Full Drainless Tummy Tuck with MR & Lipo to Hips - Quincy, MA

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Hi everyone ! I just turned 40 & a mom of 3...

Hi everyone ! I just turned 40 & a mom of 3 -(23,4&1) I lost 70 lbs about 8 yrs ago & kept it off after 2 more babies . So this is my gift to me! I have lots of lose flabby skin & diastasis recti. I eat right & workout
but it's not enough. I'm very excited & anxious to get this done ! But of course a little nervous!!! I have help after surgery with my kids , but Im hoping I will be able to care for them myself after 2 -3 weeks!?I feel very comfortable with my surgeon selection this time. In 2009 I had a breast lift with augmentation & went with a cheaper surgeon. I wasn't happy with my results , ended up with an infection / removal /replacement on the left side ! This time I went with the surgeon who I felt most comfortable with & got recommendations.

Before pic

Here is a before pic standing up. I'm 5 ft 2 & 120 lbs. I cant wait to feel like the girl who lost 70lbs 8 yrs ago and kept it off after 2 more babies! 15 more days!

Negative comments??Anyone else deal with this?

So I have only told a few friends & family members about my upcoming surgery. Part of the reason is because I know some friends will not agree with my choice. And today I made the mistake of telling another friend & yup , she was not very supportive!! I think it's hard for people to understand unless they are in your shoes. I know I deserve this & will feel great when the scale & the mirror match!

Do I need a recliner?

I have heard air of ladies say they slept in a recliner post op. I don't have one but I do have a chair & ottoman . Will lots of pillows be sufficient ? What about stair climbing , how tough will this be post
Op? I'm thinking at times I will rest in bed to keep my one year old from trying to climb on me. And at night I may have to sleep on the chair to avoid my 4 yr old jumping in bed with us! I have had 3 c sections & recovery was pretty good with them . So I'm feeling like this will be similar?


Can't wait to get rid of this!

Insomnia has hit!

I'm never up this late! I keep tossing & turning. Can't shut my mind off tonight at all! I keep thinking about surgery, the what ifs, recovery & how my baby boy will be without me lifting /holding him . Will my Mom be able to handle him & my 4 yr old?! They can be a handful for us at times & we are with them daily. Some wine would be great right now :(

Just five days to go!

I really can't believe it's almost here ! I have been home for the past 2 days with my 4 yr old. She has a stomach bug ( diarrhea , no vomiting thankfully ) I'm praying that if anyone else in the house gets it that it's over by Wed!! So that's making me a little nervous . Other than that I have been spending lots of time cuddling with my baby boy , because I know I'm going to miss it & so is he :(
The recliner is coming Tue, it's electric & has heat & massage! Hope that helps with back pain. Trying to just stay healthy, keep the house organized & staying positive !!

A few more befores

I really can't believe this is going to be gone Wed !

Side view

Me 38 weeks pregnant

Here I am pregnant with my baby boy ! I gained the least weight with him (32lbs) yet he was my biggest baby , 8lbs 14 1/2 oz &22 inches long!

I can't believe it's here!

My TT is scheduled for 8 am! We need to be there at 7. I'm so anxious & can't stop cleaning & preparing things. I will update as soon as I can!!

I'm home!

My stomach is really sore! I just took pain meds & about to rest ! Can't wait to see how I look . It's too hard to tell right now since I can't stand up straight.

Post op day 1

I'm finally managing the pain better. I'm alternating between 2 Vicodin &3 Advil every 3 hours. The muscle repair is what's really sore! Sleeping is difficult ,I'm not a back sleeper & my butt is sore from laying down so long. I have been up every 2 hours or so to pee, so I am walking. I'm very hunched over , so can't really take a pic yet. Last night I dud have some bleeding throughy CG ony hip so my fiancé helped unzip me & get a pad in there. I saw a glimpse of my tummy & it didn't seem flat. Hopefully it's just swelling !?? I'm so worried I'm not going to be happy with my results now! Because my breast implants 3yrs ago with another surgeon didn't turn out do great :( so of course I'm nervous now , but Im sure its just swelling & I'm being crazy.

2 days post op

Just took my first shower , felt great! And I got to see how everything looks. A little scary right now! The nurse told me it will look "wavy" but not to worry , it will all smooth out! I'm going to have to be patient & trust the process.

Day 3 post op

I have major swelling today !:( I took off my CG to wash it & shower and I'm just so swollen around my hips where the lipo was & bruised ! And around my belly button . I'm drinking tons of water watching my sodium ( barely have an appetite) and taking my bromelain & arnica! I also have not " gone " since the day before my surgery , that could be contributing to the swelling ?

