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Overall I am very satisfied with my Invisalign...

Overall I am very satisfied with my Invisalign results.

I had researched Invisalign many times in the past but never went in for a consultation or proceeded with treatment because of the price tag.

When looking for dentists in my area I specifically looked for one that offered invisalign. During my first appointment I met with my new dentist for a cleaning/check up. I asked about invisalign and was told I was an excellent candidate. After speaking with the receptionist I discovered that my Insurance covered up to 80 percent (max 5000) for orthodontic work. I scheduled my appointment right away!

Although my dentist is not a licensed orthodontist, I was never concerned about his abilities to handle my case. After having several other procedures done by him (fillings, wisdom teeth extractions) I was very confident that he was a very qualified and caring dentist.

At my first appointment I had my impressions done/pictures taken. My dentist gave me the lowdown on the basics behind Invisalign. Since I had already done all the research, I didn't really hear anything I didn't already know.

I anxiously awaited the phone call to get my first set of aligners. Unfortunately I had to wait extra long for mine because the dentist had them accidentally shipped to the wrong office.

I was shown my clincheck and they put my attachments on and popped my aligned on. For my first round of invisalign I had 18 lower trays and 18 upper (15, 16, 17, 18 were over correction trays)

I hated my attachments at first---- 10 upper and 7 lower. Of my 10 upper attachments, 2 were on my right central incisor, and 1 was on my right lateral incisor. I also had large square attachments in both my upper canines.

It definitely took some getting used to, but the attachments were not as bad as many people make them seem. They are tooth colored, and blend in. In my opinion, the attachments were way more visible with my trays on. The bubbles that that the attachments fit into are noticeable. My trays also had "power ridges" on many of the teeth. These are rectangular indentation on the tray that aid in tooth movement. They kind of make the trays stick out weird in some places but I didn't even notice them until I inspected my trays more closely.

My Invisalign aligner did give me a slight lisp but if I was careful when I talked it was unnoticeable. After you get used to them, they are perfectly comfortable to wear.

The aligners are definitely not "invisible", but I never felt embarrassed by them. I am a teacher and work with students/faculty all day. No one ever said anything to me about my aligners or thought anything weird.

Here's a few helpful tips that I've discovered along the way....
-put new trays in at night before you go to bed. You teeth won't get as sore the next day.
-use the aligner chewies- they help the aligners fit better on your teeth.
-wear you aligners as much as possible... But don't freak out about it In the beginning I was very good about wearing them 22 hrs a day. Further into my treatment I got lazy. Some days I was probably only wearing them 15-18 hrs. I never once had an issue with the aligners fitting properly. In fact, my dentist was always very happy about how they fit. I think the chewies were the reason they fit so well.
-don't be afraid to tell your dentist about your concerns/questions

-I had a very good cleaning routine. I purchased an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to use. They are about 30 dollars at Harbor Freight Tools. This machine is a godsend! It's literally like a mini dishwasher for you aligners. You fill it with water pop your trays in and press the button. I always add a denture cleaning tablet as well, or a splash of mouth wash. I drank coffee (with sugar free creamer only) everyday with my aligners in. At the end if the day when I got home, my aligners would look horrible. Pop them in the ultrasonic cleaner and they come out crystal clear. At my last visit,my dentist asked me how I keep my aligners so clean. He recently started using Invisalign on his own teeth and said he was even having trouble. He said he was going to try my method for himself. :)

I finally finished my first round of Invisalign (included a midcourse correction for my midline) on my upper teeth. My lower has several aligners left but is getting close to being done.

It was very nice to have my upper attachments removed. My teeth feel awkwardly smooth. Overall I am very satisfied with my results and experience with Invisalign.

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