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I always asked myself of I could do that surgery....

I always asked myself of I could do that surgery. I was always aware of my breast as I am a "small" girl (5'3" - 120lbs) with E-Fcups. It was ok to live with it, until I started doing more exercises (yoga and running). When I do yoga my breast is always in the way, when I run it bounce even with a good bra, I also have shafting under my breast when I run a long time. y posture is not good since I tend to hide my breast by curving my body forward.
My sister is a nurse in surgery dep. at our local hospital so she gave me the name of 2 good surgeons I should contact. I took an apointement in march to see if it could be done, how it will be done and if the insurance would pay. There was a 3 month waiting list, it was perfect since a have a semi-marathon in the end of april.
I'm nervous but I'm glad I made my decision. I'm looking forward to do more sport easily and wearing real x-small clothes instead of small-medium because of my breasts. More to come!

Less than a week

In less than a week I will have my reduction. I'm less nervous than I though I would be, more exited than scared.
The nurse called me Wednesday to give me all the information I need before the operation: sample of urine, scrub myself two time one before going to bed and the second time the morning before leaving for the hospital, having someone to drive me home etc.. So it's really happening I'm not dreaming! I took my decision after Christmas and 5 month later here I am.

After running 10 km

This is my right breast after running 10km last week, even if I rubbed myself with anti shafting cream before the run. I sometime run more than that so it sometime get more irritated than what you see in the pict and it take half a week to heal. I think that's the thing that gave me the "motivation" to really do this.

Bikini last time

This is the first bikini top I bought that fit me correctly. I bought it in a speciality swimsuit shop last year (it was pricy $$$)They have a lot of weird sizes small band big cup, small cup big band. Even if it fit for the beach or the pool I can't really swim with it ????. My breast always want to leave the cup. So this is goodbye my lovely bikini top! In 5 days I won't be able to go for a swim till this summer and at that time I would need a smaller top.

Tomorrow ..

I't's tomorrow. I hope I will be able to sleep. My husband and me took some pictures before. They are nice I'm glad... I'm curious about my reaction when I will look back at them later. So I cropped one of the picture. This is me 32E, 122lbs 5'3"


It's done.. everything went fine. I'm sill groggy so i'll write later about the surgery.

3 days after

I woke up after surgery everything was fine, I was not in pain only a little bit of irritation on the incisions. Everything went well for the first two days, I sleep a lot and took the pain killer. Every day is better than the one before it's amazing. Today I went shopping for the bra that the doctor recommended, here I was at Walmart, on a rainy Sunday surrounded by too much people walking and moving too fast. That's when I realized that I was more tired than I though previously. So we took two bra (my husband was with me) one 34b and one 34c and went home where I slept again 3-4 hours.
Tomorrow I'm gonna have my bandage removed and we will try the bra, I've seen my breast from above because they had to change my bandage before I left the hospital but I was still groggy and I don't remember exactly.
I was scared this morning and tough that I had no boobs left hihihi.. so I called my sister who was there when they changed the bandage to ask her if they were still there! :) And yes she told me it's fine and the work is well done.
Oh and the first night I had a dream that one of my breast was huge and the other had the nipple on the side. :)

Day 5

I had a little post surgery depression yesterday.
We took the bandage off and everything was well, I was nervous but my surgeon is really nice and he make my anxiety go away the moment I see is face. ;)
I learned how to put the micro pore tape and use sanitary pad until the bleeding/yellow stuff stops. I tried the bra and the 34b fits!!! He said that this model is larger that other bra so we wil need to see when the swelling reduce what size I really am. Normally a 32 probably b or c!
When I took my shower at home I felt that all the stress from the past days (weeks) just fell and there I was with these tiny boobs.. With the feeling that something got taken away from me and I was the one who chooses to cut my breast! I didn't recognize myself and it was disturbing.
I thinks this is normal as I am a anxious person this is new and the anxiety don't like new things!!
Today 5 day after I'm better! I took another shower and everything was fine. The pain is still a 2/10 and the healing is going fine.
I need to be patient and I need to care for myself for the next 4 weeks and I'm not used to that.