Still looks wrinkly

I'm still a bit swollen & my stomach looks wrinkly. I have some glue tape over my incision which I can tell is causing a lot of the puckering. Not too sure on how my belly button is going to look yet either. I'm trying to just take Advil during the day for pain & Vicodin before bed. Besides swelling & constipation my back ache is my biggest issue right now. I also miss holding my baby boy :( I have post op tomorrow & will update as soon as I'm back. Happy healing ladies !

More bruising on hip

I'm taking bromelain & arnica but my bruising is pretty bad .

First post op appt

I saw my PS today. He said my incision is healing good & I should start to do some mild stretching each day so I'm walking straight by the weekend. Sounds scary? But I will do it! He said I'm still pretty swollen so he wants my CG on most of the time. He assured me things will all smooth out . Back again in a week.

I'm back to working !

Today was my first day back to working from home . I work 7-5 and it was a looooong day ! I got up & walked frequently & laid in the recliner on lunch. I can feel the swelling is so much worse :( gonna be a long week! But I'm not in pain, do that's good . I took Advil once today . It's just difficult getting comfortable at night to sleep, so I'm exhausted! Hope to be in bed early tonight ! Tomorrow is one week post op, I will try to do morning pics.

One week post op

I went back to working from home yesterday and my swelling is getting worse :( I'm walking every hour if not more but I guess it's from sitting at a desk that's making it worse :( I'm relaxing on my lunch break for now. Hope this gets better.

Swelling is down first thing in the morning!

My swelling did come down overnight, so that's. Good thing!!still working, but keeping my feet up& will be taking lots of breaks today!

Over doing it?

Since yesterday I have had a burning sensation in my incision on my left hip. The burning comes if I move the wrong way but it's also so sensitive that I have to keep my CG unzipped on the side! So I'm back to taking Vicodin , which I had stopped 5 days post op as I drove myself to my first op visit on Mon. I was feeling good, besides my swelling I really didn't have much pain. I wish I had taken this week off :( so if your planning a TT I would take at least 2 -3 weeks off to be sure! I'm working from home and I wish I had this week to rest more. I'm probably also doing too much around the house and helping with the kids, ( no lifting ) but I did have to change a couple of diapers brush hair make lunches etc... I'm going to work a half day today & then take a Vicodin and rest!! Daddy is taking the kids out to his parents house for the day.

Still a little puffy

Still a little puffy , I have had my CG on all the time. I did have it loose for some of the day yesterday due to some burning & pain on my left hip. But it's now tight again. I'm also not sure if I should be applying anything on my BB? It's a little scabby & because of the CG & swelling I still have that crease there . Should I be putting something in there to open it up a little?

So much for resting today..

My 4 yr old woke up twice last night crying her throat hurt! At 11& now again at 4am ! It's going to be a long day! Hopefully I can catch a nap when my older daughter gets here around 8am ! Daddy is heading to work for 6 so I'm on my own for a bit. Now I have to worry about the baby getting sick
& of course me! Ugh! I will start taking zycam today & hope that works.

Second post op visit today

I just saw the nurse today , not my PS. She said everything is looking good. Even though it doesn't look good to me , it looks the way it should to them. She told me to be patient & around 4 weeks I should start noticing a difference. She also gave me a binder & said to use it at least 12 hours a day or my CG , whichever is more comfortable . And I feel like the CG is more comfy! This binder is awkward . I may try my spanx & see if I can wiggle into that now. I told her about the burning sensation I get on my left hip & she said I may have torn a suture but my incision looked fine. Next week I get my tape taken off . The swelling wasn't that bad today at my appt, but I'm pretty puffy now.
Due to me being more active with the kids etc.. So that's all ladies . I'm going to be patient and let things heal & fall into place!

Video explaining the drainless tummy tuck

Here is a video I found explaining the procedure .New_to_cosmetic is actually using this Dr in Dec for her Tummy Tuck.

Anyone taking Arnica for swelling ?

My ps gave me vita medica supplements to take. Arnica & bromelain along with vitamins in the am & pm. I have been slacking on the arnica but I'm starting to get back into the habit of taking them in hopes the swelling will go down! I finished my bromelain .
Anyone else taking Arnica?
Also my BB is quite sore today, looks fine , just a little red. But sensitive to the touch. Normal? I think the burning on my left hip is finally gone though!

11days post op vs 17 days post op

I think the swelling is getting better now that I see it side by side!

Moms of little ones, when did you start picking up your kids?

