37 Years Old- 2 Kids (10 Years Old and 9 Months Old) 500cc Mentor Smooth Round Silicone with Dual Plane Technique - Quebec

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Well I am 5 days away from my BA and I am...

Well I am 5 days away from my BA and I am extremely nerveous. I wanna do it but am afraid something may go wrong during the anesthesia or that I dont get the wanted results. Yes my breast are deflated from pregnancies but what if the surgery makes it worse? Anyway my surgeon is well known and operated 3 of my friend s and my sister so I should have more faith in him LOL
I guess am nerveous as we get closer ans I am questioning everything. I keep looking online like am obsessed. I also worry about the recovery. With my 9 months old am affraid it will be hard. Im a mess :\

4 days away! Can't believe am doing this!!

Well am trying to be more "zen" about the whole thing, can't be worst thwn giving birth naturally and having your plecenta manually removed with no drugs whatsoever ;)
I don't want to anticipate an easy recovery but hoping for one!
Funny thing i was thinking of today ; 8000$ and 45 minutes later you have the boobs you want... Its faster then the dentist lol

Tomorrow is B day ! B is for boobies!

Well here I am, 12 hours away from my departure to the clinic. Other than the panic and anxiety attack am trying to focus on other things. My mom has been very supportive ( surprisingly) ;) I am so nervous inside, today I wanted to cancel it off thinking "is this really necessary? Why am I doing it? Ughhh! Anyway. Everyone is telling me I will be fine and I handled natural birth like a pro and this is way less painfull. Very encouraging but easy to say right!!!

I also worry about my 9 months old baby. He has his daddy and big sister. I guess i just need this to be over. I know its a long way to go but anyway. Am just ... I dont know.
I guess I have to go with the flow. Ill post more tomorrow and add pictures.

D is for its DONE

Freshly back from the clinic. Happy to br home. Chest is burning. Back is sore. Pressure in mid section of my chest is a bitch. Waking up was hard. Took 1h30. Car ride was awefull I started seating and felt super weak luke i was gona faint. Am in bed. Painkillers is taken, i got Gatorade by my side and my dog. Kids are quiet upstairs with hubby. Now i have to sleep. Oh and the look AMAZING!!!

Day 2- so far so good

Day 2! So gar ao good. I had my post op appointment this morning and all is well. Doctor is very happy and he said he can't wait to see how hos creation turns oit. He is funny! I started bruising therefore am quite sensitive. I still manage to cook a bit and move around, slowly of course. Stretching my arms up felt awesome today. I feel stiff like I worked out to hard. I didn't take any painkillers since 7 am cause they make me groggy and sleepy even dizzy so I took Tylenol extra strength instead. I will take the pain killer befpre bed to know me out a bit. Doc said i can sleep however i want as long as i wear my bra. I can also take it off during the day is i dont do anythin crazy. They feel tight; my ps used: explosive teen boobs ! Hahaha I have a hard time taking pictures so thats all I got.

Before - After

Day 3 post op

Not much has change since my BA monday. More bruising showed up and I can feel that am numb under my breast both sides but nipples aren't. They are actually very sensitive :) my left side is more painfull on and off i have a burning sensation on top where my arm pit starts it's obviously the muscle. Other than that they feel very tight and heavy. My back is all hunched up because am so stiff in the front. Am on and off painkillers. They help me sleep so I take them at night. Im pretty bloated i actually feel like I gave birth 3 days ago. I have picture on my old Iphone i could put on to compare to today. Also the bra is killing me. So thight doesn't help with the bruises. As far as look am pretty confident they are gona look like awsome knockers hehehe !!

More pics

Before after

Day 5 post op- feeling good

Alright so it's day 5 and am feeling better and better. I sleep well am off pain meds since wednesday night. Still stiff but with 500 cc its expected. Lots of bruising going on. It's becomes hard after a while to walk around cause my back gets sore. I drove my daughter to school yesterday ( she missed the bus) it was fune, i cooked diner, change my baby his diaper, played with him, anyway normal life is slowly coming back. My hubby is being super and also super perv!!! LoL good investment I'd say ;)
I will post some pictures later .

Day 6 - color me rad

So today am feeling good less thighness and pain overall. I had a 5k race this morning, obvioulsy I walked lol. It's a fun race so no big deal if you arrive last. After I started yo get sore and tired in general. The bloating is slowly coming down... But am not eating well so it's expected. Still have bruises... Lots! But overall am happy! Thanks for reading :)

Ok its day 8!

So day 8 today, somehoe my energy level was down to 0. I don't remember feeling this not motivated to do anything and just wanted to stay in bed all day. Got to mention that we had snow here yesterday so it's quite depressing. Anyway, i finally kicked myself in the a*** and went shopping with the kids. I had my 1 week post op apt yesterday and my doctor said they are magnificent haha. Everything looks good see you in a year unless you dont think they are the most magnificent breast in the world lol he is hilarious! So this morning i started to worry cause my left side feels more painful and i noticed like a not round spot towards the bottom. I know its only a week and i need to chill but i think that its messing up with my mind a lot. I keep thinking about it by my hubby cant notice and he thinks am overthinking it... Maybe... Well i feel a bit of pain when i move around too much. My muscle is still stretching obviously so i need to take it easy. Well if you have advice about weird dropping, or uneven dropping, feel free to share. Here are some pics :)


17 days PO

Soooo I haven't write in a while, the weekend was really busy as we traveled to Montreal to see the in laws. We had our nephew 3rd birthday with over 40 person attending so this was a big test for my new look. Nobody noticed! Of course I didnt wear a bikini or a white tank top bit still that means it isnt exagerated!!! :) Am still stiff ynder my arms and my muscles are slowly adjusting to the implants. I can lift my baby no problem bit not for long. Also any up and down movements are still slow. Driving is also a little harder than usual bit I manage very well. I finally removed the tapes on monday and my left scar isnt looking too good. I still have stiches under so its looking bumpy like Frankenstein bumpy. The right one is already looking super. Its only been over two weeks so yes i will give it time. I am putting vitamin e oil on them and rub gently as they are sensitive with tiny scabs. Today they are already looking better . I will post pictures tomorrow.:D
Dr. Normand Houme

Normand Houle is a very straight forward plastic surgeon. No lies, no bs. He goes straight to the point and he is very honnest. He also has a great sens of humour and he made us (me and hubby) very comfortable. The clinic is located in old Quebec in a very patriotic house. It's a mansion! His assistants are super helpfull and can answer all your questions. I had doubts about the size and she offered me to come in again for a sizing session. They are awesome! Now that I had my BA I am even more happy with DR Houle. I was so nervous and he made me laugh right away to cool me down and reasssured me I was gona look fantastic cause I already do. I mean what more can you tell to a nervous girl right? He is fantastic !!! Also the anastesist and the nurses we're behond devoted! So happy I chose him!

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