22 Years Old, 5'4, 117 Pounds, Natural 32C, Getting 385cc Implants - Australia, AU

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So I'm 22. I'm a mixed baby, a hybrid really.. I...

So I'm 22. I'm a mixed baby, a hybrid really.. I am a latina/asian/european mix living in Australia ($9700AU is about $7100US)

Stats: 5'4, 117 pounds, somewhat an athletic/petite frame. Small bwd.
Implant size decision: 385cc. Should make me look nice and full but not unnatural. (How I look with push up padded bras!)

My story: Battle with weight & self-consciousness. I grew up a thin athletic kid, developed good sized boobies, I was about a 32B at 14 with a petite frame. I hit 16 years old, and gained a lot of weight, not fat but chubby. I became super insecure purely because my frame was so small yet I had so much excess weight (I ate terribly). I kept this weight til I was 18 and by then I had become a 34D. After I graduated high school & got into uni I decided to work hard and drop the weight. And I did. My figure improved but goodbye big boobs.

Now: I wear a 12C (32C US) with help from my friend padding.
No.. I know they are not tiny and I won't lie.. the shape of them are great.. But I just want that fullness.

Goal: Compete in fitness comps in the next 1 to 2 years (with boobs!!!) I want a full chest in my sports bra and wear my strapless tops without the discomfort of my massively padded bras.

Wish boobs: Ana Cheri

Pink top - Just boobs underneath, no help (I want to maintain my shape but I want more fullness & generally just bigger boobs)
Blue top - How I want them to be without the help of the bra I wore (32C padded strapless)
Wish boobs - Ana Cheri

Today is the day

Checked in an hour at this gorgeous hospital. I don't feel nervous but my BP was 136/91 (I'm normally on the low side)
I'm getting excited now and can't wait for them to call me in :D
I took these before photos this morning! Can't wait to take some after pics

All done

Woooo feeling good. Pain is not too bad!! Just chest tightness :D amazing nurses. Got my pca Incase.. Will try not to use it too much . Here's some bandage photos

Pain ... Free??

My pain really is very subtle... Hurts abit to shuffle around in bed.. Only needed my pca once and it is now 830pm
Obs have been good
I have eaten a drum stick icecream which was sooo Delish.. Got my sexy belly bloat going on and have had one dose of keflex for bacterial infec at around 4

Anyways pain scale quite low... I hear the first night is usually not so painful compared to what's coming The second and third day but hey... So far, so good. Plus have gorgeous nurses, they are all so lovely


Feeling abit sore and tight. Got some nice breakfast here and some pain killers and my keflex . I have been able to lift my arms since yesterday which is cool. Right incision site feels abit more sore than left! My surgeon will be in shortly to give the a-okay to remove drains :D

Boobie update!! 22 hours post op

So I'm on the couch at home eating some carbonara!! I feel really good! I had a bath and my friend sponged me to get rid of the pre op skin antiseptic on my chest and under arms. Not struggling with doing much except plugging in my iPhone charger was an effort hahaa!!! Can't believe how big my boobs look!!! So happy. Can't believe the bloating though! They aren't kidding when they say these meds make you blow up like a balloon.. I've never been pregnant but I can imagine what I may look like now Lol. My implant sizes are 385cc silicone under the muscle :D the photos really don't do them as much justice.. They look so good in person (: (:

5 days post op

Okay! Yay so today I got my bandage off (what a relief) and got to see these bad boys or girls should I say! IN LOVE. Started using the bathroom properly again yesterday once I no longer needed pain meds. The nurse gave me a cool post op bra to wear for the next month plus and reminded me to keep training my boobs to stay inwards!! Check out my before and afters chicks(:


Hellllo boobie pals. Checking in after 10 days. They are starting to feel more like proper boobies. Loving the size still! Feeling like I made the perfect choice for my bod. Right side still feels abit tighter than left (dominant side so this is common). Feeling like I have a ton more energy and everyday tasks are pretty easy now (only makes me a little breathless puting dishes away, cleaning etc). I work in an office and am university break so am not doing anything strenuous. As a gym junkie so I have to say... My whatever little abs I had before surgery are now gone (thanks to bloating & no exercise) and my body doesn't look as great as it did 10 days ago but can't wait to hit the gym in a few more weeks :D

6 and a half weeks post op

Holllly molllly time has flown
Here is a 6 week + update
Back at gym with no hassles now. And even back to pole fitness! Time to get my figure for summer here in Aus.

Post for the gym junkies

Hi ladies! Wanted to share some insight for the gym junkies out there who might come across my post. Here are the questions I had before surgery and now know after having surgery.
1: Am I going to bloat/gain weight?
Yes you will bloat.. You are on strong pain killers which cause constipation! Weight gain? I gained about 2 kgs.
2: Can you exercise?
I walked short distances at around 3 days post op. I drove after 5 days and went back to work (desk job). Found putting dishes away and cleaning abit tough for a week.
3. When can I head back to the gym?
I went back after 4 weeks and did light leg workouts. No weights. I did wall sits, lunges, squats and resistance band workouts for my butt
4. For fellow pole dancers
I do pole for fun and I went back after 6 weeks. No fancy tricks girls! Try to climb if comfortable (i found it hard). Inverts were fine :D
5. Where did my abs go?
Okay.. I definitely looked less toned and lost muscle definition. BUT.. It has been 8 & half weeks and my body is starting to look good again!
6. When can you start lifting the same weight/working out the same?
I am 8 weeks post surgery and can almost use the same weight as my surgery
7. yoga???
I started yoga at 7 weeks and have been doing it almost every day (:

I recommended eating healthy during recovery and eliminate foods you know make you gain weight (I gain weight from dairy so tried to limit myself)
I drank home made juices, took vitamins including probiotics to avoid infection. I got lots of sleep and had youfoodz delivered so I didn't have to cook!
Dr Lee Brown

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