I'm 3 weeks post op tomorrow & my fiancé can't change his schedule this week to help with daycare drop off! My oldest can help me wed & fri but Thur I'm on my own! My son is walking now but I will need to lift him into his car seat & take him out. I'm a nervous wreck I'm going to hurt something. I told the nurse that I would probably need to start lifting him a little around 4 weeks. She said to listen to my body & be careful . I didn't realize I was going to have to start this week. Anyone else lift their kids around 3 weeks? He's a good 25 pounds too...

More before pics

I was going through my pictures & forgot a few more "befores" . Fun with belly dough!

compression garment or spanx?

So I have struck out twice with the faja! Originally ordered A small. Umm that wasn't even close to fitting! So I just got the large in & can get the top hook done only! Apparently I just paid 11k for a TT & lipo so I could still feel fat! They must run small ? Idk , but They are both going back! I'm way too annoyed now & I'm thinking my spanx will have to do? Even though I prefer one that closes up the front vs pull on. My current CG from the ps is a large and it zips on each side . But it's a little bulky & I want something smoother under clothing. Even though NONE of my pants fit me yet. Ugh!

Belly button

My belly button is still looking a bit strange. I was putting neosporin on it with a Qtip the other day & it bled a little. So now I'm keeping it covered. But I'm worried about the shape& it's too sensitive to stuff an ear plug in it. Plus the crease around it makes me think more skin could have been removed. I know I'm still puffy & only 3 weeks post op . Maybe it will go away in time?

BB pic

Scar 3 weeks post op

4 1/2 weeks post op

Not much to update, I have been using aquaphor on my scar & will start the silicone strips soon. Still dealing with some swelling & not completely flat yet. All though I love that the scale is down 5 lbs (115 now) I have been doing a lot this past week. I'm pretty much back to usual as far as taking care of the kids & house. My fiancés father has lung cancer & is on hospice care. We found out a week ago the cancer is spreading too fast for the chemo to work . The Drs gave him 1-3 months. :( So I'm on my own a lot so he can be there with his Dad as much as he can. We have also decided to get married while his Dad is still with us. We are planning a small private ceremony at his house with a JP. We really want him there when we get married. We will wait on a reception. I'm heartbroken over this , I was really hopeful that the chemo was going to work. Your never prepared to hear this news.
I hope your all healing well.


We had our small ceremony yesterday in my inlaws yard. My father in law can't really leave the house. It was a happy moment but sad too. Just seeing him like this is so hard, especially when he was always the life of the party:(
Here I am in my dress , still swollen & it looks like I have a belly! It's been 5 &1/2 weeks. When will I be flat!!!??
Follow up appt tomorrow , we'll see what my PS says.

Wedding dress ( still have a belly)

6 weeks

I had my 6 week appt yesterday . He said my scar is healing good & removed a little stitch that was popping through. I can now start my scar treatment. I asked him about the puffiness & what seems like excess skin still around my belly button. He said there was still a little loose skin left. Because I didn't do a circumferential lift or a a vertical incision he couldn't pull all of my skin tight. There may also be a TBLS or 2 of fat that he could lipo out in the office if it bothers me. ( which it does!) so I need to give it more time & go from there. I go back in Jan. I'm also cleared for light workouts , no abs for 3 months though!

Hmmm, to compress or not?

Because of the excess left over around my BB, I feel like the CG ( that I can now squeeze into) us going to make that crease worse!? What do you ladies think I should do ? I feel so much better with at least spanx , but even still I get that crease:(

Here's the extra that's bothering me

I really didn't think I would be able to pinch this much. I will give it time & discuss my options in Jan @ my 4 month visit. Can anyone pinch this much? Of course it's a lot better than before , but I was hoping for it to be tighter & flatter. I will definitely do the lipo to my lower belly as he suggested at my last appt.

Leonisa CG

I'm going to try out the CG . It's pretty tight & I haven't been wearing it because it's not very comfortable. Instead I was wear spanx for the past few weeks. But, I'm going to try and stick it out , maybe alternate with my spanx? I'm wearing the Leonisa firm control size M.

Loving my hips!

I haven't posted much about my hips. I'm so happy with them!! I don't have to worry about the length of my tops & if they are covering my hips enough. I used to wear this outfit before but I always made sure my sweater was in the right spot! Now I'm not even worried about it moving!


Not much has changed . My scar still seems dark. I'm using bio oil & biocorneum. Still not sure about the crease in the middle & how my belly button is looking. But overall I'm happy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

It's going to be a very quiet Thanksgiving for us. My father in laws funeral was yesterday. He went peacefully on Sat with his sons by his side. He was such a great person & made me feel like his daughter in law from day one! I'm going to miss him a lot! I hope you all enjoy your day with your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

Almost 12 weeks

Feeling good, I'm up a few lbs since surgery. Thanksgiving & just eating kinda whatever from all the food people brought over my mother in laws from when my father in law passed. I'm getting back on track now & started working out again this week. No abs just yet. Here's a few pics I just took. (So end of the day maybe a little swelling?)

