27 Year Old. 5'0ft 120lbs - BBA 445cc Natrelle Inspira Submuscular - Quebec

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I am scheduled for a BA one week from today. I...

I am scheduled for a BA one week from today. I have decided on 445cc silicone, smooth, round, moderate, submuscular implants. The diameter is 13.5cm with a 4.5cm projection.
I am a petite women 5'0 ft, currently wearing an A cup/small B.
I am a mother of two. I breast fed my first but not with my second. I gained 70lbs with both my pregnancies but returned to my pre pregnancy weight within a year of delivering. However, my breasts did not go back to their youthful, perky appearance.
My one piece of information for anybody researching and going through the process of a cosmetic surgical procedure is to remember; everybody has a unique surgical plan that has been strategically designed specifically for them. What looks big or small, narrow or wide on one individual, won't necessarily look the same way on you. There is a lot that goes into the selection of a breast implant; chest measurements, stature, current breast tissue measurements etc. I keep reminding myself of this fact as it's easy to loose focus when viewing other profiles.
I have shared pre surgery pictures and will be sure to post pictures following my surgery.

Day 01

My surgery went really well. I woke up in recovery feeling very groggy with a lot of tightness in my chest. My breasts are currently very high and awkward.

High, Tight & Sore

6 days post op

Its 6 days since my surgery and I'm feeling fantastic! There is still some tightness in my chest but I'm no longer requiring Tylenol. I'm taking it easy and not lifting anything and I'm also monitoring my arm motions; but overall it has been a pretty smooth recovery process thus far.
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