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Hello everyone, I just saw the surgeon this...

Hello everyone, I just saw the surgeon this afternoon. I have a Capsular Contracture on my right side. This is the third time this happened. The doctor gave me 4 options : 1. Remove my implants with no replacement. 2. Remove the capsular contracture. 3. Option 1 + breast lift (7,500.00$) . 4. Option 1 + textured implant (were created to reduce the chance of capsular contracture)(8,500.00$). My first choice would be to remove my implant completely with no replacement. According what my doctor told me, my breast will be too flat and will look like a . If one of you did it (remove without replacement) can you please tell me honestly if it is so dramatic?


Hey everyone! So Today I've got a call for my appointment on JANUARY 13th for the removal of my breast implant. I'm all excited but at the same time anxious!

I had these for 10yrs. I was 34B natural. With the 425cc I am a 34D. With a contracture in my right breast and it's very painful.

If you have any recommendation or suggestion to give me, please they will be more then welcome!

I want to say thank you to all the woman who posted there testimony about their removal! Just by sharing your experience it was very helpfull through this decision.

Bless to all of you and I will keep you update!


So its official, I'm getting them out on Jan 13th. Use to be 34B got those implant done 10yrs ago 425cc 34D. Capsule on my right side. I'm anxious, scared, but at the same time relief!

Any advise to give before the surgery will be more than welcome! Thanks to every woman who post their testimony! Those were a great help and encourage me to go on!

Sophie :)

DEC 29th 2014

Thanks for all your comments. I will get my implant remove without replacement. I dont want any of these back! Tomorrow Im having an electrocardiogram before the surgery schedule on january 13th. This is only for precaution apparently because im 40yrs old.


I'm sooooo excited!!! Cant wait to get these out! Tomorrow at noon. No more pain! I'm getting ready for the surgery. Going to get some great healthy food, fruits, nuts... meditation to calm down :)


Just want to give you an update on my post operation. I got my implants removed on the 13th of January. Everything went well. When I took my bandage out it was a real chock let me tell you!!! The apparence was so bad... but I know it might change. My drains got removed on January 22th. The doctor asks me to massage my breast and the scar every day. Since then, I noticed that my right boobs is bigger than the left one. Is it normal? Does anyone had that before? Hope its not liquids accumulate inside.


Hello everyone,

Little update about my state of "mind & body". I feel better and stronger everyday. I still have my right breast bigger than the left. The scar on the left side is more painful than the right. I keep massage them everyday (scar & breast) has told by my doctor. The appearance of my flawless skin of the beginning have improve a lot. I just can't lift or carry more than 15 pounds until mid-february. For my mind... I do meditation, take some walk, keep myself active and positive that everything will improve. Let me tell you how I feel so much better without implant specially the capsular... And I dont regret having remove them! My boyfriend is very supportive and helpful, thanks to him! I just wish every woman who wants to do this good luck and be patient. Thank you for your support ladies by your stories and encouragement.


My energy is getting better, I noticed the movements in my arms are easier to do and I can reach further even stretching in the morning is feeling good. I went for hiking this weekend and everything went well. My left boob is still in a "flawless" appearance I dont know if this one will eventually "inflate" a little bit hope soo :). Regarding the scars I felt they are less bigger when I massage them.


Hello everyone,

I'm seeing my doctor today for a follow up after 2 months of the surgery (Jan 13th) The scars are so much better. I've started running and doing yoga last week and feeling very good. I wanted to ask my doctor is the aspect of my breast going to improve (flawless skin)? If not what are my options cause I dont want anymore implants. I've read some of the woman did fat injection (their own fat)?!?!


This month I want to try some natural products for the saggy skin and scars to see if there is any change in the few next months.

By drinking GINKGO BILOBA Herbal tea;
Consumption of the herb boosts collagen production and also improves circulation of blood in the body; both are essential to tightening of the skin and also contribute to making the skin supple and firm.

Apply PRIMEROSE OIL on the skin;
This oil can also be used for providing firmness to sagging breasts because the oil is a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid that helps with the production of collagen. - See more at:

And the last one is a SILICIUM GEL from Alterra for the scars;
Collagen, which is mostly made up of silica, is the glue that holds us together. Studies show that without adequate silica, the body cannot maintain optimum skin elasticity, strong hair, nails, teeth and gums. The body naturally produces the collagen that it needs, but this production is gradually disrupted as part of the natural aging process. Women produce less collagen than men, and this collagen is lost at a rate of about 1% per year. This means that a woman has naturally lost almost half of the collagen from her skin by the age of 50.

People apply vitamin K to the skin to remove spider veins, bruises, scars, stretch marks, and burns. After surgery, vitamin K is used to speed up skin healing and reduce bruising and swelling. WHERE TO FIND IT? Vitamin K is a vitamin found in leafy green vegetables, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Or in chlorophyll capsules too.


Hello everyone,

As promise I am sending those pictures every month for you to see the evolution. This time I've been using those natural product I've talk about in my previous review last month. I forgot to take pictures of the scars I will post them during the week


Already 4 months!!!


Its been five months June 13th I feel very good in my body. I just can feel more and more the sensation in my nipples coming back. The skin is still saggy, but I found out that the stretch marks from the beginning are showing less. I keep massaging my breast and the scars under everyday with silicium gel, primerose oil, some of my handmade completely organic a mix of Rose hip seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Argan oil, Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Neroli, Geranium, Carrot seed essential oil... Which nourish my skin and not only my boobs I used it everywhere too ????.
Dre Stephanie Olivier

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