Not much new

I'm still feeling the same. I know I look ten times better . But I'm not as flat or as I tight as I hoped to be :( maybe my expectations were too high? I don't know... I'm anxious to go back to my ps mid jan for my follow up & see where we go from here.
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. We got our kids an early gift , this is Princess :)

Side by side

I'm actually a little swollen tonight in my lower belly & still an improvement. But I feel like my waist looks a little thicker since my hips are now smaller ?

Looking at the positive !

I know I have been nit picky , but honestly my PS did a great job! I knew from past experience with my breast aug/lift that I can't expect perfection! I look a lot better than before , And plastic surgery isn't a science - you need to know going into it that you may need revisions or touch ups!

Groupon deal!

Whoa! pms?

I'm due any day for my period & have awful swelling :( yikes! Is it going to be like this every month? Anyone know?

Had an appt today.

It went good , I told him my concern with the bit of lose skin I have in the middle. He doesn't think it's worth risking a vertical scar & being unhappy with that. And I do agree , as much as I want a very tight flat tummy , I think I will be unhappy with the scar. He thinks everything else is healing nicely. I will go back in April & at that point we can talk about lipo to my lower abdomen if I still feel I need it. I also asked him if he still thinks I could use the circumferential lift as he suggested at my consult. And he actually said no, he no longer feels I need that & my results were better than he expected . Now that's a good surgeon , he could have easily said I still need it & made more $. I'm very happy with Dr Samaha & have no regrets!
So my plan now is to start working out again! I am still slacking!:( are any of you on MFP? I would love some new buddies , I'm Karen8873 there too if you want to add me!

Oh! Forgot to mention the BB

He said to wait closer to a year & after any lipo he can make it a little rounder if needed.

My first light workout with Abs

I'm home today with two sick kids. So while they were asleep napping, I did a light workout. I could barely do a full crunch , I just did half crunches I guess? And boom! Swelling!

Another side by side pic!

Feeling pretty good , I just wish the scar would lighten up more.

A bit frustrated

I tried on some pre op jeans that I used to be able to squeeze into over my giant fat hips . Yes I had a muffin top, but they weren't uncomfortable . Now , the same jeans are tight & too uncomfortable to wear. I don't get it!? I'm 120, compared to my 118 pre-op. Makes no sense ?

Body wraps

I'm thinking of trying it works! Body wraps, since I still have the lax skin. But I'm not sure they are safe yet . Anyone know?

Testing out "it works "wraps .

I'm testing them on my arms , I have lots of flab ! And it actually worked ! I believe with regular use & a good diet. /workout plan they say the results last. I will try it on my belly soon!

Not much has changed

I'm still dealing with swelling on and off. And the bloating during my cycle is just horrible !:( as the picture shows. Still have a crease in the middle & my scar is not fading... That's all I got ladies.

Swelling ... Still. :(

Seriously shouldn't it be getting better ? Why do I still swell up this much ?! :(

6 months !! Feeling pretty good

Swelling is still up & down.. But it was down today & I was feel skinny! So I took some updated pics :) hope everyone's doing good!!

Always have to do a side by side!

Bloat & swelling

So yesterday we had surprise 60th for my mother in law & I left the house feeling good in my outfit. I came home a bloated mess !:( I was so puffy , I felt awful ! When does this end!!!??? I didn't eat anything while out either, just one glass of wine.

Quick update

I haven't updated in a while. I have been feeling so so about my results. I was really hoping for my tummy to be flatter & tighter. I still have a little pooch below my belly button & I don't have the $$ for the lipo. I also don't like my belly button. I'm going in for a follow up next week to see if that can be fixed at least. And as far as the pooch I guess I'm in my own with that! I just thought I would feel a lot more comfortable in a 2 piece almost a year out & I really don't :/ but of course it's way better than before ;)

Belly button revision & touch up lipo

I had my belly button revision done Tue & lipo on the little pooch I had left below my BB. I had it done under local, no anesthesia . It was very weird .. No pain really but lots of pressure & vibration from the lipo. It took about a hour. So far I'm very happy with my results . A little swelling from the lipo .. I will take a pic in a few days. But here's the BB.

Before & After Belly button revision & lipo

Quincy Plastic Surgeon

I am very happy I chose Dr Samaha for my Tummy Tuck. He is very thorough and always took his time with me during my 2 consults to answer all of my questions ! And continues to during my follow up care. His Nurses Maureen & Deb are great and called me daily after my TT to check up on me.They are all very professional and friendly . I feel very comfortable there.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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