINGS I LOVE My compression...


My compression garment... ahhhhhh. At night I like to wear it over my nightgown instead of directly on my skin.

My hospital bed... ahhhhhhh I tried sleeping in my own bed one night, not good. The hospital bed is being picked up next week, and that will be the end of a chapter in this story. I will go through hospital bed withdrawl.

Silicone sheeting... ahhhhhh. Supposedly this works, so why not try it. It can only help and doesn't hurt to try it. What I like most is it is a barrier between the incision and clothing / CG. I feel protected.

Working out... ahhhhhh I am finally starting to walk on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes.

Walking without being hunched over. I started walking fully upright a couple of days ago, never thought I'd get to this point.

My body! I am really liking the results. I'm finally getting used to the new me :)
Harvey Bock

Highly recommended from my obgyn. Every medical professional I spoke with said he is the best and the local medical community goes to him for any procedures. He has the credentials and awards. Great bedside manner, he takes time to understand what I want and then does a great job achieving it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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