Before and after with clothes

Photos one year apart. I' m slouchy on the last photo .. still have my old habit of trying to hide something.

1 week

Last week I was at the hospital and now this is what it looks like. (Picture) It's healing faster than I thought, yesterday the incisions started to itch as hell, I took anti allergy tablets and I felt better. On the right breast all the incision are closed, on the left one there's still 2 little holes, they leak (yes ark) but not that much. I still have big echymosis under each and when I touch It's hard but they both have already soften a bit since the surgery. I try to stay at home and relax but it's difficult :) Normaly I run or do yoga to flush my stress and anxiety but now I can't so I will go for a walk maybe it will make my head silent for a moment Hihihihi I hope so.

Bye bye blue welcome yellowish-green

One week and half. Everything is fine, I'm a lot more active but still tired in the afternoon. Went to see my GP today for my eternal migraine problem, I showed her the result because I had a question about a something at the end of my incision. She's the one I first asked questions about this procedure. She told me the result was great, that my healing is very going fast and nicely also that the proportion have have now fit better with the rest of my body. This is a picture I took this morning the echymosis are fading, in 5 days I will change my tape it will be nice to see how the incisions are.


The evolution of the ecchymosis... I started to take pictures only at 4 days post op, I wish I could show you the first couple of day how it was dark under my breast.


4 days post op vs 2 week and half

3 weeks

I went to work part time this week, my boss gave me some desk tasks to do. I was looking forward to it, I love my work so spending time at home to heal and relax while working some hours fits perfectly in my definition of "the perfect schedule". :) My breast are still sensitive, the top feels like it's mine but underneath I'm not sure if it's part of me. Along the vertical incision I don't feel anything but around it I can feel more and more each week. Under the skin I can feel something is healing, it was hard as a rock at first (and numb) but now it's more soft but very sensitive to the touch. Time .. and patience. Incisions are nice and clean, everything seems well glued together. Can't wait to go for a run in 2-3 weeks :) Without the breast bouncing all around even strapped in a bra! I'm so exited!

3 weeks half

Picture update :) Everything's good

Almost 5 weeks

I did a little bit of shopping this weekend. I went at Winners (the Canadian version of TJ-Maxx). My husband will take me bra shopping at my birthday :) but I couldn't resist looking at the lingerie section.
I found/bought a Calvin Klein bra demi balconette 32d and it was perfect! It's the first time I can wear that kind of bra "securely" without having the feeling that my breast will just burst outside the bra each time I lean foward to grab something!!
Also the straps are thin.. Thin!!! They don't hurt! :)

As for the rest, I still have a little bit of pain and my breast are still sore but nothing compared to 2 week ago. The incisions looks good, both breast are more soft by each day. Life seems easier since Monday... I can raise my arm safely, walk faster, put a normal bra (not all day because the wire hurt after 8hours) and the wounds are closed securely.
This procedure is amazing! I can't wait to be my normal "boobs" self again.. It's getting there.

Photo update 5weeks

Week 6 photo

Week 6

New bralette ...a dream come true.

4 month ago if I would have been wearing that kind of bra my neck would be in pain.
This is sooo comfortable, cute and soft. I continue to be very happy with my choice. It was scary and not obvious in the first weeks but worth it.

10 weeks later, I still sleep with my "surgical" bra most of the time but I slowly transition to a softer bra or wearing a bra with underwire for some hours to see how that goes.

I tried to sleep without tape and bra but I was waking up because the scars are still sensible. I don't put tape around my nipple anymore the incision looks fine and it doesn't pull or stretch. But in the anchor cut I do wear tape, I fell more comfortable with it.

10 weeks

DR, Frédéric Arseneault

Really really nice doctor, professional, gives a lot of information about the procedure, the pros and the cons and how it's gonna be done.

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